Technical SEO


Technical SEO might be the most underrated part of SEO. If your technical SEO is out of whack, you won’t rank… no matter how amazing your content is.

But to master the technical side of search, you need to understand key concepts like indexing, URLs, devices, parameters and more. Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of stuff this section covers.

This page contains a library of resources to help your content get found, crawled and indexed by search engines.

Website Architecture

A complete guide to creating an SEO-friendly website architecture. Includes a ton of real life examples.


What is a sitemap? And why is it important? Learn everything you need to know about sitemaps right here.

Crawl Budget

What is a crawl budget? And how can crawl budget optimization help your SEO? Get all the key details right here.

Page Speed and SEO

Everything you need to know about page speed and SEO, including details from the latest Google PageSpeed updates.


What is Robots.txt? And how can it help your SEO? I cover everything you need to know about Robots.txt in this super detailed blog post.

Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content? And why is it bad for SEO? Get all the info right here.


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