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Brian is the founder of Backlinko, and now an internationally recognized SEO expert. After failing with his first five online businesses, Brian finally struck gold with a site in the personal finance space in 2012. He created Backlinko to teach the lessons he learned along the way.

Since launching Backlinko, Brian made a name for himself by publishing insanely practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their online business. Backlinko is now one of the most popular marketing blogs online.

After selling Backlinko to Semrush, he started another successful venture, Exploding Topics. But he also stuck around to continue to help set the standards for Backlinko, and we’re thrilled to still have him around as a contributor.

Latest articles:

Introducing: The Content Marketing Hub, A Free Library of Content Resources

Introducing: The Content Marketing Hub 2.0, A Free Library of Content Marketing Resources for 2023

I’m super excited to announce the completely updated Content Marketing Hub. We launched the first version of Content Marketing Hub last year. Since then, we’ve made hundreds of edits, additions, improvements and updates. This new resource 30+ covers pretty much everything you need to know about content marketing all in one place… including content promotion, copywriting, blog design, content repurposing, and more.