How to Rank For Any Keyword (This is The Exact 1-2 Punch I Used to Rank #4 for “Backlinks”)

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  1. Excellent video, Brian! For example, my post “25 Expert Bloggers Share The #1 Productivity-Hack They Attribute To Their Success” used this strategy. After emailing everyone (including you) that had contributed to the post, I was able to get it pushed out to social from a handful of bloggers that have built up a following. It then go a ton of retweets resulting in 350+ unique visitors and a tons of social shares wirhin 3 days of my blog being live. It really is a great strategy…hopefully I get some links in there as well.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Casey (350 unique visitors for a brand new blog is no joke!). If you follow up with a few heads up emails and forum shares, that should increase the odds that you get some quality links to that page.

      1. Hey Brian. I hope your replies trigger notifications by email! 🙂

        But, in my industry, there aren’t many (or maybe any) forums that aren’t controlled by competitors. Also, usually the only people posting on my topic are competitors. So those are pretty big challenges.

        Anyway, my question. You mentioned that you would link to some people in your post, and then some might give you a link back. But I’ve heard so much that reciprocal links don’t help (so, if you notify them that you link to them, how would it help either of you if they link back?) So my question is whether you advise trying to get reciprocal links. Thank you!!

  2. Hey Brian, sweet video! You’ve got me itching to see your next one about the one punch guest post! Also, really like the idea of just doing a simple heads up email to the top 100 or 200 people. Nice stuff mate!

    1. Thanks Richard! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. You’re right: The Heads Up Email is simple but effective 🙂

    1. I’ve had success with that…but not as much as a direct email.

      This has helped me get my email to the right person:

      I just write the email as if it’s directly to that person. For example, if I wanted to get in touch with Melissa, I’d write something like this to

      Subject: Melissa: question about your last blog post

      Hi Melissa,

      I just read your last blog post about…

      Thanks again, Melissa. Let me know if you want to see the article that I mentioned.


      That way, when the person that monitors reads the message, they think, “I better forward this to Melissa”.

  3. Hi Brian! Thank you for such a wonderful and informative video! I really enjoy how you think outside the box and come up with such creative ideas.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Lisa. I really appreciate it. Feel free to send me an email if you give any of these strategies a shot 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Bela. I try to show people that small business owners like us can compete with big brands (and win!).

  4. Great post, Brian! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I’d much rather send you $7-15 per post than waste it on WSO’s that are filled with aimless regurgitated nonsense. Your information is actually valuable, makes sense, and most importantly is FRESH! Kudos

    1. Thanks Sam! I totally agree with what you’re saying about WSOs: they’re 99% rehashed information (and that information is mostly bad information to begin with!). I’m happy to bring something fresh and useful to the table that people can use to grow their business 🙂

  5. Brilliant video and awesome tips Brian! I literally sat down with my morning coffee and notepad…jotting down key points while sipping, smiling and nodding throughout the video. It’s so good to see fresh info that’s not only unique but can genuinely help the rest of us mortals 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next video! Remember, the next time you’re heading to New Zealand, I’ve got a cold beer waiting here with your name on it mate.

    1. Glad to brighten up your breakfast with some fresh content 🙂

      A New Zealand beer sounds good. I’ll definitely take you up on that offer when I head over to that part of the world, Dean.

  6. You are awesome, Brian! Since I’ve subscribed to your newsletter I learned only quality things and my website started to grow. You are the man!

  7. Fantastic video Brian, you really are delivering content in a great manor. I feel inspired watching your teachings and make me want to improve my delivery.

    I love the tip on the expanded content posts and will set about creating a few pillar posts as outlined in your video

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