The 8-Step Content Strategy For 2019 [Template Included]

The 8-Step Content Strategy For 2019

Today you’re going to learn exactly how to create a content strategy in 2019.

In fact:

This is the same approach I used to grow my blog to 392,441 visits per month.

Analytics – Sessions

Let’s get started.

Step #1: Choose a Content Topic

Your first step is to find a topic.

But not just any topic…

A topic that your target customer is interested in.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

Competitor Blogs

First, head over to a popular blog in your industry.

Backlinko – Blog

And look for posts that tend to get lots of comments and social shares.

Backlinko – SEO Strategy

For example, a while back I looked at what content performed best on the Moz blog:

Moz – Blog

And I noticed that content about “site audits” tended to do REALLY well:

Moz – SEO Audit

So I created a blog post called: “The Ultimate SEO Site Audit”.

Backlinko – SEO Site Audit

Because this post was based on a proven topic, it was a huge hit on day 1:

Backlinko – SEO Site Audit – Social

And quickly cracked the first page for my target keyword:

Google: "seo site audit"

Pro Tip: If one of your competitors has a podcast, check out their episode list on iTunes:

iTunes – Podcast

This can reveal some killer topics that you’d be hard pressed to find any other way.

iTunes – Podcast episode

Online Communities

Online communities are GREAT for finding burning questions that your target audience has.

For example, when I head over to the Paleo subreddit, I notice lots of questions about dessert:

Reddit – Paleo dessert

Why is this important?

Most people ask questions on Reddit because they couldn’t find their answer on Google.

Which means there’s a HUGE opportunity for you to swoop in and answer that question with your content.

You can follow this same process using Quora:

Quora – Paleo

If you want to scale this technique, check out Answer the Public.

Answer The Public – Paleo

It’s a free tool that hands you popular questions that people have around your topic:

Answer The Public – Paleo Questions

Pro Tip: Check out conference agendas in your industry. People are literally paying (and traveling) to see these talks. So you KNOW these topics are in high demand.

PaleoFX schedule

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer is very similar to BuzzSumo.

Ahrefs – Content Explorer

You type in a keyword…

Ahrefs – Content Explorer – Search

…and get a list of content that people recently shared and linked to:

Ahrefs – Content Explorer – Results


Your Best Content

Here’s where you double down on what works.

First, log in to Google Analytics and go to “Behavior” → “Site Content” → “Landing Pages”:

Analytics – Landing pages – Menu

This shows you which pages on your site bring in the most traffic.

Analytics – Landing pages

Then, identify what those pages have in common in terms of:

  • Format
  • Topics
  • Author
  • Writing style

Finally, outline your next piece of content based on what you find.

For example:

Last year I noticed that definitive guides brought in a ton of traffic:

Definitive guide traffic

So I decided to publish more definitive guides:

Backlinko Guides

And those new guides helped increase my blog’s traffic by 29.63% compared to the year before:

Analytics – Organic Traffic

Which leads us to…

Step #2: Find a Keyword

Now that you found a topic, it’s time to find a keyword that people use to search for that topic.

Here are 3 easy ways to do it:


QuestionDB is a free keyword tool that generates lots of question-based keywords.


To use it, just pop in a topic that you found in Step #1:

QuestionDB – Search

And after a second or two, you’ll get a list of untapped keyword ideas:

QuestionDB – Search results

Pretty cool.

Google and YouTube Suggest

This an old school keyword research strategy that still works GREAT.

Just type your topic into Google…

Google search: "seo tips"

…and jot down the terms that Google suggests.

"seo tips" Google Suggest

And I recommend doing the same thing on YouTube:

YouTube – Search


Bing – Search


DuckDuckGo – Search

And if you run an ecommerce site, Amazon:

Amazon search

Google Image Tags

This is a cool little tip that’s GREAT for finding long tail keywords.

Just search for your keyword in Google images:

Google Image Search

And take a look at the tags at the top of the search results:

Google Image Search – Tags

These tags are terms that people search for when they’re looking for information on your topic.

And all you need to do is add these tags to the end of the keyword you typed in.

For example, look at what comes up when you search for “content marketing”:

Google Search – Content Marketing

All you need to do is add these terms before or after “content marketing”:

Create long-tail keywords from Google image tags

And you have a solid list of long tail keywords to create your content around.

Step #3: Pick a Content Structure and Format

In other words, here’s where you decide if you’re going to create a:

  • Blog post
  • YouTube Video
  • Native video (for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter)
  • Lead magnet
  • Ebook
  • Infographic
  • Podcast
  • Interactive content

The key here is to choose the format that works best for YOU.

Are you an awesome writer? Go with a blog post.

Do you shine on video? Make a video.

Or maybe you’re an amazing designer. Whip up a piece of visual content.

I think you get the idea 🙂

In fact:

You can cover the same topic using multiple different formats.

And they can all do REALLY well.

For example, a few years ago I published this guide to building backlinks:

Backlinko - Link Building

Which did GREAT.

So I made a YouTube video on that same exact topic:

And it racked up 65,541 views:

YouTube – Link Building views

The big takeaway?

There’s no “perfect” content format for any topic.

So choose a format that you can CRUSH… and move onto step #4.

Step #4: Publish Something Amazing

Let’s face it:

It’s harder than ever for your content to stand out.

