Introducing: The YouTube Marketing Hub, A Free Resource Library
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Introducing: The YouTube Marketing Hub, A Free Resource Library

Brian Dean

by Brian Dean · Updated Jun. 06, 2018

I’m VERY excited to announce the release of the all-new YouTube Marketing Hub.

What is it?

The YouTube Marketing Hub is a free library of 30+ resources that cover everything you need to know about YouTube Marketing… including video editing, YouTube SEO, monetization, and more.

In other words:

It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to start and grow their YouTube channel in 2018.

You can check out the all-new YouTube Marketing Hub right here:

Visit The YouTube Marketing Hub

Why I Created The YouTube Marketing Hub

When I first launched my YouTube channel, I wondered things like:

“How do I come up with a name for my channel?”

“How do I find keywords to optimize my videos around?”

“What’s the best way to get subscribers?”

“How do I use cards and end screens?”

And to find the answers to these questions, I had to sift through dozens of articles and videos.

That’s when I thought to myself:

“Wouldn’t it be great to have ONE place that people could go to learn about YouTube?”

So, that’s exactly what I set out to build.

170+ hours of writing, editing, designing and coding later, the YouTube Marketing Hub was finally complete.

YouTube Marketing Hub

Check out the YouTube Marketing Hub.

Here’s How It Works:

The YouTube Marketing Hub is broken down into 5 core topics:

  • Create a YouTube Channel – Here’s where you’ll set the foundation for a successful YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to position your channel so it stands out and how to structure your Channel Page to maximize views and subscribers.
  • Create Videos for YouTube Learn exactly how to plan, shoot and edit videos that get results on YouTube. You’ll also see how to take advantage of cool features like End Screens and Cards.
  • Optimize Your YouTube VideosTitles. Descriptions. Tags. Keywords. They’re all key for getting views on your YouTube videos. And in this section you’ll learn about basic and advanced video SEO strategies.
  • Grow Your ChannelHere’s where you’ll learn how to use Playlists, Branding Watermarks, video promotion and the new Community Tab to get more views and subscribers (including lots of real life examples).
  • Make Money From YouTubeLearn how to monetize your channel with ads, partnerships and brand deals. You’ll also see how to use YouTube to drive traffic to your site.

Check Out The YouTube Marketing Hub

What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear what you think about the YouTube Marketing Hub.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

What’s the #1 thing you want to learn about YouTube right now?

Also, I plan on adding more resources to the hub soon.

So let me know if you have any topic ideas or suggestions.


  1. Brian what a guide you have created!

    Really amazing!

    You are the best in SEO and YouTube learning industry.

    I’m repeating my words…

    You are the best in SEO and YouTube learning industry.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Rintu. A lot of work went into this guide (not just from me, but from our CTO, designer, admin team etc.). So it’s nice to hear that you enjoyed the YouTube Marketing Hub.

  2. Looks really amazing! I will start reading and implementing these tips as soon as I can.
    Thanks a lot for such great resources!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Sounds good. Let me know if you have any topic suggestions for future versions of the Hub.

  3. Arbaz Tyagi Avatar Arbaz Tyagisays:

    Thanks a lot very very lot,
    This guide really amazing.
    I’ll try to implement it as soon i can.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Sounds good. Our CTO coded the Hub so we can easily add new sections. So let me know if you have any topic ideas.

  4. Unbelievable! This resource looks incredibly helpful. I’m trying to grow a YouTube channel soon, so I’ll definitely be referring to all your material. Thank you so much for offering this valuable content up for free. You’ve knocked it out of the park once again, Brian.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Jessica.

      I definitely wish I had this when I first started my channel. I can’t tell you how many nights I spent trying to learn basic stuff like: “What is a card?”. Hence: The YouTube Marketing Hub 🙂

  5. Going to go through all of this tonight. I only started YT last month – It is very timing consuming and there are so many new skills to learn. Resources like this help save a lot of time. Thank you Brian!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Amy. I hope the YouTube Marketing Hub helps you get your new channel off on the right foot!

  6. Keta Avatar Ketasays:

    Whoaaaaa! This is such a great news. You have done all this work and you are offering it for free.


    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Keta. I hope it helps you grow your channel.

  7. What exciting are your tips gives result and growth. You are genius marketing master. Thanks for share with us awesome real tips.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Manish

      1. Your welcome. And waiting for new research articles.

  8. The standard has been raised. Incredible work, Brian. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, TJ. This might be the piece of content I put the most amount of hours into. No joke!

