Meet the Backlinko Editorial Team
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Meet the Backlinko Editorial Team


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Who we are

We are a group of passionate SEOs, writers, data geeks, and business people, committed to bringing you accurate, timely, and actionable SEO advice. With a blend of technical know-how, community focus, industry experience, and a knack for simplifying complex SEO concepts, we are here to guide you through your SEO journey.

The Backlinko blog is now run by a Semrush division that acquires and grows reputable websites. The team was started by Nick Eubanks, and is now led by Branko Kral as the Program Manager, and Leigh McKenzie as the Growth Director.

Other key team members who impact the content you read are in charge of SEO strategy, optimization, research and fact checking, content writing, editing, content design, dev, UX, CRO, analytics, or partnerships.

The content is based on first-hand experience of our team, combined with insights from subject matter experts from the SEO and MarTech communities. When we write about tools, we use them first.

Finally, there’s you, our readers, our community. The founder of this blog, Brian Dean, used to set aside time just for community interactions. We’ve now come back to doing the same.

Latest articles:

Threads users – Blog post image

Number of Threads Users

Threads is a microblogging app, new X (Twitter) rival operated by Meta. Launched in July 2023, Threads gained 2 million signups in 2 hours since its launch. By day 5 since launch, Threads already had crossed a milestone of 100 million signups. Following the initial interest in new social media, Threads growth has declined but it still generates over 26 monthly million downloads in 2024 and has a 130 million monthly active user base. Continue reading to find the latest Threads stats for 2024.
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13 Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

An affiliate marketing website promotes another company’s products or services in return for some sort of compensation, usually in the form of a commission. While it may seem like a pretty simple concept, this form of promotion has grown into a $17+ billion industry that is estimated to reach $28.8 billion by 2027. But, how do you get in on this action to monetize your website and where do you start? The best way to start your affiliate journey is by exploring successful affiliate marketing websites. Once you see what these affiliate websites are doing right, you’ll have a better idea of how to replicate their success for your own site. Let’s dive right in.
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11 AWESOME ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT has been a game-changer, but it’s not the only player in the AI field. The world of large language models (LLMs) is vast and varied, each offering unique features and advantages. Whether you’re after affordability, specific functionalities, or just exploring, there’s an LLM out there for you. We’ve tested and used many of these tools, and we’re here to guide you through the best of them. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the top ChatGPT alternatives of 2024.