According to WordPress, there are 2.49 million blog posts published every day:

There are 2.49 million blog posts published every day

It gets worse:

Even though content supply is increasing, content demand is flat.

In fact, WordPress reported that pageviews are down for the first time in 12 years:

WordPress traffic

Bottom Line?

It doesn’t matter what type of content you create. If you want to succeed with content marketing in 2019, everything you publish needs to be AMAZING.

Here’s how to do it:

Awesome Design

There’s no way around this:

If you want people to read and share your content, it needs to be more than “great content”. Your content also needs to LOOK great.

Which is why I go the extra mile to use high-res screenshots:




And custom-designed guides:


Insanely Actionable Tips and Techniques

This is important.

No matter what industry you’re in, people want information they can use right away.

For example:

When I was doing research for this post, I read a lot of posts out there about content strategy.

And they were full of fluff advice like: “Develop Content Ideas” and “Create a Process for Content Creation”.

But they never showed you HOW to come up with ideas.

That’s why I went the extra mile to make every step in this post super actionable:

Backlinko post sample

Real Life Examples

When it comes to content, there’s one thing I’ve found to be true almost 100% of the time:

People looooove examples.

When you hear the words “for example” your brain breathes a sigh of relief. That’s because research shows that examples make learning easier.

That’s why I include TONS of examples in every post:

Collage examples

Does adding examples take more work than simply saying, “do this”?


Is it worth it?


Written By an Expert

In other words:

Publish content from people that have actually done the things they’re writing about.

Or as I like to say:

“If you want an article about how to unclog a toilet, don’t hire a freelance writer.

Hire a plumber.” ( Click to Tweet this )

For example, Nerd Fitness quickly grew to be one of the most popular blogs in the fitness space.



Steve wrote about his personal experience of trying different diet and workout routines:

NerdFitness – Beginner's Guide

And he filled in any gaps in his knowledge with research from nutrition experts:

NerdFitness – Beginner's Guide – Experts

Content UX

When most people think “UX”, they think “Software”.

But content has a user experience too.

For example, look at this post:

Wall of text

The text is all squished together. Which makes it REALLY hard to read.

That’s bad Content UX.

On the other hand, this post uses big font with lots of white space:

Backlinko – SEO Hub

Which makes it easy to read and skim.

That’s good Content UX.

And Content UX isn’t just for text content.

If you have a podcast, good UX is clear audio.

If you’re making a video, good UX is that video’s production value.

In short:

Make it EASY for people to consume your content… and it will perform MUCH better.

Step #5: Optimize Your Content for SEO

Next, it’s time to optimize your content around a keyword.

Specifically, you want to nail the basics of on-page SEO:

  • Include your keyword in your title tag
  • Optimize your title tag for CTR
  • Use short URLs
  • Add internal links to other pages on your site
  • Use external links
  • Format your content for readability

Here’s a video that walks you through each of these steps in detail:

Step #6: Promote Your Content

There’s no two ways around it:

If you’re serious about squeezing every last drop of value from your content, you need to actively promote it.

And when I say “promote”, I don’t mean sharing your content on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

(Even though that can help)

I’m talking about strategically sharing your content in a way that maximizes traffic, backlinks and social shares.


Let’s take a look…

Email Newsletters

This is HUGE.

An email list is the #1 content promotion tool on the planet. Period.

In fact, there isn’t even a close second.


Your subscribers are made up of people that LOVE your stuff.

In other words:

They’re people that are very likely to spread the word about your content.

That’s why I share most of my posts with my email subscribers:

Brian email

As you can see, my email doesn’t look like a stuffy corporate newsletter.

In fact, my email looks like it could be from a friend.

This is EXACTLY how you want your emails to look.

So, how did it do?

That single email generated 14,067 total visitors:

Aweber email visitors


Content Roundups

In case you’re not familiar with them, roundups are posts that curate (or “roundup”) awesome content from the week.

The best part?

There are roundups in almost every niche.

For example, this is a roundup from the wine niche:

VineSpring - Blog

Here’s why promoting your content to link roundups works so well:

Your pitch actually makes their life easier (yes, really).

I’ll explain…

Roundup curators struggle to find content to include in their roundup.

And when you suggest your new post, you deliver awesome content on a silver platter.

Which means there’s no arm twisting required to get a link.

For example, here’s a roundup that recently linked to me:

Blogger Roundup

This short video goes into the step-by-step process:


Paid Content Promotion

Specifically: Facebook Boosted Posts.

I’ve spent thousands on Facebook ads over the last few months.

And the #1 lesson I learned is this:

Retargeting is LEGIT.

For example, I recently boosted this Facebook post:

Facebook post

And because I targeted people that recently visited Backlinko, I only paid 67 cents per click:

Facebook post cost

(Which is dirt cheap in the B2B space)

Step #7: Track and Measure Performance

Now it’s time to see how well your content strategy is working.

The question is:

How do you know if your content “worked”?

Take a look at these key metrics:


At the end of the day, the point of content marketing is to get more traffic.

So if your content only brings in a handful of visitors, it’s time to switch things up.

That said:

Content marketing and SEO can take time to kick in.

For example, look at the traffic numbers from the early days of Backlinko:

Analytics – Backlinko early traffic

As you can see, it took about 6 months for things to really take off.

