Introducing: The SEO Marketing Hub, A Free Library of SEO Resources

SEO Marketing Hub

I’m SUPER excited to announce the release of the SEO Marketing Hub.

This free resource library covers over 35 key topics — including Schema, sitemaps, SEO software, content audits, link bait, rich snippets, and lots more.

You can check out the brand new SEO Marketing Hub right here:

Visit The SEO Marketing Hub

All in all, this resource library contains over 50,000 words, 700 screenshots, as well as 150+ custom-designed diagrams, charts and visuals.

SEO Marketing Hub

Needless to say, this is the biggest content project my team and I have ever worked on.

I’m really happy with how The SEO Marketing Hub turned out.

And I hope you get a ton of value from it.

Check out the SEO Marketing Hub.

Here’s The Full Breakdown

The SEO Marketing Hub is broken down into 7 core topics:

  • SEO FundamentalsHere’s where you catch up on the basics of search engine optimization. You’ll learn what SEO is, how it works, strategies for finding keywords, tips for SEO-friendly web development, and more.
  • Content Optimization StrategiesLearn exactly how to optimize your site’s content in 2019. You’ll also see how to take advantage of “SERP Features”, like Rich Snippets.
  • Technical SEOSitemaps. Crawl Budget. Website Architecture. They’re all important for making sure that Google can crawl and index your entire site. And in this section you’ll learn how to improve your site’s technical SEO.
  • Link Building TechniquesHere’s where you’ll learn how to build links to your site using white hat link building techniques like Broken Link Building, evergreen content, original research, and more.
  • User Experience SignalsLearn how to optimize your content for “UX Signals”, like bounce rate, dwell time, searcher intent and organic CTR.
  • SEO Tools and SoftwareHere’s where you’ll learn how to make your SEO campaigns more effective using popular SEO software platforms like Ahrefs, Moz Pro and SEMrush.
  • Advanced SEO StrategiesLearn how to take your SEO skills to the next level. You’ll see how to build an SEO team, do a content audit, and measure results like a pro.

Visit The SEO Marketing Hub

What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear what you think about the new SEO Marketing Hub.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

What’s the #1 thing you want to learn about SEO right now?

Also, I plan on adding more resources to the hub soon.

So let me know if you have any topics that you want me to cover.


  1. Wow. Usually you out-do yourself just with the blogs but this is another level!
    Awesome Job Man!
    The interface design is awesome and the content is on point.

    I’ll go through this in my free time for sure.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Happy to help, Ricardo. This thing was a MASSIVE project. But I’m super happy with how The SEO Marketing Hub turned out.

  2. Thanks for putting this up Brian, this is the most comprehensive, detailed and informative FREE SEO resource I’ve ever seen, period.

  3. I really, really appreciate all the time you put into these free resources. I teach marketing + web design classes at the local technical college, and you’ve become my SEO “textbook” of choice.

  4. This is absolute gold. It’s like an entire SEO course for free.

    As for the #1 thing I want to learn about SEO…I guess that would be off-page techniques that work well in 2019. There’s a lot of conflicting and dated information out there, so a comprehensive, modern guide would be great. 🙂

    Thanks for the great resource! Will be spending a lot of time going through it….

  5. What a superb idea! In itself it’s useful and just the idea of a ‘hub’ of knowledge makes me wonder how to do this in my niche. I hate you Brian Dean [Joke!] – you give me so much work to do!

    1. Thanks Adrian. LOL! I should warn you that a hub like this is an absolutely insane amount of work. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re ready to chain yourself to your laptop! But seriously, the entire Backlinko team worked hard on The SEO Marketing Hub. And I’m PUMPED at how great it turned out.

  6. To be honest, this is a much needed resource. The information about SEO out there is massive and also massively unstructured. I’m just beginning my journey and an overview like the hub is a god’s send. Thanks a lot for putting it together.

    1. Thanks Robb. I’ll check it out. I’ve used CheckMyLinks for years and it’s worked really well for me. I’ll have to text it out again this week.

  7. Brian, Looking forward to reading it. In the past, your tidbits of information have helped me tremendously for my key Beacon Hill terms for my market place. Thanks again.

    1. You’re welcome, Manas. This took an immense effort from the entire Backlinko team. Kind of cliche, but it was a total team effort all around.

  8. Hi Brian,

    SEO is still the game. However, some still believe that SEO is dead but who knows how it works don’t agree with them.

    If one knows SEO he can save tons of money on paid advertisement while can earn some serious clinets.

    Thanks for these resources.

