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Welcome Email Template

Automatically turn new email subscribers into raving fans with this easy-to-use welcome email template (available in Word, Google Docs and as a PDF). Use this free template to drive more engagement from your list and build stronger relationships with potential customers.

Download the Welcome Email Template

Welcome Email Template

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Why Use a Welcome Email Template?

One of the most valuable assets of any business is its email list. In fact, 100% of Backlinko’s revenue comes from selling things to our email subscribers.

Building a large email list is nice and all. But your email is 100x more valuable when you use it to build relationships with your subscribers.And the first impression you’ll make in that relationship is from your welcome email.

Make a good impression, and that subscriber is more likely to open (and click through) your future emails. Make a bad impression, and there’s a good chance they’ll unsubscribe or ignore your emails.

Your welcome email is your chance to make people excited to get more of your emails. Normally, that’s hard to do. (Who wants more emails?) But this template will make it a LOT easier.

What’s Included

Here’s what’s included in this welcome email template:

  1. The 3 major parts to an effective welcome email: Learn the proven recipe for a welcome email that gets people excited for more.
  2. 2 awesome examples of welcome emails that work: See the recipe in action, as it’s used by 2 popular email newsletters.
  3. The fill-in-the-blank template itself, including both subject line and body.

How to Use This Template

  1. Download the free Welcome Email Template on this page
  2. Review the 3-part framework and proven templates shown in the template
  3. Find out how to set up a welcome email in your email service provider. (For example, here’s how to do it in Mailchimp)
  4. Paste in the template and fill in the blanks

How to Get the Most From Your Email List

The welcome email is probably the single most important email you can send to your list. But remember, it’s just the start of a long relationship. Follow these tips to turn your email list into a strong source of revenue for your business.

  • Follow this email list building guide to help increase your list size dramatically. (For example, you can get subscribers by adding a form or two to your site’s about page)
  • If you use a confirmation email (or “double opt-in”), link the confirmation button to a thank-you page with more information and an additional call-to-action. For example, a CTA to share your work or follow you on social media.
  • Avoid “spam words” that can make your email get caught up in spam filters. For example, “Be your own boss”, ”100% free”, and “Incredible deal”.
  • Check out Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide for many more advanced tips.
  • For more free email templates, see our full collection right here.

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Welcome Email Template

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