And if I gave up early on because content “wasn’t working”, I wouldn’t have seen the huge traffic spike that got me going:

Analytics – Backlinko early traffic spike


Sometimes you publish content for the sole purpose of getting backlinks.

(In other words: linkbait)

For example, last year I published this voice search SEO study.

Backlinko – Voice Search

My #1 goal with that post was to get more backlinks.

So even though that post doesn’t bring in much traffic…

Analytics – Voice search traffic

…it’s been linked to 1,280 times to date:

Ahrefs – Voice Search

Including some heavy hitters (like Forbes):

Forbes – Voice search

And these backlinks help boost my rankings for all of the other pages on my site.

Backlinks to a subpage improve ranking of all other pages

Speaking of rankings…

Google Rankings

This is pretty straightforward:

If you create content designed to rank for a specific keyword, it should rank for that keyword.

If it doesn’t, then something’s off.

It could be that the keyword is too competitive.

Or it might be that you don’t have enough links.

Either way, I recommend checking your rankings once a week.

SEMrush – Traffic

Social Shares

In some niches (especially in B2C), content is sized up based on how many people share it on social media.



Business goals.


Whatever you want to call it.

Basically, you’re answering the question:

Is content helping us get more sales?


You can directly measure conversions in Google Analytics:

Analytics - Conversions

And if you see conversions moving up, it’s probably a sign that your content marketing is working.

That said:

It’s sometimes hard to track content’s indirect sales impact.

For example:

My conversions that come directly from YouTube are super low:

Analytics - Conversions – YouTube

And if I ONLY looked at Google Analytics, I’d probably say: “YouTube is a waste of time”.

But when I dig a little bit deeper, I can see that my YouTube channel is a HUGE driver of subscribers and sales.

First of all, according to YouTube Studio, my videos reach 142,000 people every month:

YouTube viewers

Do you think all of those views help my bottom line?

Of course.

But more important than that: customers cite my YouTube channel as a main reason that they decide to make a purchase:

FPV survey – YouTube channel mentions

Which tells me that my YouTube videos are paying off.

And now it’s time for our last step…

Step #8: Scale Your Content Marketing

At this point your content is bringing in more traffic, leads, and sales.

So the logical question is:

How do you scale?

Well, I DON’T recommend pumping out a million blog posts.

Yes, the goal of scaling is to publish more useable content. But you want to maintain the same level of quality as you scale up.

For example, I’ve only published 63 total posts on the Backlinko blog:

Backlinko – Published posts

And those 63 posts bring in 392,441 visits every single month:

Analytics – Sessions

With that, here are three ways to scale up your content marketing efforts… without sacrificing quality.

New Content Formats

Repurposing content into different formats is the easiest way to scale.


Because you don’t need to start from scratch every time you want to publish a new blog post, podcast episode or YouTube video.

For example, this video on my channel has racked up 355,187 views to date:

So I decided to repurpose some of the tips from that video into a blog post:

Backlinko – YouTube Subscribers

And it worked!

That post now ranks #3 for my target keyword:

Google search – YouTube subscribers

And has generated 15,748 visits in only 3 months:

Analytics – YouTube subscribers

Organizing The Content Process

In other words:

Create a process that you can use over and over again.

You can just copy the exact process in this post.

Or tweak it to fit your company.

Either way:

The more organized you are, the easier it is to create awesome content.

That’s why I recommend writing down a repeatable, step-by-step process. You also want to have an editorial calendar to help plan your upcoming content.

Scaling Quality

Scaling doesn’t always mean MORE content.

You can also “scale” content quality.

For example, a few years ago I published this search engine ranking factors study:

Backlinko – Search Engine Ranking

This was a big departure from list posts and case studies that I was used to putting out.

Not only that, but I couldn’t do it myself. I had to assemble a team.

That team included a project manager, developer, data scientist, graphic designer, multiple software companies, and more.

And it was A LOT of work for everyone involved.

In the end, the study did really well.

Not only did it result in a huge traffic spike:

Analytics – Search engine ranking

But our study has been linked to from 2,650 different domains:

Ahrefs – Search Engine Ranking

Pretty cool.


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which tip from today’s post are you going to try first?

Do you want to try repurposing content into new formats?

Or maybe you’re ready to focus on Content UX.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.


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    1. Well said, Eric.

      I also think the way people read content online has changed. Unfortunately, the content marketing advice hasn’t. So most so-called “experts” tell people to write short posts because “people have short attention spans when they’re online”. Nonsense.

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    1. Thanks Heenay. Absolutely. Putting content into different formats was something I was against for years. I thought of it as “recycling content”. But now I realize that some people ONLY read blog posts. And other people ONLY watch videos. So it makes sense to reuse your hard work so it gets in front of as many people as possible.

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      Not sure about how to do that for free, the but the domain search in BuzzSumo is another easy way to find that out.

  36. Hi Brian,

    Amazing post as always. One of the biggest mistake I used to do earlier was not promoting my content. I was big believer of I would publish great content they would come.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this with possible.

  37. Great content as always, I see that your youtube channel is named after you and not your brand backlinko, in your opinion as a solo act is it more important to get your name out there or focus on your brand?

    1. Thanks Shenan. If I had to go back I would focus more on my name vs. a brand. But it depends on your goals. If you want to be a personal brand, I’d focus on your name. But if you want to grow the business out and maybe sell it, I’d focus more on the brand.

