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Effective SEO starts with the right keywords. Whether you’re crafting content, optimizing your website, or planning your next PPC campaign, finding the right keywords is essential for driving traffic and reaching your target audience.

That’s where a keyword generator comes in. With this tool, you can instantly generate hundreds or thousands of relevant keyword ideas.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the tool can do for

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Over 1.3K relevant keywords. With a total volume above 15K searches per month. That’s some real traffic potential.

What Can You Do with the Keyword Generator Tool?

With this free keyword generator tool, you can:

Generate Thousands of Keyword Ideas Based on a Single Seed Keyword

Access a database of more than 25 billion keywords to find relevant ones based on your seed keyword.

Keyword Magic Tool – Digital marketing

Get real keyword ideas based on terms real people are searching for every month.

Analyze Useful Metrics Like Volume, Difficulty, and Intent

Analyze useful data to understand which keywords you should prioritize for your website. Understand monthly search volume, the intent behind the search query, how hard it will be to rank for that keyword, and more.

Digital marketing – Keyword data

You can even see which SERP features rank for each keyword. To help you easily find featured snippet opportunities.

Filter Results by the Types of Keywords You Need

Only want to see long-tail question keywords? Or just keywords that closely match your seed term? Filter for these specific cases to save time during your keyword research.

Keyword Magic Tool – Filter keywords

Plan Effective PPC Campaigns with Low-Competition Keywords

This keyword generator isn’t just great for organic scmearch. You can also plan your ad campaigns by filtering for low-competition and low-CPC keywords. Helping you get the most out of your campaign’s budget.

Keyword Magic Tool – KD & CPC filters

Save Keywords to Custom Lists to Keep Campaigns Organized

Save target keywords to custom lists to make it easier to find them in future. To help you organize even the most complex of SEO campaigns.

Keyword Magic Tool – Keyword list

How to Use This Tool Effectively

  1. Enter a seed keyword: Start with a broad term related to your industry or niche. Get 10 free searches per day—with each search potentially yielding thousands of keyword ideas!
  2. Analyze keyword metrics: Focus on keywords that offer a balance of high search volume and manageable competition. To maximize your keyword strategy.
  3. Group your keywords logically: Organize your keywords into thematic groups to streamline your content creation and SEO efforts.
  4. Integrate them into your strategy: Use the selected keywords to optimize your website, create targeted content, and plan PPC campaigns.

Case Study: Backlinko’s Keyword Strategy

Let’s see how Backlinko leverages the Keyword Magic Tool to enhance its SEO and content strategy.

Seed Keyword: “SEO Tips“:

  • Keyword Ideas Generated: 2.7K (Broad Match)
  • Total Volume: 19,500
  • Average Keyword Difficulty: 57%
Keyword Magic Tool – SEO tips

There are several great ideas for articles after just one search. Covering top platforms, like Etsy, Shopify, and YouTube. Along with audience specific ideas, like “SEO tips for small businesses” and “ecommerce SEO tips.”

And with key metrics front and center, like volume, keyword difficulty, and search intent, it’s easy to identify and prioritize the keywords with the highest potential.

Start generating thousands of keyword ideas for your own website today with the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool.