How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy In 2020

How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy

In this post you’re going to learn exactly how to create and implement an effective SEO strategy, step-by-step.

In fact, this approach has helped me grow my website to 197,696 organic visitors every month:

Backlinko – Monthly organic visitors

So if you’re looking to get higher Google rankings, this new guide is for you.

What Is an SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy (also referred to as “SEO approach” or “search engine optimization strategy”) is the process of planning, outlining and implementing steps designed to improve search engine rankings.

In other words: an SEO strategy is the process that you follow when you want to get more organic traffic.

With that, here are the steps to create an SEO strategy in 2020:

Step #1: Create a List of Keywords

Everything in search engine optimization revolves around keywords.

Which is why keyword research is usually the first step of any legit SEO strategy.

You can easily find keywords that your target customer searches for using Google Suggest.

Start typing a keyword into Google’s search field, and it will populate a list of suggestions:

Google search suggestions

These usually make awesome keywords for SEO because they come straight from Google.

So you know that people are actually searching for them.

Plus, longer keywords (known as “long tail keywords”) tend to be less competitive than “short tail” terms.

Long tail keywords

So even though long tails have relatively low search volume levels, you can usually rank for them faster.

I recommend typing a few different keywords into Google until you have a list of about 10 keywords.

If you want to check out the search volume and competition levels for those terms, you can use a keyword tool like SEMrush or Ubersuggest.

SEMrush and Ubersuggest

If you want to dive deeper into keyword research, you can check out this video.

Once you have 10 keywords jotted down, you’re ready for step #2 of this SEO strategy.

Step #2: Analyze Google’s First Page

OK, so you found a handful of keywords.

Now it’s time to see what’s already working for those keywords.

To do that, just type one of the keywords that you found into Google.

"Paleo desserts" – SERPs – Top

Scan the top 10 results:


And jot down any patterns that you notice.

For example, the SERPs for “SEO Tools” is PACKED with lists of tools:

SEO Tools – List post highlights

So if you wanted to cover that topic on your site, you’d want to note that the first page results are made up mostly of list posts.

And you’d probably want to publish a list post on your blog.

Then, move onto step #3…

Step #3: Create Something Different or Better

Now it’s time to create some super high-quality content.

When it comes to SEO content, you’ve got two options:

Option #1: You can create something different.

Option #2: You can create something better.


Sometimes you want to create something bigger and better than what’s out there.

(aka The Skyscraper Technique)

But sometimes you’re better off with content that’s completely different.


Because it helps your content STAND OUT.

For example:

A few months ago I sat down to write a piece of content optimized around: “Mobile SEO”.

And I noticed Google’s first page was littered with list posts, like: “X Ways to Mobile Optimize Your Site.”

Existing mobile SEO content


I could have created a bigger list post like: “150 Ways to Mobile Optimize Your Site”.

But that wouldn’t make any sense.

Instead, I created something totally different.

Specifically, I published an ultimate guide to mobile optimization.

Mobile SEO Guide – Post

And because my content stood out, it got a ton of shares:

Mobile SEO Guide – Shares


Mobile SEO Guide – Comments

And most important of all, backlinks:

Mobile SEO Guide – Backlinks


All you need to do here is publish content that’s 10x better than what’s out there.

For example:

A while back I noticed that most content about “SEO tools” only listed 10-20 tools.

And I knew that publishing another list of 20 tools wouldn’t work.

So I decided to create a list of 188 SEO tools.

SEO Tools post

That post now ranks in the top 3 for the keyword “SEO Tools”:

SEO Tools – Backlinko SERPs

Step #4: Add a Hook

If you want to improve your search engine rankings in 2020, you need to get backlinks.

In fact, according to a recent study by Stone Temple Consulting that was published on the Moz blog, links are still strongly correlated with first page Google rankings.

Quadratic mean spearman correlation

Which means they’re still a key Google ranking factor.

The question is: how do you do it

Well, you need to figure out why people link to specific pieces of content in your industry.

(“The Hook”)

Then, include that “Hook” in your content.

Last year I noticed more and more bloggers writing about voice search.

Bloggers writing about voice search

I noticed something else too:

When people wrote about voice search, they linked to content that featured stats and data:

Voice search writing linked to content featuring stats and data

So I decided to do a voice search study that was PACKED with stats:

"Voice Search SEO study" – Post

To date, this single post has racked up 848 backlinks:

Voice Search SEO study – Post backlinks

And 90%+ of these backlinks cite a specific stat from my post:

Backlinks cite specific stats from post

That said:

Data is just one type of “Hook” that you can use to build links to your content.

Another Hook that’s working well right now is Ultimate Guides.

When you publish an ultimate guide, your guide itself is The Hook.

I’ll explain with an example…

A few years back I published Link Building: The Definitive Guide.

Link Building Post

It was (and still is) the most complete guide to link building out there.

Here’s where things get interesting…

Every now and again a blogger will mention “link building” in a post.