    – Umesh Singh

  9. Thanks for the resourceful article on SEO.
    I am a newbie so I am following your SEO strategy on my blog and it’s really work…
    Thanks for your free Resources,it really helps me to getting good results.

  10. Perfect. 🙂 i would be happy to get more recommended tools…
    I use accuranker to track my rankings…

    And now im starting using a chatbot… when people chat on my website, they stay there for longer – and customer service is automated 🙂

  11. Jesus! This is a complete and state-of-the-art SEO resource guide coming straight from the top SEO guy. How can anyone in the SEO content marketing business ever beat that? Heads up – I will present this during my next monthly live webinar to my Google Certified Digital Marketers at PPC University! Thanks, Stef.

  12. This is awesome. I just want to give you a shout out Brian Dean. My company is a small family owned business. I got out of the Army in 2013 and my father was REALLY old school when it came to marketing. I mean….Yellow pages old school. Anyways, I started watching your videos and reading all your content in 2014 and it gave me the confidence to learn SEO on my own. While I am by no means an experts or even close, your content has helped me so much over the last few years. Still learning!

  13. Thanks for this. Certainly a lot of work went into this. Great timing as I’m digging into SEO and Adwords for my wife’s business. She’s launching a new dog training piece and I’m going to run some ads for her and we have a new WP site that’s going to launch by the end of the month.

    1. You’re welcome, Alison. No worries. The SEO Marketing Hub isn’t going anywhere. Feel free to review everything when you have a chance and please let me know if you want me to cover any other topics.

  14. What puzzles me is why people need SEO anymore. Google finds and ranks ALL the world’s information and their spider does not need keywords to know what it is. I’d say the Google spider is far smarter than people think and it knows what it’s seeing without adding a few keywords.

    If something is good, it is in Google self-interest to put it to the top of rankings because delivering the best information is what they do. When it is ranked, people organically share it so artificial backlinks are not needed.

    High-quality long-form content always seems to get Google’s attention without any extra SEO efforts.

  15. Holly crap Brian, that thing is HUGE. I’m trying to grow my blog using your techniques and scrips and they god DAM WORK. I just getting started but I’m already getting e-mails & links from my link creators. Anyway, thank you for sharing, I know you are busy.

  16. Hi Brian,

    Can you share some insights why was there a significant drop in traffic on backlinko couple of months back and what are the 2-3 important things u did for recovery.

  17. Brian, I affectionately refer to you as “the Deanster” and “Brain Dean, the lean mean SEO machine” amongst my SEO peers. The level of effort in this guide matches up with the latter nickname quite well. Thanks to you and your team for enlightening all of us!

  18. Wow! Hats off to you for the hours you must have put into this Hub. Thanks so much for your efforts and I know the info will be top notch.

    1. You’re welcome, Ros. Yup, this guide took countless hours from me writing, to our designer creating 130+ visuals, from contractors taking high-quality screenshots and our CTO making the hub a reality with excellent coding.

  19. Oh man!

    Getting an email from Brian Dean is like Christmas and Birthday at the same time!

    Been a fan for years. Found the blog. Bought the course. Still reading the blog. Watching the videos. Still save all the emails in a separate “Brian Dean Backlinko” folder in my mailbox.

    Thanks, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one!

    You get a lot of thanks Brian, for your guides. But really, THANKS! This is gold!

    May the G Force be with you!

  20. Thank you Brian for not only providing this amazing material, but creating a model for great business–giving something of exceptionally high quality and value, then reaping the rewards based on honest value. Love your work my friend; you have helped me improve my business leads many fold.

  21. Brian… Jaw Dropped. This …. is …. AWEsome! You guys put in a TON of work to make this, and on top of the content you have the most amazing visuals. Supah Dupah.

  22. Hey Brian,

    Amazing work as usual.

    I would love for you to do a writeup on SEO reporting. What you use, what you recommend to give to clients to keep them coming back for more. It would be really helpful to see what visual stats and info you provide.

    Also would love to see techniques for getting traffic to highly competitive markets like car dealerships and apartments.

    I am using Data Studio to generate info from Google Analytics, Google Seach Console and GMB to give to clients.

  23. Really appreciate the thought and care you put into delivering all of your blog articles and resources. They are easy to digest and learn from. Also, they aren’t packed with pop-ups, ads and other digital marketing hacks. You already have my email but I’ll leave it again in your form now…

  24. Great work Brian.

    I loved the YT hub and now the SEO hub, you never fail to wow us with your content presentation styles.


    Is this hub (SEO wise) the next level design of a “topic cluster”. If yes, would you mind giving a minute brief on how this type of content is better than (topic clusters we see on blogs, for example HubSpot?).

    Also, how do you create that URL structure?


      1. Thanks so much Brian for replying back. 🙂

        I did read that post on URLs, it’s awesome! But, I couldn’t find any tips on implementation of folder structure. Can you kindly share me a resource that will help me?

  25. Great work Brain really I appreciate it 👍
    And I will suggest you that you can make an application like Google primer and publish it Google play store which can help your marketing hub to grow more!!!😇

  26. Seo is all about research, experiments, results and you prove that. Thanks for your effort. I will manage my time to read all of this juicy content.

  27. Wow! This a mega amazing content, Brian…
    You shows every time what a quality blog is like…
    I’m going to bookmark this… It will be my goto resource for SEO tips.
    Learning a lot from you.
    Thanks for always providing valuable tips 🙂

  28. Amazing content! I don’t know how you do it. All aspects of this project are breath taking: the depth and breadth of the topic, the design, the user experience, the whole thing.! I look forward to visiting this hub often.

  29. Hello Brian Dean, simply you and your team are great with this super guide that we just shared, really my biggest admirations. Now we take full advantage of it and I will recommend you whenever I can.

  30. This is awesome! I needed all this information a year ago. I will be using this for a long time. I am especially interested in the UX stuff to make sure I am providing the user with the best experience possible.
    Of course, I need to look at the linking stuff as well. I have already learned a lot about backlinking from you.
    Thanks for doing all the work on this.

  31. I’m new to the SEO marketing world, but, so far, I love everything about digital marketing. I think I’ll have a leg up once I go through the hub. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Vania. I agree that the hub should help you get an edge in terms of learning the ins and outs of SEO.

  32. I’ve probably read all of your articles, but seeing them organized in categories is a great way for me, and others, to find all of your content. I’m sure that this project will bring you more engagement (if possible) and more on-site time, which will boost backlinko through the roof on Google. I’m just curious why didn’t you put a link to HUB in main menu, or footer menu?

  33. Always publishing killer content, Brian. Glad to be an STW student!

    Do you contemplate whether you should create a comprehensive guide like this for your blog or turn these into videos for your YouTube channel(or both)?

    1. Thanks Oscar! Good question.

      I usually start with a blog post. That way, when I sit down to write a video script, I already have an outline to work from.

  34. Thanks so much for all your work Brian.
    I’ve been reading your material and watching your Youtube videos for a long time.
    And now just when I was looking to level up my SEO skills you release this. Perfect timing.
    I’m sure this SEO Hub will not disappoint.

    *High five*

  35. It’s a WOW… Thanks for putting up this massive guide to us. A quick question on internal linking. For google to know the internal structure, does it matter if we don’t keep a consistent URL structure ?

    For eg.
    Old Svc Page)
    New Svc Page)

  36. Absolutely awesome, I haven’t started to read it yet but I definitely will be. Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I hope to be reading all the updates you make to SEO Marketing Hub.
    As for ideas of what we would like to read in your updates. I would like to know more about disavow links and how to implement them with a txt download.

    1. Thank you Janet. And thanks for the suggestion. Great topic to add to the link building or advanced SEO sections of the SEO Marketing Hub.

  37. That Brian guy sure is a legend.

    If I were to “bat” for the same team, well, I’d definitely want to bat for HIS team. *wink*

    Stay awesome man.


  38. Wow…! This seo marketing hub is awesome.
    One thing, i learn from this post is, that how to do internal linking.
    Your post help me learn many new things that’s reason i read your every post.
    Thanks Brian

  39. Thanks for this. It looks exhaustive and is bookmarked. 🙂
    Am starting off a new blog and this should definitely come in handy!
    A suggestion here. If you could move this comment submission box to the top of the comments, it’d become that much easier for a visitor to post one.

  40. Hey Brian,
    You really did an amazing job for everyone. I am reading your blogs for 2+ years and in this my journey, I got lots of valuable information regarding backlink creation and on-page SEO. I love your content and your information. Please keep writing and let me know if I can do anything for you.

  41. Great stuff Brain, it’s a pool of knowledge. Can you give some insight about Google Sandbox effect, I wonder why you haven’t talked about Big G filter (sandbox). Is it myth or really it exist? Can you please reply do it exist or not?

  42. I am not sure how is different than the blog articles you publish. Seems similar content with different URLs and more structured.

  43. Great job, well done!
    thank you very much for this guide, i’m working on association website for collection donations, and all of your articles are very helpful and useful for me
    best wishes!

  44. Hi,
    I already started reading the Marketing Hub and can’t stop))) Even with years of experience in the SEO I can only add that this guide is truly amazing. It is nice to refresh knowledge & learn something new.
    Many thanks for the work you do!

