26 Top SEO Affiliate Programs for 2024
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26 Top SEO Affiliate Programs

Backlinko Team

Written by Backlinko TeamIn collaboration with Semrush

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Are you looking for a way to monetize your SEO skills and knowledge?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to do just that. By promoting SEO products and services, you can earn commissions on every sale you refer.

The demand for SEO services is growing all the time, as more and more businesses realize the importance of ranking high in search results. And with many SEO affiliate programs offering high commissions (up to 50%), there’s potential to earn big in this niche.

But where do you even begin? Choosing the right ones can feel overwhelming with countless programs vying for your attention. That’s where we come in.

We’ve meticulously curated the ultimate list of the top SEO affiliate programs. We took a look at some of the most popular SEO companies and hand-picked these programs based on reputation, earning potential, cookie duration, and affiliate support.

How Backlinko Can Help You

To truly succeed as a SEO affiliate marketer, you’ll need to master some key digital marketing skills.

That’s why we’ve created in-depth guides to help you, including:

Implementing what you learn can help your website or blog rank higher and drive more qualified traffic. This means more commissions earned.

Top 26 SEO Affiliate Programs

1. Semrush

Semrush Affiliate Program

Commission rate: $10 for every free trial and $200 for every subscription

Cookie duration: 120 days

URL to join: Semrush Affiliate Program

Perks: Brand recognition makes it easier to promote and extremely high commission rates

Semrush provides a suite of tools for SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, competitor analysis, and social media management. It is widely used by digital marketers, SEO professionals, and businesses to enhance their online presence and marketing efforts. Additionally, it is recognized as the most popular software suite among SEO agencies for its comprehensive features and tools.

Semrush also offers a robust affiliate program that includes promotional materials and dedicated support to help affiliates succeed. The only requirements are a minimum of 1,000 monthly visitors to your site or page and content that promotes Semrush.

Because of its popularity, competition can be fierce.  The high cost of signing up may also deter some from converting. But with a commission rate of $200 for every subscription, it can make the work worth it. It must be noted that Semrush did discontinue their recurring commissions in 2020, however, this doesn’t impact anyone who is just starting in this affiliate program.

2. Mangools

Mangools Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% recurring commission

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Mangools Affiliate Program

Perks: Offers a lifetime commission, no approval process, and a free trial that allows referred users to try out the tools without giving card details

Mangools SEO tools are great for keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, and site profiling. They’re probably best known for their tool, KWFinder.

Affiliates can promote Mangools’ suite of tools through their website or blog and receive support from the company’s dedicated affiliate team.

You can join the Mangools program even if you have a free plan.

3. Rank Math

Rank Math Affiliate Program

Commission rate: $0.20 for free sign-ups, all the way to $149 for premium purchases

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Rank Math Affiliate Program


  • High commission for premium purchases
  • A massive range of tools is available, making it appealing for users looking for plugins with more variety
  • Long cookie duration

Rank Math is one of the top-ranking SEO WordPress plugins. It’s got a ton of features and is more lightweight than its competitors. Although it’s only been around since 2018, it’s gotten around 2.18 million active users.

The affiliate program is available to anybody, which means your competition could be high. The audience this tool would work for is also limited only to those with a site hosted on WordPress, but it is an especially useful plugin for SEO blogs and is perfect for an affiliate who promotes to SEO marketers of any size.

4. AccuRanker

AccuRanker Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20% recurring commission

Cookie duration: 120 days

URL to join: AccuRanker Affiliate Program

Perks: Long cookie duration, low minimum payout ($50), and a reputable brand

AccuRanker is an SEO tool that’s designed to be a faster, sleeker, and more accurate keyword rank tracker than its all-in-one competitors. It’s good for keyword research and monitoring daily keyword changes. It’s even used by brands like IKEA.

Joining their affiliate program requires a meeting with a Business Development Manager, and new affiliates can choose either a swift onboarding or a comprehensive onboarding, depending on their needs. It has been noted though that some users have seen poor affiliate support after onboarding.

Commission rates for this program are lower than most SEO affiliate programs on the market, but a 20% commission is still pretty lucrative. And you can payout with as little as $50. Even at their lowest tier plan, you can hit that in just three sign-ups.

5. Hunter.io

Hunter.io Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% recurring commission

Cookie duration: 45 days

URL to join: Hunter.io Affiliate Program

Perks: Well-known brand, high potential for revenue, and a dedicated page full of ready-made copy and visuals

Hunter.io is a well-known tool that helps marketers find emails associated with websites. It stands out from other email scraping tools because of its database and verification capacities. If you ask any email marketer, they’ll know about Hunter.

Hunter’s affiliate program only requires a few details, and the application can be done in minutes. You can receive recurring commissions for up to 12 months after purchase, making it a great program to make passive income off of.

