Introducing: The Content Marketing Hub, A Free Library of Content Resources

Content Marketing Hub

I’m PUMPED to announce the all-new Content Marketing Hub.

What is The Content Marketing Hub?

It’s a free library of 30+ resources that cover everything you need to know about content marketing… including content promotion, copywriting, blog design, content repurposing, and more.

You can check out the brand new Content Marketing Hub right here:

Visit The Content Marketing Hub

This new resource library contains over 58,201 words, 600 screenshots, as well as 100+ professionally-designed illustrations, visuals, charts and templates.

Content Marketing Hub

This is one of the biggest content projects my team and I have ever worked on. In fact, between finding topics, outlining, writing, editing, screenshots, design, and coding, The Content Marketing Hub took over 400 hours of work to make.

I’m super happy with how The Content Marketing Hub turned out.

And I hope you get a ton of value from it.

Check out The Content Marketing Hub.

Here’s What’s Included

The Content Marketing Hub is broken down into 6 main categories:

  • Content Marketing Fundamentals: Here’s where you’ll learn (or get a refresher) on the foundational elements of content marketing. You’ll learn how to develop a content strategy, the different types of content marketing you can use, and how to come up with topic ideas.
  • Content Production: Learn how to produce content that people will want to read, link to and share. You’ll learn how to write compelling copy, develop a content calendar, design your content, and use repurpose content for more traffic.
  • Blogging and Written Content: Here’s where you’ll learn how to publish blog posts that get results. In this section I cover how to create 10x content, listicles and posts that focus on content curation.
  • Multimedia Content: Podcasts. Videos. Visuals. They’re all important (and growing) parts of content marketing. You’ll learn how to create the type of multimedia content that your audience wants to consume.
  • Content Promotion and Distribution: Learn how to spread the word about the content that you publish using email outreach, social media, blog SEO and more.
  • Content Marketing Tools: Here’s where you’ll learn how to use some of the most popular content marketing tools on the market, like HootSuite, Google Analytics and Buffer.

Visit The Content Marketing Hub

What Do You Think?

I want to give a shout out to Kyle Byers from GrowthBadger for helping me put this new resource together.

And I’d love to hear what you think about the new Content Marketing Hub.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

What’s the #1 thing you want to learn about content marketing right now?

Also, I plan on adding even more helpful resources to the library soon.

So let me know if you have any topic ideas or suggestions.


  1. Brain, thank you so much for writing this great hub content. It is so fun to read your new content every time. Everyone talked about content, content, content. But I have not seen any detailed and so informative contents like this. Keep working hard!

    1. Hey Peter, you’re welcome. That’s actually why I created The Content Marketing Hub: so there was a single place people could go for detailed information, tips and strategies.

  2. Looks like a great feature that I’ll be coming back to time and again! I always need a refresher on the best ways to promote and distribute my book blog posts, so that should be a helpful section! I’m also curious if there are new things I can be doing with Google Analytics to help my blog grow.

      1. Hey Brian

        I am big fan of yours.
        Started my blog 2 months back only.
        So I was learning about how to write good blog post as of now mainly.
        Now I am continuously looking for some great strategies to bring initial traffic.
        So I will be implementing content marketing first of all, then will checkout your whole guide.
        Thanks for the sharing and helping the bloggers.

  3. I don’t know what to say!
    Stoked by the level of information made so easy. Above and beyond.
    Thank you doesn’t cut the mustard

  4. Awesome. I specifically like the content promotion and distribution part. This will help a lot of bloggers and content marketers like me.

    Thanks Brian, keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Samuel, for sure. When I ask most people what they struggle with most when it comes to content marketing “promotion” comes up a lot. So I thought that it deserved its own category in The Content Marketing Hub.

    1. You’re welcome, Jonny. In that case, you should really like this. It’s basically the SEO Marketing hub… but about content marketing.

  5. Hi Brian,

    The #1 thing that I want to learn about content marketing is what hooks work best for pulling people into reading/watching/digesting your content. The content creators I work with more often than not rely on a shock factor hook that pulls people in. Have you come across other content hooks that create an initial dynamic pull towards viewers?

