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Check Your Competitors' Website Traffic

Knowing how much traffic your competitors get, where it comes from, and how engaged their visitors are can help you benchmark your performance. And identify new opportunities to improve your strategy.

With this free website traffic checker from Semrush, you can instantly access these key metrics for any website.

Here’s a glimpse at what the tool shows for

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What Else Can This Traffic Checker Show You?

Monthly Visits for Any Website

See how much traffic your competitors receive, their performance over time, and even the split between desktop and mobile traffic.

Traffic share by device

Engagement Metrics Like Pages per Visit and Average Visit Duration

Find out whether the visitors your competitors receive are actually engaging with their content. Compare this data with your own metrics to see where you need to improve.

Traffic and visitor engagement

Organic vs. Paid Traffic

Learn how your competitors split their strategy across organic (free) and paid traffic.

Organic and paid traffic

Top Organic Keywords

See which search terms drive the most traffic to your competitors. To find gaps in your own keyword strategy.

Top organic keywords

Website Traffic Journey

Learn where a website’s visitors come from—and where they go once they leave.

Website traffic journey

Backlinks and Referring Domains

See how your backlink profile stacks up against competitors. And understand whether you might need to scale your outreach efforts.

Backlinks and referring domains

How to Get the Most Out of This Tool

  • Identify your top competitors: Enter each one into the tool to see their traffic metrics. There’s no limit to the number of checks you can run!
  • Analyze their traffic data: Does most of their traffic come from organic search, paid ads, social media, or referrals? Use this data to find opportunities to expand your own strategy.
  • Check their engagement metrics: Getting traffic is one thing. Providing valuable and engaging content is another. Compare these metrics to your own to understand where you need to improve.
  • Track changes over time: Regularly check your competitors’ traffic to identify emerging trends. Also keep tabs on their backlink profiles and top keywords to spot potential strategy changes.

Why You Can Trust This Traffic Checker

Semrush collects anonymized clickstream data from diverse panels, along with real-time search engine results. Proprietary machine learning algorithms then process this data to provide accurate traffic estimates.

All of Semrush’s tools use a similar, rigorous process to help you develop a winning digital marketing strategy based on real data. Try Semrush out for free today.