  45. Whoa!!! Brian, did you just give us the whole thing here? This is so freaking well organized and omnibus.

    Great go-to tool, Love it!!!

    Ps: I got an itch to find a YouTube SEO overview guide. I’m especially interested in the video first approach (say all your content is video-centric, after that you transcribe to text and create audio and make a post, then syndicate, backling from there, etc.), or do you recommend treating them as separate SEO strategies.

    I would be supper thankful to hear from you on how that could be applied to build a strong pillar & cluster content base? Looking for your blessings here 🙂

    Thanks so much again!
    Cheers from Barcelona

    1. Thanks Mihael. That’s a tough question to answer in a blog comment, but I would say that they’re two separate strategies.

  46. Wowww.. You are always ahead of the industry. I am going to share it with my private group having 22,000 members. My readers are going to love this EPIC piece for sure.

    Your content and guides have made SEO so easy to understand that any business can start an awesome SEO for themselves with minimal efforts now.

  47. Thanks, Brian for putting it together.

    It will be my go-to resource for new interns and trainees.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  48. Once again, top class article.
    I can only hope that one day, I can do amazing things the way you’re doing it.
    Organizing the information like this, always providing practical guides, it’s just awesome.
    Much appreciation for your work, Brian!

  49. Brian, this is an amazing resource packed full of useful information… which brings me to this question, what would be the point of selling your courses since I feel like most of the SEO questions can be answered by your SEO marketing hub alone!

    1. Thanks Josh. To your question, the hub is a general overview of lots of SEO topics. My courses are MUCH more in-depth, detailed and advanced.

  50. Hey Brian, I always love to read your guides, but unfortunately, due to the busy schedule, I couldn’t complete your most of guides.
    I believe that backlinko is the most authentic resource available for people like me who wants to keep learning about this tool passionately.
    Could you please provide the pdf links for all the guides, especially for this one, so I can go through them while on a bed!

  51. Simply brilliant! This is the most comprehensive SEO guide I have ever seen on the internet. Even better, it’s free! Thank you for all the hours and brains that went into creating this awesome guide.

    1. You’re welcome, Jos. I set out to create the most comprehensive SEO resource out there. Looks like I’m on the right track.

  52. Brian, yet again you deliver an absolute gold mine of knowledge! As someone previous mentioned in this comment thread it is more likening to an SEO bible! Your link building technique section has more golden nuggets of information than I have seen from some paid courses! The outreach emails you showcase within this guide are so valuable to give an SEO a greater understanding of what it takes to deliver an effective and natural link building campaign. Look forward to reading more of your resources!

    1. Thank you, Kristian. The entire Backlinko team put in a ton of work to make this possible so it’s nice to hear positive feedback like this.

  53. Damnnn Brian. I thought the YouTube Marketing hub was something, this is next level.

    Listened to your Podcast with Ryan Robinson the other day, I can see what you mean about investing in design as well. One small idea, it would be good if the left nav was “sticky”

    Anyway, thank you for another go-to resource, again!


  54. The Holy Grail of SEO! Thank you for the incredible work that all of you put into this. It definitely makes the work of someone like myself who has just caught the SEO bug so much easier and FUN. I have been following the content that you have been putting out there for a while now and I certainly look forward to reading more. Keep up the awesome work Backlinko team 🙂

  55. The #1 thing you want to learn about SEO right now: What are the “First Five Steps” I need to apply in my quest to increase my website’s traffic?

  56. Hi Dean!

    Love the videos and blogs – the resources are great, how do you choose what to list? preference or industry popularity?

    Do you prioritise hub resources based on SEO factors for 2019? i.e. tiered hierachy of what’s most important to items of lesser importance?

  57. Hi Brian, I have followed you for a while now and let me tell you that because of you I have been able to get a great job in a company here in Mexico City doing SEO for them, so, Grand master, I am sending you a really tight Hug and a honest thanks!

  58. Hi Brian,
    It seems that you’re enjoying doing things to be far from competition. Really that is great!
    I hope I have enough time to read and digest all your posts.
    keep the great work,

  59. Great stuff Brian! You have a real passion for SEO, which reflects in all of these amazing, useful and free guides. Thank you so much, I’m sharing!

    What’s the #1 thing I want to learn about SEO right now? Probably Voice search.

  60. What a great resource, Brian- you and your team put a lot of work and effort into these guides. I agree with Freddy Olssen, voice search is definitely on the radar right now in regard to SEO. I am bookmarking this, and sharing.