  38. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for this amazing content strategy guide, I have been learning from you, so that most of the tips I am already using. I or maybe we all want to know how you create this type of post I mean lots of amazing screenshots, custom design, and great UX.


    1. You’re welcome. It’s a lot of time taking the perfect screenshot (zooming in, zooming out etc.). Then photoshopping each screenshot. It’s a ton of work!

  39. Hi Brian,

    Great information as always. However, I’m curious about how you both about finding blogs who do roundup stories? I have a golf site, and don’t know of any places who do that. Which other strategy would you recommend? Facebook ads perhaps? Also, how often should I put the main keyword within our content and how many links should we include? Thanks very much for your time and help, Brian.

  40. Hey Brian,
    That’s really amazing…! In a single word- “This is a complete guide on content strategy”. Thanks for the share…!

    Masud Parvage
    Founder @ Niche Park

  41. Brian, you are definitely the best source of information for SEO and backlinking on the web- a veritable SEO Encyclopedia. Thanks for your contributions to the community!

  42. Hi Brian,
    amazing post as usual! So useful!
    I search for topics also into Facebook groups (where my target is).
    As for keywords research, I use AnswerThePublic (I love it), but also Keyword Finder, SEMrush and Google Ads.

    I totally agree with you for UX content: I’m obsessed with that!
    We have to write to grab user attention and make reading easy and quickly: I use paragraphs with short sentences (just like you do), bullet points to highlight key points, bold terms for important terms and so on.

    I’m working on the restyling of my website in these days and I’ve just decided to repurpose some content: blog posts, videos and podcasts. I think it’s a successful strategy.

    1. Hi Valentina, thanks for your comment. Great stuff!

      I really like the idea of checking out FB groups for topic ideas. Nice one!

    1. Hey Luc, you’re welcome. Yeah, I tried to cover content with a focus on SEO and links. That’s the main reason that people put out content these days. As they should: at the end of the day it’s all about SEO.

  43. Thank you Brian Dean for what you share. Even if I do not have the money to undertake my projects I put all my effort to be able to start quickly with everything you share. Thank you from the heart, when do you think about social media?

    1. Great post like always Brian!

      Writing something amazing, because of this people will share your article and linkto you, etc. doesn’t work well for all industries. This is my opinion.

      For example, how would you go about writing content for the gambling industry? I don’t think people will share or link to you when you write an amazing review about a casino or sports betting brand. Linking happens in this industry as a result of paid link building.

      I am curious what’s your opinion here and tips you have for webmasters dealing with gambling websites.


      1. Thank you, Michael. I actually have quite a bit of experience in that space. The key is to publish content on related topics that people WILL link to.

  44. Hey Brian,
    Your work is, as always, on point. Thanks for sharing.
    I save all your mails in a folder for when i get a rare moment to sit down and chew on some evolutionary learning like yours.
    I’m currently embarking on a new direction with explainer videos for my own sites and keen to see if it will help my ranks and, ultimately bottom line.
    High hopes.
    Keep it coming Brian – it’s all good.

    1. Hey James, thanks for your kind words. I appreciate that. Let me know how the explainer video experiment works out.

  45. Creating a value-driven post takes a lot of time, energy and skills. Is this a one man job? I mean the strategy should surely be yours but it would be foolish for someone to feel like Brian Dean after completing a single Blog Post. This Blog Post is the result of years of past experiences and work.

    The post provided so much value that some consumer might feel overwhelmed and they should return again and again to extract value by bookmarking this post.

    I have a question: Does Brian Dean hire Freelancers to fill in this team?

  46. Hello Brian. Thanks for another fantastic article!

    My question is how do you build your team? Where did you find them? And exactly which types of pros would you recommend hiring, and from where?

    The devil is always in the details with SEO!

    1. Hi Tina, you’re welcome. It depends a lot on what type of content and SEO team you want to create. For example, in my case, I write all the content. So that eliminates a BIG part of the job. But if you don’t write your own stuff, a talented content creator would be first on my list.

      To find them, I recommend seeing who already writes for blogs in your industry. My second priority would be a designer for visuals, infographics etc. I recommend 99Designs for that.

  47. Hi Brian

    Where is the case study?
    Why suddenly everything changed on this page. I really like your case study and details in that article.

    1. Hey Parth, I liked that case study too. But it was time to update this post using Skyscraper Technique 2.0.

  48. Thanks Brian for sharing such a great article. It’s really important to use examples on the content, I totally agree with you, that really helps.

    1. Thank you. I actually recommend optimizing around one main keyword. If the content is good enough and gets linked to, it’ll naturally rank for lots of different terms.

  49. Been following your blog and your newsletter for quite a while now and they both helped me a lot! Nice to read this recap of your techniques. I implemented most of the things discussed here (as well as from your previous posts) to grow my travel blog. One of my posts actually hit the 1st place on the first page of Google. Thanks for making that happen 🙂

  50. Brian, can’t thank you enough for the content you continue to churn out. It’s amazing to see you showcase your own content as means to explain your methods. Your content UX stands out immediately, it’s obvious that subtle tweaks have huge impacts. I appreciate the transparency and look forward to future posts as you have already been a huge help on my websites. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Josh, thanks for that. I put a lot of work into content UX. Its kind of a pain to agonize over every screenshot and image. But at the end of the day, like you said, it helps our content stand out.