But they don’t have room to cover the entire topic.

So they link to my guide as a way for their readers to learn more:

Bloggers link out to my guide

Very cool.

Step #5: Optimize For On-Page SEO

This step is all about keyword-optimizing your content for SEO.

There’s a lot more to on-page SEO than I could cover in a single post.

So if you want to learn more about optimizing your content for SEO, this video may help.

That said, here are three on-page SEO techniques that I recommend focusing on in 2020.

Internal Linking

Yup, internal linking still works.

But you have to do it right.

Specifically, you want to link FROM high-authority web pages TO pages that need authority.

High authority pages

(And use keyword-rich anchor text in your internal links)

For example, I published Google Search Console: The Definitive Guide earlier this year.

Google Search Console – Post

So I found a page on my site with a ton of authority…

Google Ranking Factors – Post

…and linked from that page to my new guide.

"Google Ranking Factors" post – Link to guide


Short, Keyword-Rich URLs

Our analysis of 1 million Google search results found something that surprised a lot of people:

When it comes to search engine optimization, short URLs crush long URLs.

Short URLs are better than longer URLs

That’s why I make my URLs either just my keyword…

SEO Checklist – URL

… Or my target keyword plus one more word:

Backlinks Guide – URL

Either way works.

Semantic SEO

Finally, I optimize my content for Semantic SEO.

In other words:

I find words that are related to my target keyword.

Then, I use those terms in my content.

Here are the deets:

First, pop your keyword into Google Images.

Enter keyword into Google Images

And Google will give you words and phrases they consider closely-related to that topic:

Google Images – Related terms

Second, type the same keyword into normal Google search. And scroll down to the “Searches related to…” section.

Searches related to "SEO audit"

Finally, sprinkle some of those terms into your content:

And you’re set.

Step #6: Optimize For Search Intent

In other words: The Skyscraper Technique 2.0.

I’ll show you how this works with a quick example.

A few years ago I wrote a post about getting more traffic to your site.

Increase Website Traffic post – Older

It did OK.

But it never cracked the top 5 for my target keyword (“increase website traffic”).

And when I analyzed Google’s first page, I realized why:

My page didn’t satisfy search intent for that keyword.

I’ll explain…

Most of the content ranking for “increase website traffic” listed bite-sized traffic tips.

"Increase Website Traffic" – Existing content

But my post gave them a high-level process.

Backlinko – Increase website traffic post – High-level process

This wasn’t the user experience search engine visitors wanted. So I rewrote my content to match this keyword’s Search Intent.

Specifically, I turned my process into a list post:

Increase Website traffic is now a list post

And now that my content matches Search Intent, it ranks in the top 3 for my target keyword:

"increase website traffic" SERPs

Which led to a 70.43% boost in search engine traffic compared to the old version of the post:

Increase Website Traffic – Organic traffic boost

That said:

You can (and should) publish content with Search Intent in mind right out of the gate.

In fact, that’s what I did with my recent post: The Ultimate SEO Audit.

SEO Site Audit – Post

I saw that most of the content ranking for “SEO Audit” listed out non-technical steps.

SEO Audit – Existing content – Non-technical steps

So I included simple strategies that anyone could use:

SEO Audit – Strategy examples

I even emphasized the fact that my audit was non-technical.

SEO Site Audit – Non-technical emphasis

(This hooks people so they don’t bounce back to the search results)

And this Search Intent optimization (and my site’s Domain Authority) helped my post crack the first page of Google within a month.

"SEO Audit" – SERPs

Step #7: Make Your Content Look Awesome

Design might be the most underrated part of content marketing.

You can have the best content ever written.

But if it looks like this…

Bad website

…it’s not gonna work.

That’s why I invest a ton of time and money into content design.

For example, you’ve probably seen one of my definitive guides:

Google RankBrain SEO – Post

These guides are designed and coded 100% from scratch using WordPress.

(Which makes them super expensive to make)

That said:

Great content design doesn’t have to break the bank.

In fact, here are 4 types of visual content that are super easy to pull off.

Graphs and Charts

These work so well that I try to include at least one chart in every post.

Include at least one chart in every post


Because they make hard data easy to understand.

For example, take this stat from my mobile SEO guide.

Stat as text

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time picturing 27.8 billion anything.

So I had our designer create a nice chart.

Stat as graphic

As a bonus, people will sometimes use your chart in a blog post… and link back to you:

Graphic used by site with link

Screenshots and Pictures

You might have noticed that I use LOTS of screenshots in every post.

In fact, this single post has 78 screenshots:

SEO Checklist post – Screenshots

To be clear:

I don’t use screenshots just for the sake of using screenshots.

I only use them if it helps someone implement a specific step.

For example, these screenshots make the 2 steps from this guide dead-simple to follow:

Easy to follow steps using screenshots

That said:

Screenshots only make sense when you describe something technical.

