AgencyAnalytics Review: Pricing, Features & Key Features
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AgencyAnalytics Review: Pricing, Features & Key Features

Brian Dean

Written by Brian Dean

In this post I’m going to review the SEO reporting tool, AgencyAnalytics.

Specifically, I’m going to share:

  • What I like (and don’t like) about it
  • Key features
  • Use cases
  • Lots more

In short, I’m going to let you know whether or not AgencyAnalytics is worth trying.

Let’s get started.

What Is AgencyAnalytics, Exactly?

AgencyAnalytics is a software suite designed to help marketing agencies and freelancers track, manage and report results to their clients. The tool includes a number of integrations, including Google Analytics, Search Console, YouTube, Twitter and more.

In other words:

AgencyAnalytics isn’t a piece of SEO software that has a ton of features (like Ahrefs).

In fact, their own homepage emphasizes the fact that they’re a “reporting platform”.

AgencyAnalytics – Homepage Reporting Platform

Yes, the tool does have some built-in features. Which I’ll cover in this review.

But you should know that the tool doesn’t really “do” all that much. Instead, it’s really engineered to help you easily report on the work that you’re doing for clients.

With that, let’s dive into AgencyAnalytics’ key features.

Dashboard: Live Client Reporting

After you set up your integrations (which is pretty straightforward), you’ll want to set up your first dashboard.

Your dashboard is basically a pinboard with data from different places (like Google Analytics, Google My Business, call tracking services, and various social media accounts).

AgencyAnalytics – Dashboard

And you can drag and drop different widgets around so the most important data is at the top.

The AgencyAnalytics dashboard is useful for two main reasons:

First, it saves time tracking your client’s important metrics.

In other words, instead of having to login to 27 different tools, you can see all of that data on a single screen.

Second, you can white label dashboard. And send it to clients to check out.

That way, clients can keep tabs on how things are going without having to email you “how many leads did we get this week?”.

What I really like about this feature is that they have LOTS of integrations that you can show on your dashboard. And not just for SEO.

AgencyAnalytics – Integrations

As you can see, you can pull data from Facebook ads, Google Ads, Yelp, Unbounce and more.

Plus, each integration has its own mini report. Which means that you don’t need to login to each platform if you want to dig a little bit deeper.

For example, let’s say that you see that your Google Analytics sessions went down. And you want to figure out why.

Well, you can click on that widget on your dashboard. And get a lot of the same data that you’d find in GA.

AgencyAnalytics – Google Analytics

If you only run one site, this may not seem like a big deal. But if you’re an agency with dozens of clients, these little time savers really add up.

That said, I did notice a pretty significant issue with some of my integrations.

Specifically, my charts for YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers only started tracking from the day that I integrated them with AgencyAnalytics.

AgencyAnalytics – Twitter Followers Graph Spike

In other words, it basically looks like I had zero followers until today. And then a sudden spike.

This would be a big problem if I just took on a new client. I would have to wait several months before these charts became useful. Which is far from ideal.

Overall, I found that setting up and customizing my AgencyAnalytics dashboard was pretty darn easy. Although, like I mentioned above, some of the data pulls weren’t 100% accurate.

Rankings: Track Keyword Rankings Over Time

“Rankings” is AgencyAnalytics’ built-in rank tracking tool.

This is actually one of the few tools that’s built into the platform. The bulk of AgencyAnalytics is designed for reporting.

Anyway, this feature works like pretty much any rank tracker on the planet: you add a bunch of keywords to track. And the tool shows you your current rankings in the SERPs.

Plus, how rankings have changed over time in both Google and Bing.

AgencyAnalytics – Rankings

I manually checked the rankings that AgencyAnalytics reported. And they all checked out.

All in all “Rankings” is a solid rank tracking tool.

Site Auditor: Keep Tabs On Your Technical SEO

AgencyAnalytics also includes a tool to help with SEO audits.

AgencyAnalytics – Site Auditor

Like most SEO audit tools, Site Auditor looks for common technical SEO issues, like:

Overall, this is a solid SEO audit tool. It helps identify any glaring issues. And it’s easy to understand what to prioritize.

That said, I ran into an issue when I tried it out: it reported WAY too many warnings and errors.

AgencyAnalytics – Site Auditor Warnings

Yup, that’s 59 THOUSAND errors.

The thing is, Backlinko is a relatively small site (about 400 total pages). Plus, I tend to stay on top of my site’s technical SEO. So I was really confused when I saw that many errors.

I found it extremely unlikely that I’d have thousands of issues on my site to fix.

As it turned out, I was right. Most of the “warnings” were things that don’t really make a difference. For example, we use WordPress’s built-in comments system. And people’s Gravatars don’t have any alt text.