  9. The YouTube Marketing Hub arrived just as I received a subscription to my YouTube channel. Had forgotten I even have a channel let alone know what to do with it. I expected your Hub to be the usual “$1997 regular; buy now for $997” so I am astonished you are giving away all this knowledge. Thank you so much; I look forward to benefiting from your work.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Dr. B.

  10. Piotr S. Avatar Piotr S.says:

    Great Job!

    Maybe i’ll have more luck now with my question 🙂
    If my audience is multilingual may I use tags in different languages ?

    This is YT-channel which I actually working on, optimization is still ongoing 🙂

    Thank you for all your tips, it was very helpful.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Good question. I just looked at your channel. Some videos are in English. Others are in Polish, right? I’d go with whatever language that particular video is in.

      1. Piotr S. Avatar Piotr S.says:

        Thanks for quick reply. As I mentioned before, there is lot to do still but finally all videos would be in Polish (as a source language ) and English and German. So I really don’t really know if I should use only Polish tags or maybe only English or maybe all 3 of them? For me is the most important to reach the wider audience as possible.

        Shouldn’t I then focus only on English language when it comes to the Tags and the rest of the content translate into 3 languages accordingly?

        Thank You for your time.

        1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

          This actually goes beyond tags and into the approach you want to take with your channel. My advice: you want to niche down as much as possible in the early days. It really helps. So I’d pick one language and go with that.

  11. This is so much content it’s frankly unbelievable it’s free.

    When making content, I always think “Is this backlinko levels of quality?” to check if I’m making something that is truly the best.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Oliver. Putting something like this together is NOT easy. But in a crowded space like digital marketing, content like this is pretty much a requirement.

  12. Hi Brian, the organization of the content is excellent. I’m sure the content itself is top-notch. I will find out over the next couple days.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Bello. Let me know what you think after you have a chance to check out some of the resources.

  13. Thank you for this – I’m working day and night to grow a youtube channel and this is super helpful! I’m consistently blown away by how actionable your posts are…keep up the good work!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Alex. I’ve been there man. I tried to distill a lot of my knowledge (and knowledge of people with WAY bigger channels than mine) in one place. I hope this helps your channel grow like crazy!

  14. Wow, great guide!!! Really looking forward to digging deeper, for now just compliments and thanks for another amazing piece of content – U D MAN!

    One thought about something I would love to see in addition in the section about the actual editing process: Tips and/or a list of mobile apps or SaaS tools that automate or at least super streamline and simplify the shooting/editing/upload process – especially for daily vloggers short on time.

    Not everyone can be as good as a Casey Neistat or Bryan Dean 🙂 That level of editing takes time – and skills!

    Have you come across good solutions here? For example, automatically adding a branded intro and outro to each video upload. While some people shoot and edit long-form content, others shoot daily Vlogs and I get asked about this a lot – but still am looking for solutions around that. Cheers and Thanks, JB

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks, Juergen. Great suggestion there.

      Honestly, editing isn’t my strong suit (that’s why I work with a talented editor for me videos). I included some tips here (lots of which come from my editor):

      That said, I think you can use templates for intros/outros and other graphics in Adobe Premiere. What software do you use now?

      1. Hi Bryan, I too am not a video “expert”, though I need to produce videos for clients (drone aerial and marketing videos) – and a lot of them are asking how to do “easy” independent YouTube videos.

        That said, I LOVED your pretty pro level editing and production tips.

        There are some great tools out there for creating stunning branded intros and outros – Reevio and Viddyoze come to mind, just search on Youtube for these – but none that streamline the entire production process.

        Coming to think of it, I should write up the pros and cons of all the tools I have come across in my holy grail of a super easy automated Youtube Production Workflow 🙂

        So several desktop platforms I’ve given up on – plus iPhone editing apps galore… I do use Adobe Premiere and After Effects (b/c I am already paying for Adobe Creative Suite) – also Final Cut Prox – but these are slow going for my occasional use pattern – and sometimes I revert to Camtasia or ScreenFlow and Reevio to quickly throw something together and publish within minutes.

        Anyway, really looking forward to reading through your super comprehensive guide in its entirety!

        1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

          It actually sounds like you’d do a much better job with that content than I would, LOL. And you’re right: with that many vloggers out there, there HAS to be a quick & dirty solution for editing, adding graphics, etc.