What if you’re in a non-technical niche… like fitness?

Well, pictures serve the same purpose.

For example, my friend Steve Kamb at Nerd Fitness uses pictures to show you how to do exercises the right way:

Picture used to demonstrate an exercise

Blog Post Banners

Unlike graphs and screenshots, blog post banners serve no practical purpose.

They just look cool 🙂

Depending on the post, I either use a right-aligned 220×200 image…

Square post image example

…or a giant banner at the top of the post:

Banner post image example

Graphics and Visualizations

Graphics and visualizations are kind of like charts.

But instead of visualizing data, they visualize concepts.

To be clear:

These DON’T have to be fancy.

For example, in this post I explain how all 4 versions of your site should redirect to the same URL:

Visualization redirect example

This isn’t rocket science.

But it’s hard to picture this idea in your mind.

So our designer made a simple visual that makes this concept easy to understand.

Redirect visualization

Now it’s time to actively build links to your content.

Specifically, we’re going to tap into 3 link building strategies that are working GREAT right now.

Broken Link Building

Here’s where you find a broken link on someone’s site…

…and offer your content as a replacement.

For example, this is an outreach email that I sent to a blogger in the marketing niche:

Outreach email to blogger

(Note how specific I am. I don’t say “Please consider linking to me in a blog post”. I have a specific place on a specific page where my link makes sense)

And because I helped the person out BEFORE asking for anything, they were happy to add my link:

Blogger – Happy to add Brian's link

Competitor Analysis

This strategy is old school.

But it still works.

First, find a site that’s ranking for a keyword you want to rank for.

For example, I’m trying to rank for the keyword “SEO Audit”.

So I grab this result from the first page…

SEO Audit SERPs with Ahrefs highlight

…and look at their backlinks.

Ahrefs – Page backlinks

I can see that this page has links from 160 domains:

Ahrefs page – Referring domains

So I should be able to get at least a handful of the same links they have.

To do that, I go one-by-one through their backlinks.

Go through backlinks – Ahrefs

And find pages where my link would add value.

For example, this post mentions the Ahrefs content by name:

Post mentioning Ahrefs' content by name

There’s no reason to link to my post there. So I moved onto the next opportunity on the list.

And I came across this post:

Good candidate post

This time, the link to Ahrefs is part of a big list of resources.

Link to Ahrefs – Part of a resource list

A list that would be even BETTER and more complete with a link to my SEO audit post.

Evangelist Method

This strategy is less about links… and more about getting your content in front of the right people.

(Specifically: people that run blogs in your niche)

I’ll explain how this strategy works with an example…

A while back I wanted to promote a new Skyscraper Technique case study.

So I used BuzzSumo to see who recently shared content about The Skyscraper Technique.

BuzzSumo – Recent Skyscraper Technique shares

And emailed everyone a variation of this template:

Outreach template

And when they replied “sure, I’ll check it out”, I sent them a link to the post:

Outreach template reply

(Note how I DON’T ask for a share. This is a Judo move that makes your outreach stand out)

Which led to dozens of shares to my brand post:

Resultant shares of template use

Step #9: Improve and Update Your Content

This is working amazingly well right now.

You might have read about the time that I used The Content Relaunch to boost my organic traffic by 260.7%:

Content relaunch post

And I’m happy to tell you that this approach still works.

For example, last year I relaunched this list of SEO techniques.

SEO Techniques – Post

But I didn’t just re-post the same content and call it “new”.

Instead, I went through and removed old screenshots and images:

Removed screenshots

Added new strategies:

Added new strategies

And deleted strategies that didn’t work anymore:

Deleted old strategies

The result?

An 62.60% organic traffic boost to that page:

Organic traffic increase result

Now I’d Like To Hear From You

There you have it:

My 9-step SEO strategy for 2020.

Now I’d like to hear from you…

Which strategy from today’s post are you ready to try first?

Are you going to update and relaunch older content?

Or maybe you want to try Broken Link Building.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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  47. Great article Brian, I an making a real go of it in quite a busy and tough niche (Blogging Tips and Affiliate Marketing) really attempting to do just really detailed posts (10k+ once a week) targeting different keywords for each post (obviously! duh!)

    couple of questions…

    1) How long before I see traction in new site?
    2) My content for many posts are quite similar showing how to build sites in different niches but telling the same techniques, methods on gaining traffic and social media presence…could this, similar LSI keywords penalise my SEO efforts?

    1. Thanks Derek. 1. That’s really hard to answer. It depends on the keywords you pick, how much outreach you do etc. etc. 2. I’d definitely try to make each piece of content 100% unique and cover different topics.

  48. Awesome! I’m practising every single strategy on Backlinko, and it works… really well. My site generate 100,000 to 1,000,000 visitors per month.

    But I just focus on my local country, much easier to rank 🙂

    As long I can make some money.