AgencyAnalytics – Missing Alt Attributes

And Site Auditor counted each of these gravatars as an issue. Which it’s really not.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge deal. After all, I can just ignore that warning. But it does make finding real issues that much harder.

Not to mention the fact that I’d need to explain to my client why 59 thousand errors is “actually no big deal”.

Reports: Send Branded Reports to Clients

This is AgencyAnalytics’ bread and butter feature.

Sure, you might send your client a branded dashboard that they can login into. But most clients don’t need to check their stats all the time.

Instead, they want their agency to send them a monthly report that sums everything up.

And that’s exactly what “Reports” is designed to do.

It’s an intuitive way to report on the data that you integrated with AgencyAnalytics.

AgencyAnalytics – Report

And just like the AgencyAnalytics dashboard, you can use white label reports that match your agency’s brand.

Overall, Reports is a fantastic feature. As someone that used to run a digital marketing agency, I can tell you that creating client reports can be a huge pain.

You have to login to a bunch of different platforms. Take dozens of screenshots. Write up a report. And turn it into a PDF.

With AgencyAnalytics you can do this all within a few minutes. And even have the tool automatically create new reports every month.

AgencyAnalytics – Report Schedule Setup

AgencyAnalytics Support

As part of this review, I decided to send AgencyAnalytics a support message.

Specifically, I asked them a question about the fact that yesterday’s GA data on my dashboard didn’t match what I saw when I logged into Google Analytics.

AgencyAnalytics – Support Question

And they got back to me literally a minute later.

AgencyAnalytics – Support Initial Response

As it turns out, the Google Analytics widget on my AgencyAnalytics dashboard was showing today’s data.

AgencyAnalytics – Support Answer

Which is different from how GA reports it (they only report full days by default). So it wasn’t really a drop at all. It was just that today wasn’t finished yet.

Overall, this was kind of an easy support question. It was basically a user error.

But still, their support staff got back to me pretty much instantly. And they were super friendly and helpful.

AgencyAnalytics Pricing

AgencyAnalytics has three main pricing plans: Freelancer, Agency and Enterprise.

AgencyAnalytics – Pricing

The Freelancer plan is $49/mo and comes with 5 campaigns. So it’s ideal for a small one-person agency.

Agency is $149/mo and comes with 15 campaigns. Enterprise is $399/mo and allows you to create 50 campaigns.

After using the tool, my opinion is that AgencyAnalytics is fairly priced. It’s definitely not a steal. After all, it has very few non-reporting features. So if you want to check a site’s backlinks, traffic or NAP citations you’ll need to invest in something like SEMrush.

But considering that the tool can save the typical SEO agency several hours per week, I’d say that the pricing is pretty fair.

Things I Like About AgencyAnalytics

Lots of Integrations: AgencyAnalytics comes with dozens of integrations. These include integrations you’d expect (like Google Search Console). And a few that are relatively small. But important for certain SEO agencies to have (like WooCommerce).

Outstanding Support: My brief experience with AgencyAnalytics’ support was excellent: fast, friendly and helpful.

Automated Reporting: This is one of those features that doesn’t sound like a big deal to most people. But if you run an SEO or PPC agency, you know that reporting can be a huge time suck. AgencyAnalytics’ excellent report tool largely automates this process.

Things I Didn’t Really Like About AgencyAnalytics

Lack of Built-In Tools: AgencyAnalytics’ actual SEO tool suite is pretty thin. It’s a basic rank tracking tool. And a simple SEO site audit feature. There’s nothing here to help with keyword research, competitor analysis or link building.

Inaccurate Data: The data that I imported from YouTube and Twitter only started counting from the data that I set up the integration. So it made it look like I got 350k subscribers on YouTube in one day:

AgencyAnalytics – YouTube Subscribers Graph Spike

This isn’t a huge deal. But imagine having to send this graph to a client. You’re going to have to explain why the graph isn’t right. And how it will take over a month for it to be accurate.

AgencyAnalytics Review: The Bottom Line

I think AgencyAnalytics is a great tool for SEO freelancers or agencies. It’s reporting features are the best on the market. Which can save you several hours per week on creating reports. So I think it’s a solid value for the money.

Obviously, AgencyAnalytics isn’t perfect. It’s actual SEO features are pretty weak. And I ran into some reporting bugs.

But overall, I recommend AgencyAnalytics for anyone that runs a one-person or medium-sized SEO agency.

What Do You Think?

So that’s my AgencyAnalytics review.

Now I’d like to hear about your experience with it.

Do you currently use AgencyAnalytics?

If so, do you think it’s worth the money?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


  1. Brian,

    Thanks for the review. Did you try to find any alternative to AgencyAnalytics which is cheaper and hold the same or similar features?

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Samar. I’ve tried basically every tool on the market:

      There are lots of great SEO tools. But AgencyAnalytics is one of the only one that has a bunch of features specifically for agencies.

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