  15. Andres Avatar Andressays:

    Brian, are you freaking kidding? Can’t thank you enough! What a fantastic resource for free. This is just beyond unbelievable… You’re the king!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Andres 😀

  16. Hey,Brian,I am your loyal reader,one of my questions about youtube marketing is there any other advice about Youtube influencer,we are online vendor for makeup stuff.we just figure out the Top competitor’s strategy is collaborate with Youtuber.I want to know more tips how to collaborate with Youtuber

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Hey Lee, this resource is more designed for YouTubers. That said, if you want to connect with YT influencers, I’d check out:

  17. Brian, you never failed to amaze us. This is GOLD. How about tips for newbie that is about to stand in front of the camera for the first time?

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Cheefoo.

      In that case, I’d recommend creating screencast videos (you can show your screen or use slides). That way, you get comfortable creating videos.

      Other than that, it’s all about getting in front of the camera. I was TERRIFIED my first time. But after hours and hours of shooting, you get used to it.

  18. Brian,

    Excellent set of resources. Thank you so much for taking the time to create and provide them.
    I would recommend adding some resource tools for marketing and maybe another one for all of the legal issues like GDPR and what YouTube prohibits, etc.

    Thanks again Brian,

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Dade. Great suggestions there. Thank you!

  19. We’re just embarking on a rather important YouTube Ad campaign – something we’ve never aplied seriously; despite having a successful channel. We’re getting serious this time so your ‘hub’ is an amazing resource. Very good content as usual Brian and something I will share with my team.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      That’s great timing, Adrian. Hope this helps you out.

  20. At first glance, this appears to be your best example EVER of ‘create great content’. Awesome stuff. I’m excited to dig into it!!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      That was my goal, Tom. At 30k words, 100s of images and dozens of custom visuals, this is (by far) the biggest thing we’ve ever put out at Backlinko.

  21. Hey Brian the You tube marketing hub looks great, having just started my channel it’s good to have all the resources I need in one place and more to add in the future I hope? I’m interested in making of videos, the SEO side of things, ranking videos and renting them to clients. Thanks Brian

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Hey Alan, that was exactly the idea behind the YouTube Marketing Hub: one place to learn (pretty much) everything you need to know about YT. And yes, I do plan on adding more to it in the future.

  22. Wow Brian, just wow.

    Not only is this one of the most helpful/valuable resources I’ve seen, but I also know it’s going to be a link bait monster.

    Truly inspiring, man.

    Thanks for how much time and effort you (and your team) put into this.

    – Gotch

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Nathan. Also, I’ve been watching your videos and they’re really good man!

  23. Great Work Brian, I always love your content and it’s great to see that you have created this whole course on YouTube. I am going to start my YouTube channel soon and you have provided all material I needed to kick start my channel.

    Thank you Brian

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Rukhsar. Best of luck with the new channel!

  24. Brian this is awesome. I’ve been watching your YouTube SEO videos and applied many of your tips! Looking forward to deep diving into this new hub! Thanks for making all of this free for us.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Beau. Let me know if you have any topics you’d like to see added to the hub.

  25. Great Resources as Always from YOU.
    Is there any Chance to Add YouTube Ads in this Hub Without waiting for organic ranking or is not your field ?
    Thank you

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Simo. Great suggestion. I’ll probably add that in the future.

  26. I have a dream one day my YouTube videos will reach the 1 million views landmark. xD
    Your tutorials may help me achieve that. 😀

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      I hope so too. 1 million views is a legit milestone!

  27. Brian, what an amazing youtube guide. Well structured, easy to follow. That will be my main youtube reference. Kudos to you and your team!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Awesome Steve. I’m really glad that you mentioned that this was a team effort. It’s cliche, but this really was.

      1. Brian, I recall about one of your pieces on how to write great Meta descriptions. I misplaced it and I can’t retrieve it from my notes. If that article still alive, could you provide me the link?

  28. Brian this is awesome.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:


  29. This is one of the best content you’ve created. Great work Brian and I’m sure lot of hard work went behind it. Keep it up.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Uzair.

  30. Brian,

    Your hub is packed with so much amazing information. People that use your hub will be able to create amazing Youtube accounts! I just know it.

    You always create very detailed posts and helpful content. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I know many people like myself appreciate all the hard work.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again!

    – Katie

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks for your kind words, Katie. I hope the YT Marketing Hub helps you (and other YouTubers) grow their channels!

  31. Looks incredible Brian. I’m really digging into video content his year, so this is SUPER appreciated. Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Awesome timing, Luke. Hit me up if you have any topic ideas for me to cover in the hub.

  32. You just nailed it, Brian. As a test, I checked the hub for various doubts I had about YouTube marketing and there’s a details answer for each and everyone.