  49. Thank you for sharing this effective SEO strategy, Brian. I like your putting a lot of images and useful information in the article. It makes it much easier for a foreigner to understand your articles! Please keep publishing such an awesome content. I would love to share it in my country 🙂

  50. Really nice post! It takes me actually an hour to read (English as my second language) but well worth the time to read and understand. 🙂
    Thanks, Brian! Keep up the great work!

  51. Good stuff Brian! One thing I like to do for Step #9 is use Search Console as a guide to improving my content. If I write an article about “green widgets” but Search Console says it’s getting a lot of impressions and clicks for “blue-green widgets” then I’ll try to use that info to make my article more relevant and useful for those readers. That alone is a great way to continually update your content to reflect your “momentum” in Google. Thanks for the updated guide!

  52. As usual that is a really helpful and extensive SEO tactics article!
    I am working in Travel and all your tests, indications and tips helps me a lot getting more organic traffic.
    I Increased my traffic on the website significantly by reading you and trying to apply some practices.
    Thanks for that Brian!
    Idea: why not a complete guide especially for commercial product pages?

    1. You’re welcome Trystan. I’m glad to hear that your traffic is improving. And thanks for the content suggestion!

  53. Hi Brian,

    your tips are great. I am going to use competitor backlink and post-relaunch technique for my sites.

  54. So long and in depth. You definitely go that extra mile for helping the community. I couldn’t help but notice how much time u have invested to put this amazing post. Keep it up.
    Brian, Im a blogger who is blogging in health and fitness niche. After reading your post, im wondering how can i use the hook technique in my niche.

    1. Good question, Mannu. I’m not in your niche so I’m not 100% sure. Your best bet is to see what people in your space already link to.

  55. Just noticed your blog today, SEO I really need it, I want to try the method you said. My website is new and there is no traffic for the time being. Thank you

    1. You’re welcome. Your best bet is to look at the SERPs and see how much stuff is crowding out the organic results.

  56. wow that’s a very detailed post but have one question regarding redirecting, as you mentioned in your post that all four URLs should redirect to but what I’m doing is


    All these versions are redirecting to
    www instead as you mentioned.

    Am I doing something wrong? Should I redirect as you mentioned?

    Looking forward… thank you.

  57. Hello Brian,
    As I am beginner, I would like to confirmation from you about what SEO strategy will work at this stage. As I know, it takes time and patience to build an authoritive domain. What should be the strategy (listed above) apply to get atleast some good amount of traffic.

    Thank You!

  58. Hello Brian,
    Amaaaaazing post as usual !

    I just have one question about Short URLs.
    I already knew that short URLs are better, but is it more important than the structure of your site?
    For example, you could have created categories for your blog :

    -Case Studies

    Is it only because it would have resulted in longer URLs that you did not do it ?


    1. Good question. There’s nothing wrong with adding categories to your URLs. Like you said, they do make your URLs longer, which I generally don’t like.

  59. Hi Brain Dean,
    I like most of way to improve Organic Search traffic and
    My first step will be to Improve and Update existing Content(Blog Post).

    But I have few questions like
    1. All of the above tips/ Ideas can work for Blogging website but how we can implement them on service pages?
    2. For Internet linking as you, we need to give the link from high authority page to new pages. Generally, we are adding the link of our old blog post in new blog same way you did in this blog post. Will it ok or we need to make some changes?

    1. 1. This is definitely content-focused. Some of the tips apply to services pages though (like the on-page SEO stuff). 2. I’m not sure exactly what you mean.

  60. Hi Brian,

    You are always amazing with work. I don’t understand how does your mind think so different which gives awesome output.

    These 9-Step SEO Strategy for 2019 are really amazing infact this post for SEO Strategy for 2019 is something unique to learn for SEO 2019

  61. I’m restarting our startup’s content and SEO strategy and I am so lost. However, on an insanely brighter note, I’m soooo glad to receive this article in my inbox. I’m excited to put your strategy to work. Thank you, Brian!

  62. Hello Brian,
    As your every post gives us insights on the subject… I have one question how to develop the go-to mindset for the SEO strategy? any long term habit which gives you best result in long term.

  63. Good day Mr. Brian. I am blessed reading this post. Have a question for you.

    When you want to write a list article e.g 71 ways to grow old.
    Do you include 71 as a keyword?

  64. Thank you Brian for another great post. I intend to start putting more effort into styling my content. I’ve mostly been using pics from ShutterStock but I agree with you that good design is worth the time, effort and cost. I’m also going to refresh our content and client content we produced for some quick wins. Keep up the great work.

    1. You’re welcome, Brian. Good call. It takes more effort to custom design everything. But in my experience, it’s totally worth it.

  65. Thanks for sharing such quality content online. I really loved the way you have written this blog post. SEO is the most important factor if you want to increase your online network. SEO, not just only helps in getting more organic traffic via search engines but also builds a good brand authority online. I have learned a few new tips which I think can help me out improving my blog’s SEO score. Looking forward to more quality content in the future… 🙂

  66. Another killer post Brian, well done. I just like how you make it so easy with all the images and examples even for beginners and people who just start with SEO! Thanks for all your work.