6. Link Whisper

Link Whisper Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% recurring commission

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Link Whisper Affiliate Program

Perks: Great product to market to bigger sites with lots of pages and posts, big commission potential, and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest internal links within websites. It’s pretty lightweight and can integrate well into most WordPress websites.

The only drawback is that people have complained it sometimes offers irrelevant suggestions.

Their affiliate program doesn’t have any minimum requirements, meaning anyone can join.

The program doesn’t offer any sort of trial for potential customers, but a 30-day money-back guarantee makes up for that. Referred accounts must be active for at least 37 days to get paid, and you can only receive one commission per referral, even if they place multiple orders.

7. Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 50% for monthly subscriptions, 30% for 3-month subscriptions, and 15% for yearly subscriptions

Cookie duration: Lifetime

URL to join: Site Analyzer Affiliate Program

Perks: Decent commissions for all purchase, cookies never expire, and it’s more affordable than some bigger competitors

Site Analyzer is an SEO tool that analyzes websites. It offers information on:

  • Rank tracking
  • Backlinks
  • Crawling
  • Page analysis
  • Keywords

Their affiliate program doesn’t have any requirements other than a valid, working website.

This can be a harder product to sell as it isn’t good for an audience full of beginners, it’s not as well-known as other competitors, and the auditing tools aren’t super detailed, which may be a problem for advanced users.

8. RankIQ

RankIQ Affiliate Program

Commission rate: $100 per referral, plus monthly bonuses

Cookie duration: Undisclosed

URL to join: RankIQ Affiliate Program

Perks: Faster payouts than most other programs, great for all skill levels, and high commissions

RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO toolkit designed specifically for bloggers.

It’s good for anybody who wants to cut down the time they spend researching and writing content.

Their affiliate program doesn’t have any requirements, but the product is limited to bloggers and isn’t as feature-rich as some competitors. You do get paid after every referral though.

9. NitroPack

NitroPack Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20% recurring commission for 18 months

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: NitroPack Affiliate Program

Perks: Payouts can be made as soon as the minimum $100 requirement is met, can be marketed to almost anybody with a website

NitroPack is a web performance and speed optimization tool. Its job is to improve site speed and pass Core Web Vitals(CWV) tests. It’s got a straightforward setup and definitely provides results.

Because NitroPack focuses on web performance, their affiliate program requires marketers to have a website to apply.

This plugin doesn’t work with all content management systems (CMSes), but all features are available on all plans, making it an easier sell for hose it will work for.

The commission rate is lower than others listed here, but 20% isn’t bad.

10. Serpstat

Serpstat Affiliate Program

Commission rate: up to 30% from the first and subsequent payments

Cookie duration: 15 days

URL to join: Serpstat Affiliate Program

Perks: Promo codes and discounts can replace your affiliate link

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that offers keyword research, competitor analysis, and site audit tools. It is designed to help with “growth hacking”. It offers both SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) tools, which makes it good for search engine marketing (SEM).

This affiliate program doesn’t have any requirements.

The cookie duration is very short, so you have to be convincing quick. When you do get a referral though, you can expect a decent payout on even the cheapest plans, earning up to $17 on the first and subsequent payments.

11. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 25% lifetime commission, with 10% lifetime commission for add-on purchases

Cookie duration: 90 days

URL to join: Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Perks: Long cookie duration, well-known brand, and a wide reach

Surfer SEO is designed to help you write SEO-optimized content. It’s probably one of the best-known content optimization tools on the market. Big names using it include ClickUp and Matt Diggity.

They have a lucrative affiliate program, but the requirements needed to join the program aren’t clear.

Surfer SEO doesn’t offer a free trial for potential customers, but a 90-day cookie duration should provide you with ample time to convince your audience why they should invest in the tool.

12. BrightLocal

BrightLocal Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: BrightLocal Affiliate Program

Perks: Free trial offering and easy to pitch to local businesses and SEO agencies

BrightLocal is an SEO software company that specializes in local search optimization. Affiliates can promote BrightLocal’s suite of local SEO tools, including review management, citation building, and local search ranking tracking.

Because the tool is focused on local search, it is only applicable to those looking to improve local SEO.

Their affiliate program doesn’t have any clear requirements.

13. SpyFu

SpyFu Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 40% lifetime commission

Cookie duration: 365 days

URL to join: SpyFu Affiliate Program

Perks: Long cookie life, high commission rates, and payouts twice a month

SpyFu is a tool that gathers keyword data and competitor insights.

They pitch their affiliate program as a “great way to generate passive income.”

However, with fewer features than some more well-known names like Semrush, PPC features that could be complicated for beginners, and no free plan or trial, it may be a little more work to get your audience to convert.

But the 365-day cookie duration does help with this a bit.

