Zoom User Stats: How Many People Use Zoom?
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Zoom User Stats: How Many People Use Zoom?

Brian Dean

Written by Brian Dean

Zoom User Stats: How Many People Use Zoom?

Zoom Meetings, launched in 2013, quickly became a key player in digital communication, amassing 200 million meeting minutes in its first year. Its usage soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching 300 million daily meeting participants in April 2020.

However, by February 2024, Zoom’s market capitalization has declined from its October 2020 peak of $159 billion to $20 billion, amidst fierce competition from platforms like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Still a significant force in the virtual communication field, this article explores Zoom’s 2024 user statistics, highlighting its resilience and current standing in a highly competitive market.

Read on for more insights:

Zoom Stats: Top Picks

  • Zoom has 219,700 enterprise customers
  • Zoom generated $1.137 billion in revenue last quarter, an increase of 3.2% from last year.
  • The Zoom mobile app has been downloaded 81.48 million times in the first 6 months of 2023.
  • Zoom has 3,731 customers that contribute more than $100K each in annual recurring revenue.
  • Zoom’s Phone segment reached 7 million paid user seats.

Zoom Revenue

According to the company earnings release, Zoom brought in $1.137 billion in the latest quarter. That’s an increase of 3.18% over the same quarter a year ago when the company generated $1.102 billion.

Zoom Revenue

Since pandemic and remote work adoption, Zoom revenue grew significantly but remains relatively stable over the past 2 years.

Here’s a table with Zoom quarterly revenue growth since April 2017:

Date Quarterly revenue
April 2017 $27 million
July 2017 $33 million
October 2017 $41 million
January 2018 $51 million
April 2018 $60 million
July 2018 $75 million
October 2018 $90 million
January 2019 $106 million
April 2019 $122 million
July 2019 $146 million
October 2019 $167 million
January 2020 $188 million
April 2020 $328 million
July 2020 $664 million
October 2020 $777 million
January 2021 $882 million
April 2021 $956 million
July 2021 $1.021 billion
October 2021 $1.051 billion
January 2022 $1.071 billion
April 2022 $1.074 billion
July 2022 $1.099 billion
October 2022 $$1.102 billion
January 2023 $1.118 billion
April 2023 $1.105 billion
July 2023 $1.139 billion
October 2023 $1.137 billion

Sources: Zoom, Macrotrends

Zoom Enterprise Customers

Zoom discloses the number of enterprise customers as a key business metric in its SEC filings.

Zoom defines enterprise customers as “distinct business units who have been engaged by either our direct sales team, resellers, or strategic partners”.

Zoom had 219,700 enterprise customers as of October 2023. Zoom revenue from enterprise customers accounted for 58% of total’s company revenue in the latest quarter (Q3 FY 2024).

Zoom Enterprise Customers

Here’s a table with number of enterprise customers over time since January 2020:

Note: Zoom’s fiscal year runs to January 31.
Date Enterprise customers
January 2020 54,600
January 2021 141,100
January 2022 191,000
January 2023 213,000
July 2023 218,100
October 2023 219,700

Source: Zoom

Zoom Customers Contributing More than $100K

Zoom had 3,731 business customers contributing more than $100,000 each per year as of October 2023.

The number of $100K+ business customers is up 49% since October 2021.

Zoom Customers Contributing More than $100K

As of October 2023, around 29% (approximately $330 million) of Zoom’s quarterly revenue ($1.137 billion), comes from organizations that contribute more than $100,000 each.

We’ve prepared a table charting the growth of the Zoom enterprise client base since January 2018:

Date Number of customers contributing $100K+
January 2018 143
April 2018 184
July 2018 228
October 2018 277
January 2019 344
April 2019 405
July 2019 466
October 2019 546
January 2020 641
April 2020 769
July 2020 988
October 2020 1,289
January 2021 1,644
April 2021 1,999
January 2022 2,725
January 2023 3,471
July 2023 3,672
October 2023 3,731

Source: Zoom

Zoom Phone Users

Zoom Phone launched in January 2019 as a cloud phone system available as an extension to Zoom’s platform.

Zoom has approximately 7 million Zoom Phone paying user seats, a milestone it reached in less than five years. That’s an increase from nearly 4 million seats sold as of July 2022.

Zoom Phone Users

Sources: Zoom 1, Zoom 2

Number of Apps & Integrations on the Zoom App Marketplace

The Zoom App Marketplace was launched in October 2018. The app distribution platform is populated with native and third-party integrations designed to enhance the Zoom video conferencing experience.

Zoom has over 2,400 apps and integrations available for download on the Zoom App Marketplace (as of December 2023). The number of available apps has increased by more than 60% since July 2021, when over 1,500 apps and integrations were added to the marketplace.

Number of Apps & Integrations on the Zoom App Marketplace

Source: Zoom

Zoom App Downloads

Based on data from AppMagic, the Zoom mobile app was downloaded 38.41 million times worldwide in Q2 2023 alone across the App Store & Google Play combined.

Zoom App Downloads

Zoom hit an all-time high of quarterly downloads during Q2 2020 (following remote work adoption caused by pandemic), when the app was downloaded 331.32 million times.

Date Zoom app downloads
Q3 2019 7.33 million
Q4 2019 7.86 million
Q1 2020 116.14 million
Q2 2020 331.32 million
Q3 2020 162.61 million
Q4 2020 130.19 million
Q1 2021 103.77 million
Q2 2021 89.57 million
Q3 2021 77.48 million
Q4 2021 56.65 million
Q1 2022 64.48 million
Q2 2022 42.87 million
Q3 2022 40.7 million
Q4 2022 39.18 million
Q1 2023 43.07 million
Q2 2023 38.41 million

Source: Statista

How Many People Work at Zoom?

Worldwide, 8,484 full-time employees work at Zoom. Zoom employee count has grown by 1.92x since 2021, in which time the company has added 4,062 new employees.

How Many People Work at Zoom?

Here’s a table showing the Zoom employee count since 2019:

Date Employees
January 2019 1,702
January 2020 2,532
January 2021 4,422
January 2022 6,787
January 2023 8,484

The median compensation packages for software engineers at Zoom totals $195,000. Zoom employees working in the US on an H1-B visa receive a median base salary of $117,398.

Sources: Macrotrends, Levels.fyi, H1B Salary Database


That’s it for our list of Zoom user statistics.

I hope you’ve learned something new from this stats roundup.

With such rapid growth since the pandemic, it’s easy to see how the company has risen to a market cap of more than $75 billion. In fact, the platform is so mainstream that “Zoom” is now a used as a verb. TV episodes are created entirely from Zoom meetings. And there are entire guides dedicated to helping people use the dozens of features inside of Zoom.

It will be interesting to see how Zoom fares now that many new startups are entering the business video communication space.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Do you think Zoom is still relevant in a post-pandemic world?

Was there anything you read in the roundup that surprised you?

Or anything extra you’d like to see included? Give me a heads up in the comments section.


  1. Definitely one of those “right place right time” situations, I’d never heard of Zoom prior to the lockdowns.

    I was literally wondering what their growth numbers were like considering most of my friends and family are now using Zoom daily.

    The statistic-based articles are next level!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Hi Sean, thank you. Glad you found the stats useful.

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