  67. Hey Brian,

    I recently come across a case study where a newly found business was able to climb up high in search results without building links. Their strategy was to create a buzz for their main business term across social media platforms and they made people talk about it as well as visit their respective pages. In 2019, Do we have to look at various means through which we can improve our rankings without building links? What are your thoughts? I am sure Rank Brain also listen to what people talk about a brand or business than just identifying it through backlinks.

    We have seen in 2018 some personalities ranking for certain terms, only because of what people were talking about points at it.

    1. Hey Saheen, I’ve seen pages rank for non-competitive keywords without links. But if you look at any sort of competitive keywords, all the top pages have links.

  68. Thanks for the ideas – I’m laboriously working my way through them all. Quick question about design. Where would an SMB owner like me get someone who can do the whole thing, once the content was written? Or would it really have to be – graphic designer – web developer with me in the middle?

    1. They Geoff, it would probably be you in the middle at least at first. Then, you might be able to find a project manager to go between writers, designer and developers.

  69. I’m making a content push commitment this year on a new blog and love researching. I’ll be using ahrefs and buzzsumo to spy on my competitors! Thank you!

  70. That’s what we were looking for our new site. Brian, I have to say about content optimization for old posts. We did experiment with 2-3 pages in site and it worked well. thanks to you.

    1. Glad to hear that, Kay. I’ve noticed the same thing: updating and improving old posts is working really well right now.

  71. Hey Brian as usual simply the best SEO strategy clearly set out in a skyscraper post, I have seen you grow and followed you for years because you are simply the best that I have seen, not BS and you are right about hooks and rich content and lots of it. brilliant stuff Brian – awesome!

  72. Another excellent article Brian, all the tips that you have written are great and actionable, I liked the most the first tip about finding “the opportunity keyword” because that’s the start of a great SEO campaign.

    Anyway, thank you again for all of your work.

  73. Hi brian,
    It is great stuff, this post is my most favourite blog post of your blog Backlinko.
    I want to know that, what steps I need to follow to be a master of keyword research. Please tell me about this.

  74. Hey Brian,

    Another excellent article! I’m particularly excited to start leveraging some of your ideas around case studies at my own company. Thanks for putting in all the hard work. 🙂

  75. Thanks, Brian you did a great job. You explained these tips in a very simple way anyone can learn quickly. This is my first comment on your blog, and I am super excited to follow these tips for my own site. Well done

  76. Hi, Brian.

    I learn a lot from you – blog and youtube. Cool SEO stuffs

    I have a question. How to apply the 9 SEO Strategies to a new homepage – not a blog post? Or do you have a reference of your articles? Please send me the link.

    Also, I want to target keywords on my local language – bahasa Indonesia. Is SEO tools like aherfs or other tools applicable for the local language – not english? Or do you have suggestion?

    Really appreaciate to get some insights from you.

    ++ How do I know if you reply my comment? Sorry, because you got a huge comments and I had difficulty to look for my comment.

    1. Hi Clement, most of these strategies don’t apply to a homepage. Unless your homepage is a valuable piece of content. Re: tools, it depends on each tool.

  77. Brian. You are the best.
    What SEO Strategy would you recommend for a fresh website?
    I have no problem ranking with high DA domain. But a new site is a whole other game.
    Maybe you have some pro tips on it. Or you could create a killer content explaining in details 😉
    Thanks in advance.

  78. So this is great for lots of content. Would love to get your thoughts someday on ecommerce, specifically product pages and category pages.

  79. Brian,

    I see all your post has all comments listed to them.

    1. Loading all comments(which is consider conent of the page I guess) will help or hurt SEO?

    2. Loading comment will slow down page, get from source(db) and then page size. Does this hurt SEO? Your post are very very long with hundreds of comment which load your page slowly but does not seems to hurt your SEO.

    1. Yes, comments definitely slow down page loading. So it’s a balance of what’s more important. My priority is to make it easy for people in the Backlinko community to comment and give their take… even if that slows down the page a little.

  80. Thanks, Brian! Your blog is one of the few websites I direct enter URL in the address bar to swallow your excellent content every week. Your content helps me rank top #1 some of my niche site in just 2 months.

  81. Hi Brian,

    Excellent reading as always. Question on the comments and being selective. As a webmaster then do you delete comments that come in of that sort such as ‘interesting’ ; ‘great flower store’ or rubbish of that sort? These are the ones that aren’t spam but almost.

    1. Hi Yash, I usually only trash those. Most of the time people that say “great post” mean it. So it’s not fair to hit “spam” and get them banned from commenting on other sites.

  82. Hi Brian,
    Great strategies as always! Can you help me to get my head around the difference between posting an article which is different to stand out (Step 3) and an article which is the same to meet user intent (Step 6). How can I do both at the same time?