  61. Thank you! Putting this out for free is awesome. Love how structured this is. Currently studying Digital Marketing in college and this will help a lot with the SEO part of the curriculum.

  62. That’s a great work!!!
    Personal comments leave links to hubs in the footer or somewhere so people can easily access them. I had to go to the email to access this SEO hub.
    But I still really love it.

  63. Brian, I’m already a superfan.

    I’ve done the amazing STW course and am lucky enough to see the amazing value you put into the Fb group but man, this smashes it out of the park.

    Immense. Thank you.


  64. When I visited Backlinko for the first time, I erased all my bookmarks about SEO and do follow your articles. They really work and are very useful. Certainly I know that this new section is awesome too 🌹

  65. OMG! The useful+awesome blog ever. I really love this blog. How can you share these amazing tips and experience for free. I believe you taught SEO to 60% of the blogs in 2017-18. Everyone talks about Backlinko. Backlinko said: Earth is not circular.

    Here’s the deal:

    And everyone prepare themselves to believe on you.

    You are truly providing value to whole SEO community.

  66. Brian,

    I am wondering for a while, what technology are you using for comments on your page?
    Can you share this information?
    How some users get names with photos and some not?
    I did not see any image upload opportunity on your comment section.


  67. I am sure this is going to be a field of diamonds, so very looking forward to it! I am curious: how many people were behind a project like this, and how many people, in general, are behind maintaining this website? Best wishes, Brian. 🙂

  68. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for putting together this wonderful piece. I loved the infographic and every bit of tip you shared.

    I applied the Broken Link Building technique on my blog and to be honest I am seeing crazy results with my traffic.

    More grease to your elbow!

  69. OMG! That’s the only expression I can come up after seeing this great guide. Wish I had it with me when I started in SEO.

    Thank you so much Brain for this great resource. I can truly imagine how much time and effort of yours must be there in this guide. You are truly remarkable.

  70. Incredible resource for learning everything about SEO! Just when I thought Backlinko couldn’t get any better, you create the SEO hub. Fantastic work as always, thanks for creating it

  71. Wow Brian, you’re an absolute monster in the quality and amount of content you’re putting out. And the design is on point. Your success is well deserved! 👏

  72. Just wow… I write a lot about content optimization strategies and SEO tools but really want to discover more about technical SEO (sitemap, audit, etc.). Thank you for taking efforts to create such a great resource!

  73. Are each of these sections written as children pages or separate posts. The url titles are so intuitive…..I need to mimic some of this behavior in my posts.
    This is really a well laid out digital textbook
    Great work

  74. I’m highly obliged to use the SEO Marketing Hub as it provides everything in a nutshell. Its free resource library offers numerous topics for optimizing SEO and improve my Magento store. This also helps to guide new people and encourage others to learn advanced topics. Great work. Well done Brian.

  75. Loved this. Thanks, Brian! These types of hubs are always useful, and yours essentially leaves any competition lagging behind. Skyscrapper technique at its best, right?

    I haven’t checked through all the resources there, but it seems there’s nothing on Conversion Rate Optimization. This is something we do pretty well, but I’m always looking to learn new tactics.

    Is there a guide somewhere in there on how to leverage available tools to optimize user experience and how that indirectly impacts SEO? If there isn’t, you might consider it.

    Anyway, cool stuff. Thanks.

  76. Such a comprehensive SEO guide! When will I ever find the time to read all of it.. 🙂 Thank you for the incredible work that you put into this.

    I cannot thank you enough how much your guides mean to me, you’re the best!

  77. Brian, Awesome!

    I learn quite a bit from you and want to say thanks for all your hard work. It doesn’t go unnoticed. And I’m sure your traffic tells you that as well!! lol!

  78. Wow! That’s a crazy amount of value right there! Thank you for all of the work for putting all of this information together into one spot. I’m looking forward to checking it all out!

  79. Hey Brian, great hub! I have seen you show the importance of Dwell time for SEO. Did you know there is a way to calculate it using Google Tag Manager? I have written a guide and it works smoothly for me. If you let me I can share it with you.

  80. Oh my god! This is everything. I want to learn about SEO but couldn’t find the right place for that. And you just came up nowhere. Thank you so much.

  81. This is amazing! Thanks for providing us with so much valuable information. I’m at the beginning of my SEO journey but after only 2 weeks spent reading your guides I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also joined The SEO That Works course to boost my skills even more
    Keep up the great work


  82. This is amazing. Since you have published this info at a single place, I’m actually very happy because now the experts or fresh resources that I hire in my seo company, I just provide them this link to study and they have to read every chapter. The BEST part is that they start performing so good on my clients’ project in just 20-25 days

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