    1. Hey Austin, good question there. It sounds cheesy, but I prefer to hook people with insane value and production value over shocking people or saying controversial stuff. There’s no right or wrong way to hook people. But I prefer to put out awesome stuff.

  6. Hi Brian, kudos to you and Kyle for putting up these massive detailed resources on content marketing together.

    I will love to learn more about how to promote my content the right way in other to get 10x fast results.

    1. Hi Leslie, thank you. If you’re just getting started I’d actually just use Gmail and Google Sheets. Then, once you get the hang of it, you can scale up with something like BuzzStream or Pitchbox.

  7. Definitely something that I need to learn more from. Thanks again for putting this together Brian! Can’t wait to read this as I get few days off for the holidays! Happy Holidays

  8. Content Marketing is so important, the best way to achieve the ability is to learn by the implement, Thanks, Brian, you bring me into the door of a knowledge hall

    1. You’re welcome, Khalifa. Yup, with 2020 right around the corner it’s a good time to start planning out a content strategy for the new year.

  9. Oh mine. Crazy.

    Thank you so much brian. I was specifically searching for content promotion and content marketing strategies.

    And this guide came at the right time. You’re awesome!!!

    1. Hi Lorenz, that’s a tough one for sure. I prefer to find people that are already publishing good stuff on their blog and work with them (vs. hiring random people off of upwork).

  10. That so great brian, thanks for sharing this amazing content. I really like your blog. Such a diamond for the person who wants to learn everything about Digital Marketing.

  11. Wow, it’s absolutely AMAZING that we get all of this for free. You could charge like hundreds of dollars for this, this must have taken hundreds of hours to create, that’s for sure!!!! I love what you’re doing, keep the great content coming.

  12. My only thoughts are that there are truly competent and amazing SEO Gods out there helping others excel and then there is Brian who shines even brighter as THE example to emulate and learn from…

    Thanks for this amazing resource.

  13. Wow, Brian, that’s quite a Christmas gift! I’m at the early stages of working on a client’s YouTube account – without asking my stepson who has several million subscribers and is making far too much money on it. Actually, maybe I should? 😀

    Thank you so much!

  14. Hi Brian, Looks like Christmas has come early! Thanks for a great resource. I’m really interested in the promotion and distribution section. I’ve seen referral traffic from social media drop considerably over the last year. And then I look at Katy Perry who has 108 million followers on Twitter but appears to get, on average, less than 10k likes for her tweets! I would have thought 108m followers would yield a much higher engagement. Any studies done on celebrity social media? Thanks.

    1. Hi Hazel, exactly! You’re not alone: I’ve noticed the same thing. Social algorithms are getting harder and harder. So there’s still a place for promoting your content on social media, but I actually recommend doing a little bit of email outreach too.

  15. Star Wars premiere, and the Content Marketing Hub all in the same week. What a time to be alive! Congrats and thank you for putting this together!

  16. Great work Brian!
    I’ve just scratched the surface and I can’t wait to go deeper.
    Valuable information on a hot topic!
    Cheers from Romania.

  17. Incredible as always, Brian! It’s just amazing how much you give to the SEO / marketing community, I hope it returns back in a way you desire. Thank you for making us better.
    I can’t wait to dig into this, I think I’ll take a day off at work just to fully focus on reading these, thanks again 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Jure. It definitely does come back. Backlinko is a growing 7-figure business because of we put out content like this.

  18. Hi SEO Santa,

    Thanks SO MUCH for this pre-Christmas gift. When you introduced this hub in your email, I half expected to have to pay to access it. So I deeply appreciate free access to this outstanding content. Thanks to you, all your team, and whoever asks questions here! Every question highlights even more valuable content you’ve produced. Like How To Write A Viral Post. Pure gold! Thanks again and best wishes over the holidays to you, your team, and your family!

  19. Wow. I wish I had this a year ago before giving up and selling my blog. You are so detailed it really encourages me to start back up a blog, confident that I can apply what you have so perfectly highlighted!! Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge and experience.

  20. Ok, this is seriously good and TREMENDOUS value! (All for free?!!!) Love it!

    I am particularly interested in understanding how to make content go the furthest for the effort (e.g. cross-distribution opportunities, backlinks through shared content, etc.). I’m specifically focused on SEO as my main strategy so learning how to be time-efficient in other content marketing techniques will be super beneficial. I don’t have a clear plan for them because they seem like a lot of work and have provided little results based on previous attempts. (I’m lacking a good “system” to follow.)