You can join through their website, and there are no specific requirements.

14. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie duration: Information currently unavailable

URL to join: Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

Perks: Dedicated affiliate manager, in-depth tracking, and exclusive promotional materials like landing pages

Long Tail Pro has many useful SEO features including a rank tracker, a site audit tool, and a keyword research tool. It’s also pretty affordable compared to other similar tools with its most basic package starting at $59.99 per month.

The affiliate program is powered by Post Affiliate Pro which gives you access to tracking and exclusive promotional materials,

There is no information about cookie duration available, but this program is still worth looking into.

15. SEOTesting.com

SEOTesting.com Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie duration: Information currently unavailable

URL to join: SEOTesting.com Affiliate Program

Perks: Recurring monthly commissions

SEOTesting.com is an awesome tool for SEOs and webmasters looking to improve their organic search visibility. Its user-friendly interface offers a plethora of data and insights, empowering users to make informed decisions regarding their SEO strategies.

The tool can be integrated with a suite of Google products, however, the Google Search Console integration causes a 2-day time lag on data.

SEOTesting is already used by big agencies like Impression and Local Blitz, which could make it a bit easier to promote. They also offer packages as affordable as $40 a month, another great selling point.

There is no information on cookie duration for this program.

16. SE Ranking

SE Ranking Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% from each sale on a lifetime basis

Cookie duration: 120 days

URL to join: SE Ranking Affiliate Program

Perks: Unlimited earnings, paid twice a month, and statistics updated in real-time

SE Ranking is a highly-rated SEO tool that helps businesses enhance their online visibility and drive up website traffic. It’s renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and competitive pricing.

The tool is built to cater to the needs of both SEO professionals and beginners alike and offers functionalities such as website addition, site audits, traffic analysis, and backlink monitoring.

It’s quite a complex tool that can take some time to get familiar with before promotion, but with several well-established competitors, like Semrush and Mangools, using the tool, it can be easy to get your audience to buy in to.

17. The Hoth

The Hoth Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 50% and $0.01 for new sign-ups

Cookie duration: 120 days

URL to join: The Hoth Affiliate Program

Perks: Branded promotional materials

The Hoth provides multiple services that help users to boost their site’s SEO. This includes link-building, content creation, and technical SEO.

This affiliate program offers a much longer cookie window than many other SEO affiliate programs, providing ample time to convince your audience that this is the tool they need in their SEO arsenal. A tool with over 4,000 5-star reviews and a great online reputation won’t take long to promote though.

18. SEOReseller

SEOReseller Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 6% on transactions and 1% on sub-affiliates

Cookie duration: Lifetime

URL to join: SEOReseller Affiliate Program

Perks: Lifetime cookie duration, payments every 14 days, and an affiliate dashboard to make it easy to track your earnings

SEOReseller offers a wide range of SEO services like link-building and eCommerce site optimization. It also provides digital marketing services like online reputation management and website design.

This program offers the lowest commission rate of any of the programs on this list. The cookie duration lasts forever, so anyone who ever clicked on your link and eventually decides to sign up will earn you a few dollars.

19. Sitechecker

Sitechecker Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% commission on each new subscription sale; $10 commission on every coupon used

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Sitechecker Affiliate Program

Sitechecker enables you to complete a full SEO audit of your entire site to identify any issues that are negatively affecting your organic traffic growth. It consolidates data from its native tools along with data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 to give you in-depth SEO reports for your site.

The tool is used by several industry leaders, including Sony, Microsoft, and Airbnb, and also has solid ratings on sites like Trustpilot and Capterra. Which means potential customers are likely to trust it sooner.

The most affordable plan Sitechecker offers is relatively limited, but potential customers can try it for free through your link to see if it’s the right fit for them.

20. Wordtracker

Wordtracker Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 80% for the first month and then 30% for monthly plans, or 50% for the first payment and then 20% recurring annual commission for yearly plans

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Wordtracker Affiliate Program

Perks: Very low payout threshold of $20 and competitive pricing which could make commissions more likely

Wordtracker is a keyword research tool that helps you analyze metrics like search volume and keyword competition. It uses data from Google Search Console to give you insights into your competitors’ SEO keywords and identifies keyword opportunities for your campaigns.

With an 80% commission rate on monthly plans and 50% for yearly plans plus recurring commissions, this program could be a very lucrative opportunity for affiliates.

21. ContentKing

ContentKing Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20% (recurring commissions)

Cookie duration: 90 day lifetime

URL to join: ContentKing Affiliate Program

Perks: Free trial for affiliates, early access to new features, and access to a variety of materials like banners, landing pages, and social media posts

ContentKing is a real-time, cloud-based SEO auditing and monitoring platform that provides users with real-time data. As soon as it identifies any issues with your site’s SEO, it gives you updates so you can resolve the problems quickly.

