Create a YouTube Channel


Learn exactly how to create a YouTube channel that grows your audience.

Your success on YouTube starts before you upload your first video. Your channel page (including your channel name, icon, art and trailer) all play a key role in your channel’s success.

This page contains a library of resources to help you create a successful YouTube channel from the ground up.

Position Your Channel

Here’s where you’ll learn how to position your channel’s topic, branding, style and more.

Channel Name

These actionable tips will help you develop a cool name for your YouTube channel. Includes lots of examples and mistakes to avoid.

Channel Icon

Your Channel Icon is an underrated part of your channel’s branding. Learn exactly how to develop a winning Channel Icon here.

YouTube Channel Art

Your Channel Art makes a strong first impression on first-time visitors. This resource will show you exactly how to create Channel Art that turns visitors into subscribers.

Channel Description

This in-depth resource will show you exactly how to write a Channel Description that’s SEO-friendly and helps people understand what your channel is all about.

Channel Trailer

Learn how to create a winning Channel Trailer, step-by-step.