  51. I really liked the term Content UX. And I will write my post with more examples in it instead of just saying that do this or do that.
    Thanks for this great article. It really helps.

  52. Hi Brian

    I have been a regular reader of your blog and happen to learn a lot about working SEO tips and tricks from you. I went through this post as well. I have one feedback for you.

    When you are giving examples, please give examples around the topic you are working on. Most of examples that are shared in this post should be around ‘content strategy’ and not about random stuff like paleo diet (which has nothing to do with current post topic).

    As per my views, if you share relevant examples about the same topic (or broadly around that topic), your guides will become even more helpful for us. NO doubt we love whatever content (in all forms) you are creating right on Backlinko blog and always wait for new content.


  53. Thanks, You have the easiest way to explain which is helpful to remember. I am waiting for a post about the complete guide for content outreach. I try outreach a lot of time but did not get a good response on it. I want to improve it, for getting quality links. Are you have any further idea for a post on outreach which strategy works.

  54. Oh Brian,

    This is one of your best posts indeed, you have slowly mastered this format where it’s both tactical and high-level, I love it.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Ilias! I tried to include some high-level stuff here (I usually try to be 100% tactical). But considering it was about content strategy, I thought it made sense to cover some high-level strategy material.

  55. Hi Brian i LOVE your blog I read You from Spain and i have a question for You… How do you edit your post with trive, elmentor? Thanks for your blog

  56. Wow! This is really awesome especially for the facebook ads cost per click. I never knew that retargeting user who visited your website previously has lesser cpc. Down to selecting topic and keyword, I think keyword research before topic idea works great for me. Either way, thanks for the awesome article.

  57. You nailed it Brian. Thanks for the detailed guide on content strategy. I got to know about this from an email notification and it is extremely helpful.

  58. Great Post Brian!
    As Always!!!

    You make your content visually impactful and useful for every reader of your blog. I have a question, when it comes to commercial personal blogs (like affiliate) then things get hard. Like, you can’t easily make a linkbait material. People are not much interested in linking to an earning site.

    Although, A great article.

    1. Hi Kedy, thank you. The secret is to make it so your affiliate site doesn’t look like an affiliate site. Look at as an example.

      1. 100% Agree.

        Making a site that looks good but not an earning machine, is a solution. But, bloggers are watching sharp to see if it a commercial link or not. (HAHA)

        I am working in the field of SEO since 2009 and I know it’s hard to build links for commercial sites.

        But not that much. I have a few unique strategies that I use to build links. (WINK – I learned from you & Neil Sir.)

        Well, thank you so much for your reply.


  59. Great article, as always. I will try writing a definite guide with examples, and we’ll see what this brings. I will also try to write some “linkbait” articles and hope for some organic backlinks, as it is really hard to get them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge…can’t wait for the next newsletter (oh yea, I will try to optimize that too). Keep on doing great stuff and stay cool.

    1. Hi Luka, thank you. I’m a big fan of guides. They’re great for users because they get everything they need in one place. And they tend to rank well too.

  60. Oh my god, this is the best post on content strategy ever. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with my blog and slowly loosing momentum but can’t wait to get back to it now. Specifically in reformatting content- genius! Thank you so much.

  61. Hi’ Brian Dean
    I Receive you email… Thanks For The Share Great one more knowledge with us !
    You always make a precise plan for the bloggers, People who have a lot of work and they also take advantage of it, Also me 2 🙂

  62. SEO and content…. the cornerstones… thanks Brian, you are the king. I was down here in Tauranga NZ on the beach today with a dude talking these exact topics today, and we agreed, your content that you post is THE most thorough and useful content in these areas. Thanks so much. Really enjoyed this read. Corey Hinde

  63. Hi Brian

    Another fantastic post again! Could you produce a guide to generating an effective editorial calendar? It sounds like a really daunting task and I’d be super interested to see your take on it.


    1. Hey Stuart, great suggestion. I’ve been spending a ton of time working on our editorial calendar. And I’ve learned a lot. I’ll probably cover that in a future post.

  64. Hey Brian,

    Great article as always and some great tips but the design is a biggie and you kind of skimmed that bit.

    Who or what tools do you use specifically for the custom designs?

    I agree design is a huge factor in if people even bother to engage with the content in the first place.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Phil, thank you. I might dig deeper into that in a future post. It’s a HUGE topic and there are a lot of options to cover (like WordPress plugins or custom HTML stuff). We mostly use custom-made stuff here for content design.

  65. You’re phenomenal man.
    I run a blog for my GIS service.
    I used to produce fluffy, lazy and thin content when I was on blogspot.
    Then I met you and I learnt from you that post length matters, is difficult but yields.
    I moved to wordpress, got rid of most of those ugly posts, used your skyscraper strategy on my old posts -though lazily- and my blog value increased from $60 to $240 in less that two months.

    I’ll use this strategy, step by step in my next post. I’m optimistic that it’ll yield.

    Expect my success tweet.
    Thanks Brian we love you.

  66. Awesome write up Brian!

    Can I ask how long does it take you to put something like this together, excluding design? and including design?

    Keep up the great content.

    1. Thank you, Mat. Excluding design: about 15-20 hours. With design (which is done by my team) adds another 20 hours. No joke!

  67. My favorite quote from this entire article?

    “Publish content from people that have actually done the things they’re writing about.”

