How to Zoom to the First Page With “The Upside Down Guest Post

Click play to see how to do it:


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      1. Hi again Brian,
        I just finished watching it. What I feel now is like going back in time and linking back to my site from the middle portion of my guest posts.
        Most Blog Owners didn’t allow to link to my site from the middle portion of the guest posts. I tried many ways to do that, but none of them was worth it.
        I wonder why on earth I didn’t thought of the Resources linking idea. Way to go Brian.
        Linking to other guest posts also seem brilliant. Thanks a lot for that valuable information.
        BTW, why didn’t you rolled out this as a post on your blog ?

        Looking forward to your reply and newsletter.

        1. Really glad you liked the video, Amal. This is one of those things I just kind of figured out by accident. I’m glad I did because it works great.

          Good question. Now that you mention it this could have definitely been a blog post. But I like to provide exclusive content like this that isn’t linked from the homepage just for Backlinko subscribers 🙂

          1. Okay, I’m sure all those people who’vent subscribed yet really missed something good.
            BTW, one more question? – Why is the name of the commentators not showing up on the comments on this blog? You disabled it for purpose? Why, tell me about it, will yew?

          2. 😀

            Thanks for the heads up Amal. That looks like a WordPress glitch. Having my developer work on it right now.

          3. Cool, thanks. Hmm. Good question. I just used the widget because it had to be custom coded for this custom page.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Just wondering how many guest posts you actually had published to achieve that jump from the bottom of page 2 to number 4 on page one? and what was the DA of those sites? Thanks

      1. Hi Sam, it wasn’t only the guest posts that got me there. It’s hard to say because the post generated some natural links along the way.

    1. That’s a good point, Andrew. I never thought of that. It also adds value to the post because it gives people curated resources they can check out if they want to learn more about a topic.

  1. Hi Brian, that is some amazing stuff! I love your backlinking tutorials… you make it very easy to understand and the stuff simply works! I have already used some of your previous strategies and now I am able to rank on front page of Google. Thanks again and keep it rocking!

    1. Thanks Anthony! I work really hard to make sure that everything that I publish is crystal clear and easy to follow. And I’m REALLY happy to hear that you were able to get first page rankings using my techniques 🙂

  2. Great idea on the helpful resources section. The only problem is that some guest post guidelines limit the links out to only 1. But this can probably be mitigated if you show that you’re actually linking out to quality resources, and the best websites usually don’t put those strict guidelines on the guest posting. It’s usually those mediocre websites that allow a lot of guest posting that add the limits.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video, Joe. Good question. I’ve found the same thing: only shady sites tend to care about how and where you link out to. Quality sites only care about one thing: publishing an awesome post. So if you bring that to the table, they’re usually flexible to publish links wherever you want as long as it makes sense.

  3. What do you think about the idea of putting the author bio as the intro to the guest post? I’ve seen that done before and wondering if that’s a good tactic. (That’s what I thought you were going to suggest at first)

    1. That’s definitely better than having the author bio at the bottom of the page. My only issue with that is that there’s usually words around the link, like “today’s guest post is by” or “today’s post is from” that Google my use to ID and devalue guest post links in the future.

  4. Brilliant as always. Love the idea of linking to other sites that already link to you with your other resources. So obvious!
    My question… when linking to other sites that have links pointing to you, do you link to their home page or do you link to the page with the link pointing back to you? If not the home page, has anyone called you on the fact that each site has a link to your site?

    Thanks as always!

    1. Thanks Adam! Good question. I link to the page that’s linking back to you. I haven’t been called out because I mix it up quite a bit. If I link out 10 times, only 2-3 will be links to my sites or pages with my links.

    2. You might also want to consider whether the page that you’re linking to is also linking to your competitors, as it would be a more efficient use of your outgoing link.

  5. Hi Brian
    Another mega post as always!
    Will this strategy still work with the recent clamp down by Google on guest post links? Do you recommend keyword anchor text in the link or just url, more info, visit page type links?

    Keep up the good work

    1. Really good question that I think a lot of people wonder about. Actually, I see this as working long-term because you’re getting contextual links. It’s those author bio links that are getting devalued. I usually use the title of the post as the anchor text, which typically contains the keyword. But I also mix it up and sometimes use generic anchor text.

      Thanks for watching, Dom 🙂

  6. Incredible video 🙂 Just a suggestion – You can also offer your videos as downloads if the visitor completes a certain kind of social transaction. For example – like or share or tweet or +1 your post so that he/she can download the video 😉

    1. That’s a REALLY good idea, Swayam. Might do that for the next batch of videos.

      And glad to hear that you enjoyed the video 🙂

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