    The work involved in this would have been huge and I can’t thank you enough.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Awesome, Shafi! I tried to not just cover 30+ topics, but cover them WELL.

  33. Brain, the resources you provide us all with is truly incredible and this is fantastic. Building something like this and making it available to us for free is over the top.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Happy to help, Tony.

  34. Gareth Daine Avatar Gareth Dainesays:

    Amazing! Thanks, Brian. As always, fantastic resources.

    I’ve yet to delve deeply into YouTube, but there’s one man I’ve been watching for a LONG while, and it’s you. Can’t wait to check this out.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Gareth. If you do decide to start a YouTube channel, this hub should definitely help you out.

  35. You guys are simply amazing, this is just… too much to take in. Amazing stuff really, thank you, so grateful.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      No problem, Pieter. Happy to help.

  36. Another awesome post, can’t wait to learn more about this and implement on all of our videos. Thanks again Brian!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Darshana. Keep me posted 🙂

  37. This is amazing Brian, fantastic and very useful job


    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Glad you liked it, Leo.

  38. Brian! You can’t even imagine how helpfully and in perfect time your articles are. Soon I start my own business on youtube and couldn’t find any good source, which would tell me about youtube. And there you are! As always in best moment and with best knowledge! Greetings!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Awesome, Kacper. I hope the hub helps your new channel start strong!

  39. The overall design and layout of the Hub is super clean and easy on the eyes. I’m sure others have said this but I was literally waiting for a “buy now” link to appear at any second. I wouldn’t expect much less from a guy like you but this is straight G status (google and gangster).

    This is a great reminder to be thankful that I’m not competing against you in online marketing.

    Today, a lot of people think a traditional education isn’t the best use of one’s money or time, but I think you’re a testament to why being educated isn’t going to kill you either. I’ve listened to several of your interviews and even though you’re obviously a super chill dude, you can clearly see the methodical and structured approach you take with your projects is influenced by the disciplines you picked up during your edumacation.

    long time, first time.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment.

      I’m 100% with you: there’s definitely a place for structured education. In fact, a lot of what I learned about digital marketing (like blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn marketing etc.) came from online courses… not blog posts.

  40. Hello Brian,

    Thanks for sharing your research with us. Since last few years, Youtube marketing is became a new trend and On Internet, there is very few articles which are helpful. But your article is help us to understand get ideas about small parts of youtube video promotion. Again thanks for sharing this resourceful article with us.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Siddharth.

  41. Hey Brian,
    Thank you very much and let me tell you that I am an SEO manager based in Phoenix Arizona. I am completely relying on your techniques and advice. I consider you the Guru/Geek/Inventor/Innovator of the Search Engine Optimization. I will share this in as many places as I can. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful SEO gifts.
    Thank you!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Qasim 👍 👍 👍

  42. This is just what I have been looking for.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:


  43. Andrew Davis Avatar Andrew Davissays:

    Amazing Brian, an absolutely wonderful resource.

    How does this differ from your paid course?

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Good question, Andrew. This is a collection of resources on essentially getting your YouTube channel off the ground (and gaining some initial traction).

      First Page Videos is a comprehensive training program that shows you exactly how to rank your videos in YouTube, step-by-step.

  44. I have followed Brian for very long and was very important in the creation of my channels here in Brazil. Today I have the happiness of living exclusively with online sales

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      That’s great to hear. Congrats man.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Cheers, Alex

  45. Amazing Brian, I am also thinking to start my own YouTube channel and this post published at the right time.

    Building a successful YouTube channel isn’t easy. It needs a proper plan that works. And I’m damn sure if one follow your tips he will be successful.


    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Umesh, you’re absolutely right: it isn’t easy to build a YT channel. And even with this hub, there’s a ton of work involved. But hopefully this hub can help people’s channels grow faster.

  46. You are easily the best person there is to trust when it comes to guides .Cant wait to read it

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thank you 🙂

  47. Hey Brian,
    I must start with WOW! and HELL YEAH! This is an awesome source of super useful information. I can’t wait to dig into it further! Wishing you and your generous soul nothing but complete success as you define it!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Thanks Barney!

  48. Wow, that’s really nice 🙂 Do you think that people will watch your videos if they’re recorded with a regular smartphone?

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Good question. Yes. But it’s important to also plan and edit your videos well. I recommend checking out those resources from the hub.

  49. Man, you’re the most awesome marketer ever. 🙂 I used your SEO guides literally as a Bible and now this – can’t wait to go through everything.

    Thanks for sharing knowledge and best practices and please keep it up!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Steven. Happy to help

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