The complexity of this tool can make it difficult to promote, but luckily ContentKing offers all affiliates with a free trial and a plethora of high-quality marketing materials.

The biggest downside to this program is that payouts are quarterly rather than monthly.

22. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20% (recurring commissions)

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Rank Ranger Affiliate Program

Perks: Monthly affiliate commission payouts and support that includes monthly emails about product updates and new releases

Rank Ranger helps businesses scale their online presence by giving them access to comprehensive analytics and data. Its features include social media tracking, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and site performance monitoring.

23. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Keyword Tool Dominator Affiliate Program

Perks: Real-time tracking system and regular affiliate transaction summary reports.

Keyword Tool Dominator helps you identify keyword ideas for platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, Google, eBay, Etsy, and Bing. It also provides reports on keyword rankings and allows you to export your keyword lists in formats like Excel and CSV.

Pricing starts at $34 per month making it competitive with other keyword tools on the market.

24. PrePostSEO

PrePostSEO Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30% for first-time sales and then 10% for renewals

Cookie duration: 90 day

URL to join: PrePostSEO Affiliate Program

Perks: Payout threshold of only $25, lifetime commissions, cross-device tracking

PrePostSEO offers more than 95 tools including a keyword density checker, a backlink builder, and a broken link checker. It also has a paid content writing service that can create original, optimized content for your site.

25. Schema Pro

Schema Pro Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Schema Pro Affiliate Program

Perks: Dedicated affiliate support team and unlimited website usage

Schema Pro is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to add schema markup to your site. Rather than adding structured data manually, this tool does the hard work for you and ensures you can add schema markup with just a few clicks. Some knowledge and understanding of schema markup are still required before using the tool.

It has similar functionality to other highly regarded plugins like Yoast SEO, so you’ll have some competition when convincing your audience to convert.

26. SerpWatch

SerpWatch Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20% (lifetime commission)

Cookie duration: Information currently unavailable

URL to join: SerpWatch Affiliate Program

Perks: 20% lifetime recurring commission and flexibility to promote products using different mediums

SerpWatch provides comprehensive keyword rank tracking and data analysis. It gives you alerts when the rankings for keywords change significantly, and it can be integrated with other platforms like Google Analytics 4.

Some users have reported issues with the tool’s updates which could affect renewals.

Affiliates have the flexibility to promote the product using video reviews, written content, and website banners, so you can promote the platform on multiple channels if you have them and reach a wider audience.

How To Choose The Best Program

Choosing the best SEO affiliate programs means keeping a few things in mind. These pointers should be considered with any program, including your choice of SEO affiliate program. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Target market — Before you get into any SEO affiliate program, you’ll need to identify who your target audience is. Are they beginners? If so, advanced SEO tools wouldn’t work for them. You should always make sure that the products you promote meet your audience’s needs before anything else.
  • Commission rate — You have to decide if the commission rate is worth the time and effort you’re putting in. If you join an affiliate program with a 50% commission rate on SEO tools you can’t sell, you’re throwing resources down the drain.
  • Cookie duration — Cookies are the lifeblood of affiliate programs. They’re how affiliate sales are tracked. Make sure the cookies don’t expire too quickly. This is especially true for high-ticket purchases, like software subscriptions, since users may want to take some time to decide. The most profitable SEO affiliate programs tend to be the ones with the longest cookie durations.
  • Payment channels — The majority of these programs use PayPal as their payment channel. While this works just fine for most people, it can be costly to withdraw money. So, if you prefer wire transfers or bank payments, you should look at their terms and conditions and see if other payment methods are possible.
  • Affiliate support — Affiliate programs in the SEO niche generally tend to have a lot of resources you can use. If you’re learning how to use a product, or want to ensure you’re promoting the product properly, it’s important to check out their affiliate resources. It’s not vital, but it helps.
  • Brand reputation — The best kind of affiliate marketing comes from a place of experience. If you can’t try the product personally, you should do your best to ensure it has a good reputation. After all, if something goes wrong, it’s on your head. This is especially true if you’re advertising expensive SEO tools.
  • Extra features — All affiliate programs offer an affiliate link. However, some affiliate programs offer additional features like discount codes, which make the process of getting conversions MUCH easier. Take a look at what they offer affiliates to see what you could use to get an edge over your competitors.

Are SEO Affiliate Programs Worth It?

Absolutely! SEO affiliate programs can be lucrative for individuals or companies looking to monetize their websites or blogs.

Like all affiliate programs, you’ll only be successful if you’re willing to put in the time and do the work. Most SEO affiliate programs also offer extensive support to their affiliates.

And just like SEO, affiliate marketing takes time. So, you’ll have to be prepared to be patient.

What did you think of this list? Would you add any programs? Let us know below!


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