    Yes, yes and yes! This is the BEST way to get amazing content. It’s hard to put together stellar content when you’re just regurgitating what you found in a Google search.

    1. Thanks Lauren. It’s kind of insane that I even had to write that :-).

      Most content is regurgitated garbage. Like you pointed out, there’s no substitute for first hand experience.

  68. Hi, great stuff!!
    The point also to decide for what sort of content you wanna create is what type of content your customers want to see…I mean: If they´re 20 years old,probably would prefer a 10mn vid rather than a 2.000 words post, I think.So, previous research to know your customer preferences is huge!!
    Btw…a question…¿how long does it take to create a guide like this? 40 hours?,80?…
    Have a nice day

    1. Great point there. You also want to use the format that your customer wants.

      A guide like this takes about 20-25 hours.

  69. Great article! I’d like to know more about your design process for your Definitive Guides. I’ve been working on content like this, but I don’t even know what to ask for when hiring a graphic designer. Ideally, I’d want the blog post to have some graphics, but then I’d also like to put the whole guide into a pdf that would be used as a lead magnet. What does your job post for a designer look like? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie, thank you! I might actually do a whole post on that because it’s a pretty involved process. But basically we custom built a template that we use for definitive guides that integrates with WordPress. And we get the specific visuals (like the above the fold “hero image”) designed each time.

  70. Great article, as always 🙂

    About Step #3, you say you use high-res screenshots. Doesn’t it affect the speed of your website and, as that is a factor in Google, doesn’t it affect the rankings?


    1. Thanks Marco. Great question. Yes, that does slow things down. But for me, it’s a worthwhile trad eoff.

  71. Thank you for creating this. I am working on my content “System” so i have a solid plan each time I write content but i didn’t know how to structure it. This gave me the structure I needed and I will add in extra things that apply to my business. You’re amazing!

  72. I LOVE your guides and all your helpful content! I’m reading everything you have and slowly reorganizing my site. Thank you!

    QUESTION: If I were to create a big infographic from a prior blog post I would want to use a different keyword though right? But, this new post would still be in the same wheelhouse of the original post – and somewhere you had said to not separate posts if they’re similar? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just update an old post by adding the graph? (I worry about having so much similar content.)

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hi Denise, you’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed today’s post.

      To answer your question, it would depend a bit on the details. But in general, if the infographic covers a lot of the same ground as the post, you probably just want to add the infographic to the existing post.

  73. Excellent article as always but there are a few mistakes 392,441 sessions doesn’t equal 392441 visitors, visits yes, unique visitors no. Every time someone visits your site they create a session, so in the past hour, I’ve created 3 sessions on your site. I think you really need to brush up on your Google-Fu there were a couple of other examples whereby you misquote the figures and to me that just sounds like sensationalist sales technique rather than just the facts, which are still impressive.

    1. Thanks Stan. You’re right: I was careful to write “visits” in the intro but wrote “visitor” a few other times in the post. Fixed!

  74. Hi Brian,

    Great content as per usual. You mentioned that you put together a team to help with your custom infographics and for your larger more detailed posts. Where did you go to or which site did you use to find your team?

    1. Thanks Justin. Most of my team was from personal referrals. In other words, I asked people if they knew someone to help with design, coding, etc.

  75. Thanks, Brian, it always feels like you are truly motivated to help us grow. Have you written an SEO guide, for both on and off page, with a prioritized list? If not, a guide like that which describes each priority uses examples, and links to a how-to guide on how to implement each one would be unparalleled.

    1. You’re welcome, Jeremy. I’d like to do that but it’s hard to order things by priority because every site and business is unique. Hope that makes sense.

  76. Hello

    I’m from india and i want to start my blog of travelling and i planned to put all content in english and podcast in indian original language Hindi.

    Can this will work for my career and what content marketing tip you wanna give me for new startup of my blog.

    Can you please help me out and share some marketing techniques.

    Domnick (India)

    1. Domnick, I’d definitely stick to one language at first. You can always expand to other languages later on.

  77. Hi Brian

    I always reads your blog post and also watch you- tube video. both helps me a lot and i learn many things which i do not know earlier.

    Thanks for sharing good and quality content.

    keep sharing.

  78. Awesome article, I read the whole thing. I especially liked the part about making content more aesthetic. I will go over my white boring text articles and add some coloured subheadings. How do we add colour to the headings?

  79. Hey Brian, awesome post!
    I follow your blog for one year now.
    It’s so incredible how my SEO knowledge skyrocketed.

    I’m deeply thankful for that.
    Thanks so much for all your passion, effort and sweat creating such useful content!!!

  80. Hi Brain, I motivated with your speaches and notes, same was mentioned in this blog just 3 days before, you removed my comment, and published others comments without deleting them. I clearly know that I did not do any mistake in writing appreciations. Is appreciations also bad here? Why others comments are posted here and my comments were deleting, please let me know, what is my mistake. Thanks in Advance.

  81. Your posts are simply amazing… everytime. You’re right re actionable. People will leave otherwise. They want something they can do NOW. Thanks!

  82. Brian i am your silent fan, i am new to SEO field, i am doing SEO for my client that is on Shopify, do you think it can be also applied to his website?
    I mentioned his website under “website section”.

