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Landing Page Template

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Landing Page Template

Increase your conversion rates with this customizable landing page template (available in Word, Google Docs and as a PDF). You can use this free template to help build your subscriber list, bring in leads, or sell your product or service.

Download the Landing Page Template

Landing Page Template

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Why Use a Landing Page template?

Landing pages are the ultimate leverage point.

A 5% improvement in your landing page’s performance can have the exact same impact on your bottom line: 5% more sales. Without changing ANYTHING else in your business.

So when it comes to landing pages (also called “squeeze pages”), optimizing your conversion rate should be your #1 goal.

It sounds simple.

But most people do things that kill their conversion rates. For example, they think any page with a form on it can be a landing page.

(“My homepage is optimized for conversions. So I’ll just send all my ad traffic there!”)

Not a good idea.

The key feature of a landing page is that it’s FOCUSED. It doesn’t have all the distractions and “escape hatches” that a homepage does. It’s designed for conversions, and conversions alone.

That makes landing pages unique. Which can make them hard to put together.

That’s where this template comes in. Use it as a paint-by-numbers guide, and you’ll have a high-performing landing page in no time.

What’s Included

Here’s what’s included in this landing page template:

  1. Wording that works: Persuasive, fill-in-the-blanks phrasing you can copy and paste.
  2. The 5 must-have sections: How to structure your landing page so that by the end, people can’t resist saying “yes”.
  3. Bonus tips to give your landing page extra “oomph” and convert more visitors.

How to Use This Template

  1. Download the free Landing Page Template on this page
  2. Replace the text in each section based on your offer
  3. Build your landing page. You might use a new page in WordPress, code it yourself, or use a hosted page-building tool like Leadpages
  4. Copy and paste the template into each section of your new landing page

How to Increase Your Landing Page’s Conversion Rate

If it was easy to make a great landing page, you’d see them everywhere. But let’s be honest: most landing pages are TERRIBLE.

This template will help you avoid a lot of the most common mistakes. But think of it this way: Every visitor to your landing page who DOESN’T convert is money you could’ve made…

But didn’t.

So you should do everything you can to bump up your conversion rate. Here are more tips to help you do that.

  • Keep it streamlined. Your landing page is not the place to link to your blog. Or to show a feed of your most recent tweets. Or anything else. Focus on the one thing that matters: getting people to convert.
  • Use consistent messaging. If you’re running ads to your landing page that focus on a 10% discount, that should be clear on the page itself too. (Tip: Take your best-performing ad text or email subject lines and try them out as headlines.)
  • Use contrasting colors to make your call-to-action stand out.
  • Keep improving it even after it’s live. How? A/B test different elements like your layout, images and copy.

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Landing Page Template

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