    I do believe that understanding the specific components and all details is an important step to achieving this goal. Looks like I have all the training, resources and tried and true systems I need here, thanks to your Content Marketing Hub!!!

    Job well-done guys!

    1. Hi Kim, thank you. And you’re 100% spot on there: putting all of the pieces together into a cohesive system/blueprint/approach is KEY. Random techniques and tactics are nice. But to really grow a blog and rank for competitive keywords, having a cohesive strategy is massive.

  21. Gosh!!
    You never stop to blow me away! I just love everything you are publishing. It’s always on point, hyper valuable.

    A few days ago, I was trying to find a way to contact you or at least one of your team members to know/understand how you build the backend of your guides. I mean the chapter as pictures on top of the page, having a very long content on one long (extremely long) page without losing on loading time, etc..
    And now the new hub lol You never stop to blow my mind away! I love everything you are publishing. It’s always on point, hyper valuable.
    The new Marketing Hub is another astonishing piece of art! Thank you, Brian. 🙂

    Any chance that your team may take on a remote tech intern by any chance? I would be more than interested!! LOL

    1. Thanks Sabrina. I appreciate that 🙂 . The backend is actually a lot of custom-coded stuff done from our CTO. He basically hacked WordPress to make WP pages look like that (plus, we work with a pro designer to provide super nice illustations. That’s important too).

  22. Great guide Brian, I quickly picked up some new gems, very useful and very resourceful. Being a “Grow Your Blog Fast” buyer, I’m a little mad at you for putting so much valuable info for free… I was hoping you would keep these priceless insides only for us… Anyhow, I hope your readers appreciate the value in this hub.

    1. Thanks Gerina. Not sure if you had a chance to go through GYBF, yet. When you do, I think you’ll see that the my best, most advanced material is inside of that course. This is a lot of content. But it’s more intros on different topics. In GYBF we go much deeper. In fact, in Module 2 I show you exactly how to create hubs like this.

  23. You have put up a great resource Brian. Thank you. You just gave me the courage and resources to start over again and continue from where I left. Over time you realize that things are not as easy when you walk alone and may need a guide. Great work

  24. Oh my goodness! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such an amazing and comprehensive guide. I can’t wait to dive in and apply all of it!

  25. Holy crap. This is good. I’m dying to know how on Earth did you guys make the hub format with the master page ( and the resource page (e.g., with the automatic navigational menu on WordPress. Is that some kind of custom post type or widget, because it looks kind of difficult to pull out.

  26. Oh My God.This is sheer brilliance from Brian (The Maestro) and his super talented team. I think we the people will never thanks you as much as you deserve.Still Thank you so much Sir.This will going to help hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.You are really a genius man.

  27. This is great when it talks about things to do outside of just optimising your on-page content. Which has been done to death? Now it’s about getting more views, eyes on your page, whether it is through

  28. This is a super helpful content piece, Brian. It cleared a lot of questions that I had in my mind regarding the content writing and a plan to follow. The illustrations are super helpful! Kudos!

  29. Phenomenal resource, not only for established companies, but also – in my view – for start-ups with (sometimes informal) knowledge of content marketing and SEO who are seeking a “one stop location” for comprehensive marketing resources that are applicable to their phase of the business cycle.

    As for me, I’d like to know more about SEO and social media use for small businesses focused on writing/communications: I know and can articulate how my service differentiate me from similar businesses, but how does that translate into SEO and social media marketing that will lead to clients, business growth and consistent work?

    1. Hi Patricia, exactly: my goal with The Content Marketing Hub was to make it one-stop shopping for anyone that wanted to learn about the field. As to your question, one approach could be a personal brand. When someone hires a freelance writer, they’re hiring a person. And I know personally that I’m more likely to hire someone that I can remember from their site.

    1. Hi Thomas, a lot of work went into this hub, so I’m glad to hear that you were impressed. I have to admit, it’s pretty cool!

  30. Hello Brian.

    Wow. Another great article. Really appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge with us. Your entire blog is like a gold mine for those who work with marketing online.