    1. Hi Caron, thanks! Great question. It’s honestly not easy to do. But it’s doable with enough research. For example, take my SEO tools post: Because I reviewed 150+ tools, it stands out. And because it has a filter for people to find the tools that are a good fit for them, it meets user intent. Hope that helps.

  83. Hello sir!

    I am Suman and I have my own Metro taxi business, I build my website and did seo, I read your sharing and apply to my metro taxi business website! In just 1 month I got my keywords on 2nd page without buying any backlink this is all because of backlinko!
    I just love your Blog Thanks for the sharing and please always share latest things and updates for local business owners!


  84. Thanks Brian, great content as always. Am going to try and implement all of the above! Moving our ecommerce site to shopify from woocommerce and looking at content and seo again from scratch.

  85. Thank you so much Brian, I have learned a lot from you.
    My favorite: update the old content (while you add internal links), the broken links techniques, use graphic and pictures

  86. If I could publish a detailed post like this one, I’ll go for presidency, with a thousand point agenda memo 🙂 Thanks Brian, bookmarked!

  87. Its very hard for a do-it-yourself kind of guy to learn all aspects of SEO. But i do find your website to be filled with helpful information. We all know a good seo guy will run $500 a month and a small towing business has enough overhead. So i like to come a read about methods to self improve my seo.
    I appreciate your information. Your website rocks!

  88. You always go so in depth and precise, and that’s why your content ranks and why people love it so much! Keep being awesome brother, look forward to more and new things coming from you. Launch this year forward!

  89. Hi Brian, this content is really really great, as usual. But could u tell me how the method you do the brainstorm before making a writing frame, and start writing ? Your article is comfortable to read even though it’s very long. It’s so amazing for me.

  90. Hi Brian,
    Please let us be fair, how long does it take for a great post like this one to complete

    I had a post that took me 20 hours because of the images and editing (sorting sections to the best of my knowledge) and I am completely very reluctant to do it again

    I know to rank good you have to write an epic post but it is very hard for one man show how is raising up 2 little boys

  91. Amazing content as always. Brian I noticed this post was just easier and smoother to read. Or maybe it was my passion to go through all.

    Thanks so much for sharing all this great info!

  92. brian, I hear now that Google is more in the commercial direction, while most of the visitors, in my opinion, are looking for reviews of a product (not directly buying) – will the review site be far behind?

    because some of my competitors now like online stores are jumping like GHOST to the first position, even if they look at ahrefs they have 0 backlinks?

  93. Great and impressive article! Sounds good, but looks good for blogs where you are giving usefull information to readers, like strategies, advices etc. But unfortunately I can now hardly imagine how I will apply it in the gambling industry, where people are just looking for bonuses, but not for useful content. But I will try, will try to improve firstly user intent.

  94. Brian Dean I honestly admire the effort you put into all your blog post and how educative they are because am usually stuck at max 1500 words blog article when writing, but seeing the effort you put in its encouraging.

    Well, of all the 9 strategies you discussed on, I would try “Email Blogger Outreach” especially with your kind of format if that’s ok by you?

  95. Hi Brian – what a great article. I especially like how every one of your posts gives me 3-5 other posts that will also help my sites do better. This guide is going to be super helpful for my existing sites, especially on my YMYL sites that took a bit of a dip in late 2018 and need anything to help recover from the drop.

    Any advice/posts you would recommend on how to accelerate brand new websites and urls with no age?

  96. Hey Brian, Great info indeed.
    Umm, could you please tell me which tool you use to snip out screenshots?. They are high quality ones.

    1. Hi!

      A very easy tool to snip out screenshots is the Snipping Tool, and every Windows computer has it.

      Simply click on the Start button, search for snipping tool, and when you’re on the page or object that you want, click New, then drag, and there you have it.

      All that’s left for you is to save it and use it as you see fit.

  97. That’s great Brian

    I too personally believe that creating something different or new type of content increases the chance of getting natural links.

    Brian, I have a question and I want your point of view about it

    My question is: How the anchor text of Internal links play role in ranking an article to the top position in Google?


  98. Hi Brian,
    I agree updating the post helps it move up on Google.
    However, the tip I struggle with is making my post better.
    For example, I posted a list of 137 free blogging tools last year.
    It briefly ranked badly in the SERPs and now doesn’t rank at all.
    I am confused. I go to the lengths of making something 10X better not to see results. Can you please explain so I can make sure my efforts produce better results next time? Thanks!

  99. Really informative post Brian. I am a great fan of your skyscraper technique.That simple strategy could really produce amazing results.I am quite surprised by the social share counts that each of your article receives.Are you practicing any specific technique for a wider social media recognition?

    1. Thanks Joe. It’s all about creating shareable stuff and getting it in front of people. Social sharing buttons help too 🙂

  100. Hi Brian. Another great post. First one of your’s I’m reading this year, been a hectic start. But this is something I’m happy I got my hands on early.