  83. that’s’ amazing thing i just fall in love with your content , past couple of month i read your blog and learned lot’s of seo.

    Best thing about your post is visual graphics which make me feel word is not shraper to heart my eyes , which motivate me to read whole post and help my mind to understand more clearly

    Thanks for this one Brian Dean

  84. Awesome, one of the best reads I did lately, already took your advice and started (three months ago) writing longer posts, focusing on content and LSI, even if I just started my own blog, but working with several clients as a SEO Consultant for the past 7yrs made me realize that content brings backlinks and leads to good conversions.
    BTW: you forget to blur a picture (under super actionable).

  85. Hi Brian,

    I live in Germany and I want to rank my new social media agency in Germany for a keyword like “social media agency Germany” or something like that. How do you think I should go about it? I am planning to rank for many more keywords with my blog like “Facebook Marketing”, “Instagram Marketing” etc. but will that help my homepage to also rank?

    I would appreciate any help, I am just getting into SEO.

    Thanks for the great blog btw.

      1. Thanks so much Brian. Can you just tell me this: So ranking my blog posts for similar types of keywords like Facebook and Instagram Marketing will help my homepage (social media agency) to rank? Because my homepage is actually my main focus.

  86. Hi Brian,

    I just spend close to 20 mins a day each morning on your blog just to update myself with the growth hacking techniques you published here.

    My one question for you, how much this will take of yours to write such a good source of content with good research? Do you have a team who writes for you? any PRO tips for the newbie in blogging to build an empire like yours?

  87. Once again great post Brian.

    Can you tell me how you would try to rank a new italian restaurant? Some kind of local SEO strategy I suppose?

    1. Thanks Michael. This type of content marketing doesn’t always make sense for a single-location business like that. Sometimes it does. But sometimes the business is better off focusing on Google reviews, Yelp etc.

  88. The biggest place that most businesses and companies go wrong, is where you discuss, “Publish Something Amazing”. Most “content creators” for these companies, create bland run of the mill, you’ve already heard 10 times content, that means nothing to those viewing it. This is why your brand is so successful, because where valuable content comes to play that will generate natural engagement, you come first. It’s not a strike of luck, it’s a strike of design.

    Keep being incredible, you rock!
    (When I work with different businesses I encourage them to develop this strategy, it’s surprising how little follow through!)

    1. Hi Jon, you’re 10000% right there. In many ways, the entire post could be: “Publish Something Amazing”. Because nothing really matters if you don’t nail that step.

  89. Hey Brian, is it ok to try to rank one page (home page) for 2 or more different keywords like “SEO agency” and “web design agency”? Or will that confuse Google

    1. Hi Allie, It depends on user intent. If it’s the same, then yes. But in that example, the user intent is really different so you’re better off with two different pages.

  90. Brian, pro tips man, pro tips, thanks for sharing this amazing content strategy, I will be getting back to this blog a couple of times to make sure everything goes alright for me while I apply these to my blog posts. I usually used Buzz Sumo and Google trends but here I got access to a bunch of other tools, Thanks a ton.

  91. Hi Brian, I think google image tag is very very usefull for finding keywords too. I used it for my pages and for my images which placed on my tshirt page. Results are good. Thank you for that and all other tips ,it helped me much.

  92. Thanks for this article Brian. You listed a few suggestions that I haven’t been using (taking advantage of high traffic pages) and I can’t wait to try them out.

  93. Hey Señor Backlinko!

    This is a masterpiece.
    I was going to ask how long it would take you to do something like this out of interest but with a quick ctrl+f I saw you had previously answered that question twice.

    Just thinking out loud here but we use a cool online tool for annotating design work ( Its great at putting relevant comments in the perfect places. To have a similar function on your post would be awesome, especially as it is super long.

    You’d still want to list them at the bottom too though.

  94. Hi Brian!

    Thanks again for a pretty awesome piece of content you did there! And coincidentally exactly what i need right now. I am working for months on the best piece of webpage you can find in german for the topic of AI, you can find it under

    What do you recommend to make it better?

    What i plan / work on as it is complete:
    1. Intro- und Outrovideo
    2. Mini “Podcast”- Episodes to every Part
    3. A Audiobook of the whole Page
    4. Specials and Gimmicks like interactive Sliders, Quizzes, Diagramms etc.
    5. Own Studies to the topic mostly based on the survey on the page
    6. A progressive Web-App Version (Maybe at the end of 2019)

    Anything else that you would recommend?

    Thank you so much!

    Have a very, very great day and best wishes from Germany


  95. Providing some serious value here Brian. As I am always blown away by the numbers, I keep in the back of my mind that you have (earned) a following which helps supercharge every post you make, you have to acknowledge.

    What would you do extra if you’d applied this technique if you didn’t have the Backlinko authority, as if you’d have to start over from scratch if that makes sense?

      1. This is a masterpiece.
        I was going to ask how long it would take you to do something like this out of interest but with a quick ctrl+f I saw you had previously answered that question twice.

  96. Brian, your content is amazing! I am so grateful for your insight. Question for you, I always want to save your content to Pinterest for me to review later and share with others. Every time I try to save or pin your content it doesn’t allow me to. I question, is there is a reason why or if it’s related to SEO?

  97. I don’t think demand is necessarily down for content.

    Looks like it says, “Externally hosted blogs using the Jetpack plugin.”