  31. Typo:
    Under heading “Here’s What’s Included” it says “The SEO Marketing Hub”.

    Why is there no decent index or menu on this site?

    You’ve got these “hubs”, but no menu links to them.
    There’s no search option in the menu – to search I have to manually type /?s=searchterm

    It’s like you are trying to make it hard to find stuff on this site – WHY?

  32. Thank You Brian for creating this amazing resource library.

    This year-end, I m planning to spend my time learning content diversification and found your email on a perfect time.
    Now, I have my hands full and all thanks to you.

  33. Brian, this is so totally awesome! I literally just finished my new website and was searching for help on “Content Marketing” and how to even get started.

    Thank you!

  34. Hi Brian, It’s very informative article for content marketing. I am into fitness and health industry. Which site you would suggest that doing very good with content marketing. So it will help me in my strategy.

  35. Hello Brian

    Thank you so much for creating such resource and putting in all your efforts.

    I would like to explore more on video content and podcast related topics.

    Do you have specific hacks on how to get started with that?

    Keep doing such stuff.

  36. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the awesome content writing guidelines. Could you tell me with respect to B2B business which type of blog content is more appropriate? (Pure Technology blog or informational blog on technology)

  37. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for you hard work and ordering the topics about internet seo and website marketing that normally are spread through different websites. You save me lots of time.

    Goooood JOB!!!

  38. Such a detailed Post! I just got an email notification regarding this and every word is worth reading it. All the new bloggers should learn to write this kind of amazing content. Thanks, Brian.

  39. Thank you so much Brain! I am now looking at the “Content Promotion and Distribution”.

    From all my emails I get, I open yours always because I know I will learn valuable information!

    Have a great day!

  40. Hi Brian,
    I’m looking very much forward to this.
    The hardest part for me is regarding outreach (I’m guessing that I’m not alone here :)), so I look forward to reading what you have to say here.
    Also, I think video content is interesting, so the section on that should be an informative read.

  41. This has everything I was looking for. You’re a legend when it comes to identifying your readers’ needs.

    This is my new primary resource to learn content marketing.

    Thanks a lot, Brian!

  42. I’m not sure if it’s slightly weird that I get nervous before I read your stuff because I’m so excited by what I’ll discover? Great stuff as usual, Brian!

  43. This is insane, congrats.

    Brian, you done did it again. 🙂

    It encompasses everything, it has your usual awesome tone. it’s both hands-on helpful and strategic.

    Again, congratulations Brian, you definitely practice what you preach.

    Also, congrats on the topics tool launch — I admit I was a bit skeptical at first as it looked a bit like Glimpse, I can now see it’s better for me.

    All the best, keep up the insane work.

  44. Hey Brian, thank you so much for bringing all this together.
    This hub is very useful for everybody seeking info on content development and marketing. Kudos to you and your team!

  45. Thanks for the time spent to post this new content Hub. Do you have any tool where I can search a keyword or topic and get the most recent published content? I have searched all over the internet I cand see a site or tool that shows me search result by most recent published articles on the topic

  46. I’m sure that well-worded websites help customers find suppliers. But psychology factors can also be very useful too, for example to nudge people into action, which is what most websites are built for.

  47. Very useful!
    But why don’t you monetize the hub content with affiliate links? Or with ads?
    Or at least why don’t you advertise the email list optin more aggressively?
    In short a blog post about this hub content thing would be very useful where you explain the reason and tactics behind this hub content. I am sure that you carefully planned this hub content strategy.

  48. I am AMAZED with how much value I have absorbed in just a few days time that I discovered you Brian.
    Full of useful information and….free!

    What can I say, Thank you !

  49. Thanks Brain. Modern day content marketing is all about helping your audience that overtime builds trust and enhances positive business karma. You a certainly great at it. We too are inspired by this and try to contribute in our own small way.

  50. A little late to the game but another excellent resource Brian! Feel’n like I’ve got more content than time .. if’n ya know what I mean 😉

    1. Hey David, I definitely know what you mean. Information is great. But there has to be a balance between consuming and execution (something I’m figuring out myself!).