    Passing this on to the team, always love how you break it down to practical steps man! Thanks so much.

    Wish I could get something like this every day from you! 🙂

    All the best for the year ahead!

    Looking forward to what you have to say this year, especially now that SEO is moving into a super interesting phase.

  101. Thanks for a great article Brian!

    I just started a new project/website after selling my old business last year.

    This time around I would like to get everything right from the start, as i’ve learnt a lot from my last venture.

    One thing I have a hard time deciding on is folder/silo structure and internal linking structure.

    I used to have a flat architecture, ( name) this time I’m going for silos. This means many important pages will be “further away” from the index page.

    What do you prefer, flat or silo? I know you have a flat architecture on backlinko, but if you started today, would you do it the same way?

    Also, some people argue only(as much as possible at least) to internal link between pages within the same folder structure. If you need to link to a page in another folder, link to the parent of that folder instead.

    (This is apparently to keep the integrity of the folders)

    I’ve never done it that way myself, do you have any thoughts on it?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Maria, You’re welcome 🙂 I still prefer flat architecture. But honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal either way.

      1. Thanks for the great info! First I’ll shorten my URL’s then make sure my keywords are still good by using step 1. This will be great for my niche site

  102. Once again – awesome read. I’ve been implementing and re-teaching several of your tactics to our members.

    Between you and Neil, there isn’t really anyone else I recommend for SEO or online marketing.

    Keep up the awesome work Brian.

  103. Great your technique always work for me, I’m glad to let you know I use your technique and my traffic goes 440-1.23k
    Thank’s Brian
    😊love from India.

  104. Thanks so much for sharing Brian. We’ve been religiously applying these methods into our client’s projects and have found great success!

  105. This is a very well thought out article, thank you Brian! Very easy to read as well, which I find is invaluable when you’re trying to learn new skills/tricks.

    I’ve just taken the SEO role at my agency full time and, whilst it can be difficult at times, I am liking the challenge. I wonder if you had any suggestions when it came to finding “opportunity keywords” for term/subjects that don’t necessarily have massive search volumes associated to them? I use a few tools and utilise Google’s related terms already, but wondered if there were any tricks for finding new markets?

  106. Hi Brian,

    Great post! Love all of your content. One question, with what kind of tool do you make the screenshots? If we make Them, the quality realy is so awefull.

  107. Hi Brian,

    A friend recommended your blog. Its great, wow, i learnt a lot in just a single day from reading all the posts.

    I am going to launch a travel blog and I am interested to know if you think its a significant detriment to launch it on a WordPress site built with a visual builder? Apparently it affects the SEO due to”shortcodes”.

    The main advantage is obviously its much easier for me to construct but i would rather pay for a developer if its going to start me off on the wrong foot!



    1. Iaian, thank you. It’s hard to say without knowing more details. That said, I agree that paying a developer is worthwhile for the new site.

  108. Hi Brian Dean,

    Always use to read your blog. Yes, your strategies are right if I have a blog. But I have a service based website then how could I apply the same SEO Strategies?

  109. Very in-depth information, Brian. I love the part about updating old content, I still find old articles in search results, sometimes 3+ years ago that are clearly out of date when it comes to marketing topics. I usually skip those results, and wonder how that content is still ranking, but it would be great if everyone updated that content. This entire post is full of useful tips, as usual. I am bookmarking now, and sharing-

  110. Thank You for a Fantastic Post Brian!

    I only started a brand new project/website following selling my previous company this past year.

    This time around I’d love to get everything straight from the beginning, like I’ve learnt a great deal from my past venture.

    1 thing that I have a tough time choosing is folder/silo construction and internal linking structure.

    I used to get a level structure, ( title ) this time I am opting to get silos. This implies many crucial pages will probably be”farther away” in the catalog page.

    What should you prefer, apartment or silo? I understand you get a level structure on backlinko, however should you started now, do you do it the exact same way?

    Additionally, some folks claim only(as far as you can ) to inner connection between pages inside precisely the exact same folder structure. Should you have to link to some page in a different folder, then link into the parent of the folder instead.

  111. Hi Brian,

    Love your stuff! I’m getting ready to launch my first “Ultimate Guide” based on all your help 😀 I’m excited (and a little nervous)!

    When launching a new piece of SEO-optimized content, do you recommend launching it as a “page” or a “post” (I’m using WordPress).

    Also, does if Google Analytics is already set up on the site, will the new page/post be automatically tracked? Or do I have to do anything special to make sure it’s properly tracked?

    Thanks for all your help!

  112. Brian, thanks for the great detail in your posts like always. What would be your advice on branded anchor text for backlinks? Should this be the #1 anchor text target? Or is the naked URL the #1 concern? Thanks!