    I ‘ve had theme issues in the past when using the Jetpack plugin, so I tend to not use it anymore.

  98. Dear Brian Dean

    I am reading your whole content. Your content is Awesome, one of the best reads I did lately, already took your advice and started (three months ago) writing longer posts, focusing on content and LSI, even if I just started my own blog, but working with several clients as an SEO Consultant for the past 7yrs made me realize that content brings backlinks and leads to good conversions.

  99. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for another awesome article filled with lots of value and specific action steps. You are the best! Question: It says ‘Template included’ in the headline, but I don’t see any downloadable file or pdf. Is there an attached pdf I can access? Not sure what you mean by ‘template’.

  100. Dear Brian,

    First, thank you for the all the hard work you’re putting into producing so much valuable content. I am working as a content marketing manager and create content for our company’s blog. I think it’s better to shoot for popular keywords but my senior colleague insists that we write article for long-tail ones which get maximum 10-100 hits a month. Which strategy do you think is better?

    1. Hi Dan, both approaches have their pros and cons. I personally prefer going after popular keywords.

  101. This content strategy is on-point and amazing! You’ve nailed the complexity of content strategy in one simple guide.

    But I have one teeny, tiny complaint.

    “Where’s the editorial calendar explanation?” After all, that’s what a content strategy (or plan) really is — planning and organizing your content research.

    You’ve done the planning part quite well, but where’s the organization part? Are there any resources you’d recommend for us to read in the meantime?

    1. Thanks Hadey. I did gloss over that part. There’s a lot to it. In fact, I might write a post on editorial calendars soon.

  102. This is an SEO course, in a nutshell, Brian. Really love the idea of “real life examples” and I will start implementing that. Would you consider real-life testimonials as examples? Thank you and more power.

  103. Brian, fantastic stuff. Not only are you telling me exactly how to do it, you’re demonstrating it. Appreciate all the hours that must have gone into producing this excellent guide.

  104. I really like this post. I will be starting my new blog in the health niche. What do you use to create those high-quality images and custom designs to make your content more attractive? I also like your WordPress theme.

  105. Brian,
    Thanks for the awesome post!

    I have some queries.

    1)Which tool do you use for capturing screenshots and annotating them?
    2)Which wordpress theme do you use?
    3)What tool do you use for creating guides?


  106. I really appreciate the way you write blogs… I am working on one of my niche and I want to say you helped me alot. Now I follow you on Youtube and Twitter as well. Sometimes things are so complicated to understand but you make things easy to understand. I’ll start with one or two things first like link round-up’s and UX.

  107. Thank you yet again for great content. Building great content for websites are key today. Especially with branding becoming more and more important. In 2018 I thought branding didn’t really matter but with fake news and stuff trust is really becoming crusial.

    This will definitly help me carry on with content marketing – thanks ! 🙂

  108. Brian,

    Tell please, what kind of tool do you use for high-resolution screenshots and tell please how did you implement every time in your guides so cool custom design templates in the upper side of your guide – did you use special WordPress plugin for that or something else?


  109. Hi Brian, thanks for the article. Quick Q: when you’re starting out, is it better to choose a search term in your niche that has massive traffic (608 million results) and a number of “ultimate guides” published or a more niche term (65 million results)? In other words, shoot for a smaller piece of a bigger pie or vice versa? Thanks.

  110. Brian, thanks for the great content (as always 😉 ) I have a question. Why you didn’t mentioned Google Ads for promoting content. Is too expensive or there is some other reason?
    Thanks and keep doing good work

  111. Hey Brian,

    Another great post.

    I wondered what your thoughts on using the content template tools from tools such as SEMRush?

    It seems to have great metrics built in that update in realtime. As well as details such as what semantic keywords to included based on the initial keywords you use.

    Any thoughts?

  112. Hi Brian, great piece as usual.

    Here is what I plan to do:
    Publish a blog post, publish the same blog post on medium and Linkedin, create a video and upload it to YouTube, rip the audio upload it as a podcast, create a short version of it upload it on IG and FB messenger.

    I am just concerned about my content losing its effectiveness though, like wont I be creating duplicate content or something?

  113. Hey Brian,

    Another great post.

    I wondered what your thoughts on using the content template tools from tools such as SEMRush?

    It seems to have great metrics built in that update in realtime. As well as details such as what semantic keywords to included based on the initial keywords you use.

    Any thoughts?

  114. Brian,

    Your content has been helpful in growing my software business via SEO & content marketing strategies.

    Now, I have a format and process I use for content creation and with that, I would be able to scale much faster than my competitors.

    Thank you so much.

  115. A very informative post, Brian. I loved the roundup idea. Also, I agree that we should only hire writers that actually know about the topic. Some of the writers that I have hired just rewrite content from other sites as their own.

  116. Hi Brian,

    This post makes me think about my Content UX and Post Templates.

    Well, I may call my self BEGINNER to blog but every time I read your Posts it, makes me feel that I am an EXPERT blogger and I know everything.

    So, Thank you and…
    I also watched many of your YouTube videos as well and It was also a great source of Knowledge.

    But I love to see If you Publish more posts related to Post Templates.

    But, Thanks once again.

  117. Brain you magnificent b*******, this is absolute gold!

    Can’t thank you enough, this has helped to clarify things so much in my mind and most importantly inspired me to TAKE ACTION. Boom!

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