Create Videos for YouTube


Learn how to create videos that get views, likes, comments and subscribers.

Creating a successful YouTube video isn’t easy. To create a video that viewers love, you need to master skills like outlining, shooting, video editing and more. You also need to tap into YouTube creator features (like end screens and cards).

This page contains a library of resources that will help you make awesome YouTube videos.

Planning and Outlining

Whether you script or freestyle, this resource will show you how to use planning and outlining to get the most out of your videos.

Shooting YouTube Videos

Here’s where you’ll learn best practices for filming YouTube videos, including cameras, mics, lighting and more.

YouTube Video Editing

Learn how to edit your YouTube videos to maximize engagement signals and Watch Time.


Here’s where you’ll see how (and when) to use Cards in your YouTube videos, including lots of real-life examples.

End Screen

When used right, End Screens are like a superpower that result in more views and subscribers. This resource will show you how to use End Screens like a boss.


It’s no secret that your thumbnail can make or break your video’s success. In this guide you’ll get the lowdown on creating thumbnails that work.