  113. I read to the end of the post and just wanted to see if I made it in that 90%…Ha JK! I currently have a few browser tabs open with your posts to help me put together content that needs a lot of work. I’m confident in the results I will get because of how well you lay out all the information. My SEO Mount Rushmore has your head on it for sure!

  114. Awesome post Brian. I recently found your website / channel and have been implementing some of your tactics to find great results! I appreciate how in-depth you go with your topics. Keep it up!

  115. I can’t believe he did all those things alone. This knowledge is really useful, and to be honest, these techniques do not require too much experience or skill. The beginners can absolutely do that.
    Very in-depth information, Brian. I love the part about updating old content, I still find old articles in search results, sometimes 3+ years ago that are clearly out of date when it comes to marketing topics. I usually skip those results, and wonder how that content is still ranking, but it would be great if everyone updated that content.

  116. Definitely going to give broken link building a try! I have had reasonable success with guest posting, now its time to kick my link building into high gear! Great stuff as always Brian.

    Thank You

  117. Thanks Brian for sharing such awesome SEO strategies. Where my sites are today is only because of your youtube videos and killer content. Love your work.
    Best Regards,

  118. Thank you for always dropping so much value in your blogs! It’s insane how much you give away Brian. I really appreciate it and I’m sure thousands of others do as well.

  119. Hey Brian,

    It’s just stunning how a proper out of the box thinking and consistency can bring you to the top. You are an inspiration.
    I really love the steps you provide and the info is very practical and easy to follow.
    Now, I have work to do! 🙂 Keep up the pace!

  120. Great content

    But I need to understand something.

    When you write an in-depth article, that you know has more quality than most of your competitors, but still, your competitors are still outranking you, what will you do

    I it because they have a higher domain authority than you?

  121. Once again you’ve shared some great strategies. Optimising for user intent is so important yet so many people overlook it!

    Keep up the great content.

  122. Thanks Brian.
    I really like the part about the opportunity keywords, with so many search results getting clogged up with Google items, it is a great mentality to have when looking for good keywords.

    Thanks and I look forward to reading your other articles.

  123. Thanks a lot for an effective tips. I got dozen of quality links from big sites like forbes, and other as well with your guestographic technique.

    If you’r interested i can write my success story and u can publish as a case study.

  124. Great article Brian, Love it! I do agree with you that search intent is one of the most important things for SEO these days. Without serving what users really want, you are never going to do well in SEO.

    However, one question here, when you said you couldn’t get to the top 5 of the ranking for that particular article, and when you changed it to list type article and got the result, what is the reason it climbed up the ranking? Is it an increase in CTR by the users or it’s because of Google’s algorithm?

    1. Thanks Jackie. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s probably a combination of traditional on-page SEO stuff and user experience signals.

  125. Brian Dean! I noticed you tried to respond to every message. Hope you will also notice my message as well.
    I am working on an evergreen niche! The baby names and their meanings.
    How I can adapt the above strategy? I should also create a blog alongside my portal?

  126. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the great article. I’ve started podcasting and would love to know your thoughts on that. Are the strategies the same when using seo to drive traffic and views to a podcast? Also, have you considered doing one yourself in addition to your blog???

  127. This was a great 9 Steps article. Do you have a team to help you follow those steps at once or you just do this work by yourself for each blog post, for each strategy? Cause for one marketer, there are some of the time-consuming issues to follow all of the,. So, how do you manage to do all this? or how many time I need to make all of them?

  128. I think the strategy of creating content that is better still remains the mantra going in to 2020. I really like what you said about better not meaning bigger – e.g. 150 ways to x rather than 15 ways to x. Quality content that is different (but it in a good way) is what should get the recognition and even newish sites can have early success with this method. Thanks for interesting read Brian and I’d love to see a 2020 update (I’m sure you’re working on it!)

  129. Thank you, Brian, for this article. it will help me really to decide what strategy we should use for my local seo. Recently we have just started working on our new seo strategy for new content stuff specially for voice-based search in 2020. I really appreciate it for this and it helped us to build a new technique for link buildings.

  130. A great compendium of advice and tactics for ongoing SEO. Brian, you hooked me when you talked about the opportunity keyword, and explained the value of how far down the page certain SERPs will push your top-ranking down the page. What’s the point of being at the top if, in actuality, you really aren’t?

    Keep up the good work.

  131. Brian, it’s always a pleasure reading over your content. It’s been a struggle getting quality do-follow back links to my site, without paying for them or engaging in anything black hat, but I know they will come as long as I follow your guides!

  132. Hello Brian!

    First of all thank you for creating such a stunning piece of content.

    I am a site owner and always struggle with SEO. Actually my 4 previous sites have failed due to lack of proper research and SEO. And I was never able to rank even a single post but thanks to your strategies that I am on track now.

    I just started a new site and did proper keyword research as you mentioned in your “Guide to Keyword Research” and guess what? I am seeing some rankings for the first time. Lots of love man.

    Hope you keep sharing such exclusive techniques with us. Thank you once again.

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