  51. Hi, Great content like always. Can you give a guideline how to find the best writers for any niche and how to instruct them ? Or can you train writers to write for any niche?

    1. Hi Syeed, thank you. I need to write a post on that. It’s legit question you have there and it requires a lot to answer it right.

  52. Hi Brian

    This is incredible stuff. Clear, you know about the Law of Giving and Receiving and also how to use it.

    This came right as I’m starting a new website aimed at providing a ton of value to my target market.

    I’m sure gonna consume it like a do water.

    You kinda remind me of Gary Halbert’s freely available newsletter.

    I absolutely thank you very much.

  53. Hats off to your efforts, Brian. Inspired with your content marketing strategy. You are always coming up with fresh ideas in sourcing content for the fellow seekers. It was a good read. Worth-spending even hours.

  54. So much effort and detail been put into this. I think it will be my Crimbo binge read! Thanks for this, I’m very sure you will get lots of people visiting and reading it.

    Value? Indeed… very much so! Can’t wait to read it in more detail.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

  55. Thanks for sharing this with us Briean, this saves me alot of time to explain content creators to give them advice and ideas … just 1 link with all necessary info 🙂

  56. Your content has always been helpful and have great insights. I was wondering if you take online/offline classes? Do you have a coaching class? Because I would love to join and grow a digital marketer.

  57. Great information as always. I had to come back here to comment and ask a quick question. Do you think you lose an seo benefits by having this landing page and then having the hub on a separate page? This page gets a ton of traffic and shares. I realize it is not ideal to have comments on the hub page which I suspect was part of your reasoning? Would love to hear any other thoughts why you set it up this way.

    Thanks again for leading the way

    1. Hi David, good question there. Exactly: this post has the ability for people to leave comments, which is important for me (more important than SEO).

  58. It’s a great guide Brian ( as are all articles written by you 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing all this information with us. I can’t wait to apply a couple of new tactics I found here.

  59. Hey Brian,

    Great insights, engaging, helpful and valuable content as always.

    Thanks a lot for making this guide. The best part is that it’s free and it’s really helpful.

    Thanks a lot!

  60. Hey, Well research content and I love your Graphics. But I have a bit of doubt on Content Marketing Tools. You have mention HootSuite for automating but I have been doing A/B with a manual post and through HootSuite (might be it is early to say) but I am getting slightly less engagement when I am sharing through HootSuite compare than manual sharing especially on LinkedIn and Instagram.

  61. Excellent effort Brian, a real time-saver if you are managing a team of content creators! Now I can point them to this valuable forge of content marketing articles! Thank you!

  62. An excellent guide. Thanks for putting out all this value Brian!

    Do you have any experience with

    It looks like a combination of buzzsumo and hootsuite. Could it be as good as buzzsumo?

  63. You’re a blessing to the IM world Brain. Can’t wait to get my hands into action. I’m planning on relaunching on the IM scene in mid-2020 and your blog has been super resourceful.

    I’ll keep looking forward to your next newsletter.

  64. Impressive! I have just shared it in Twitter. How do you do this kind of things Brian? I mean, these resources are so useful that I cannot understand how are they free 🙂

    Thanks you very much!

  65. Hey,

    That’s awesome, I was wondering why people are paying thousands for such resources and today, I am glad to see you on this topic. This will bring more knowledge to me.

    Thanks and kind regards!

  66. Hey, Well research content and I love your Graphics. But I have a bit of doubt on Content Marketing Tools. You have mention HootSuite for automating but I have been doing A/B with a manual post and through HootSuite (might be it is early to say) but I am getting slightly less engagement when I am sharing through HootSuite compare than manual sharing especially on LinkedIn and Instagram.

  67. Hey Brian,
    I am really big fan of you. I just launched my website 3 month before. After gathering knowledge from your content, my site growing up now. I always wait for your new content. More content will come for us to improve my site. Thank you so much again Brian.

  68. I saved this for when I had some time to really look at it. I need a bigger amount of time! Thank you thank you! The Content Marketing Hub is something to be savored a little bit every day

  69. Brian, you are my favorite SEO Expert. I follow you for last 3 years and today I got my first Job as SEO Executive. Thanks for sharing high-quality blogs & case studies. Keep Sharing.

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