Steam Usage and Catalog Stats for 2023
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Steam Usage and Catalog Stats for 2023

Brian Dean

Written by Brian Dean

Steam Usage and Catalog Stats

Steam is a massive video game distribution platform.

Launched in 2003, the service has gained popularity among gamers across the world.

Today, it has more than 120 million monthly active users and a catalog of over 50 thousand games.

Read on to find the latest Steam stats for 2023. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find on this page:

Top Picks

  • Steam has 120 million monthly active users.
  • 62.6 million people use Steam on a daily basis.
  • The Steam catalog in the US includes 50,361 games.
  • Steam users logged 31.3 billion hours of playtime in 2020.
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS holds the record for the most concurrent Steam players, peaking at 3.26M.

Steam monthly active users

Steam has 120 million monthly active users (MAUs). Steam’s active user base has grown by 26.31% over the past year, adding 25 million new monthly active users in 2020.

Steam has 120 million monthly active users

The number of monthly active players on Steam has increased 1.79x since 2017.

Steam monthly active users

Here’s a table showing Steam’s monthly active user growth since 2017:

Year Monthly active users
2017 67 million
2018 90 million
2019 95 million
2020 120 million

Source: Statista.

Steam daily active users

Steam has 62.6 million daily active users. An increase from 47 million daily users in 2018. More than half (51.99%) of MAUs access Steam at least once a day.

Steam has 62.6 million daily active users

Source: Valve.

Steam peak concurrent users

26.85 million users concurrently accessed Steam at one point in March 2021, marking an all-time peak to date.

Steam peak concurrent users

The average daily peak for March was 25.65 million concurrent users. That’s a year-over-year increase of 29.35%.

We’ve charted the growth in Steam’s peak concurrent user count since January 2007:

Note: Average daily peak in each month.
Date Peak concurrent users
January 2007 285 thousand
January 2008 619 thousand
January 2009 1.5 million
January 2010 2.5 million
February 2011 3.17 million
February 2012 4.67 million
February 2013 5.79 million
February 2014 6.92 million
March 2015 8.58 million
March 2016 11.35 million
March 2017 12.25 million
March 2018 16.45 million
October 2019 14.8 million
January 2020 16.26 million
March 2020 19.83 million
June 2020 20.59 million
October 2020 21.86 million
December 2020 23.96 million
January 2021 24.67 million
February 2021 25.38 million
March 2021 25.65 million

Source: SteamDB.

Total hours played on Steam

Steam users logged 31.3 billion hours of playtime in 2020. Playtime has grown by 50.55% over the last year, outstripping the 26.31% growth in MAUs.

Steam users logged 31.3 billion hours of playtime in 2020

Source: Valve.

How many new games are added to Steam each year?

Developers added 10,263 games to Steam in 2020. That’s a record number of game releases for the platform. And an increase of 27.76% over the previous year.

How many new games are added to Steam each year?

Here’s a table showing the annual number of Steam game releases since 2004:

Year Game releases
2004 7
2005 6
2006 71
2007 112
2008 183
2009 356
2010 276
2011 283
2012 379
2013 565
2014 1,771
2015 2,964
2016 4,207
2017 7,049
2018 9,050
2019 8,033
2020 10,263

Source: Statista.

Steam’s US game library

Steam’s US library contains 92,196 titles across all categories. This includes add-on content like DLC, mods and soundtracks.

50,361 games are available on Steam as of March 2021.

Source: Steam.

What are the most played games on Steam?

Ranked by all-time peak concurrent users, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is the most played game on Steam.

What are the most played games on Steam?

Counter-Strike and Dota 2 round out the top 3.

Here’s a complete list of the top 15 most popular games on Steam:

Game name All-time peak concurrent users
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1.3 million
Dota 2 1.29 million
Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 million
Valheim 502 thousand
Terraria 490 thousand
Fallout 4 473 thousand
Life is Strange 2 469 thousand
Among Us 447 thousand
POSTAL 412 thousand
World of Warships 379 thousand
Grand Theft Auto V 364 thousand
HITMAN™ 2 361 thousand
Kathy Rain 334 thousand
Monster Hunter: World 320 thousand

Source: SteamDB.

Steam games by genre

The Steam library includes 32,712 indie games, more than any other genre. Action and adventure are also popular categories, each with over 17,000 titles.

Steam games by genre

We’ve charted the number of games on Steam by genre:

Note: Games can have multiple genre labels.
Genre Number of games
Indie 32,712
Action 19,571
Adventure 17,092
Simulation 8,904
Strategy 8,888
RPG 7,801
Sports 2,265

Source: Steam Spy.


SteamVR is a dedicated tool for playing Steam games using a supported VR headset.

There were 104 million PC VR sessions on Steam in 2020. The average session time was 32 minutes.

The company claims that 1.7 million users tried SteamVR for the first time last year.

The Steam catalog includes 3,870 VR-only games (7.68% of total game count) and 4,571 games that support VR.

Source: Valve.

Steam users with VR headsets

Steam survey data suggests that only 2.3% of users have VR headsets.

Among Steam users who do own VR headsets, more than half (52.28%) use a version of Facebook’s Oculus headset.

Steam users with VR headsets

Here’s a breakdown of Steam users that own VR headsets:

VR Headset Share of users
Oculus Quest 2 24.25%
Oculus Rift S 20.96%
Valve Index HMD 16.37%
HTC Vive 12.24%
Oculus Rift 7.07%
Windows Mixed Reality 6.5%
Oculus Quest 5.74%
HTC Vive Pro 2.27%
HTC Vive Cosmos 1.02%
HTC Vive Elite 0.98%

Source: Steam.

Steam users by OS

The vast majority (96.17%) of Steam users access the service on Windows.

96.17% of Steam users access the service on Windows

Here’s the full breakdown of Steam users by operating system:

Operating System Users
Windows 96.17%
OSX 2.98%
Linux 0.85%

Source: Steam.

Video cards among Steam users

75.41% of Steam users on PC have a video card made by NVIDIA. AMD and Intel account for a further 24.46%.

75.41% of Steam users on PC have a video card made by NVIDIA

Here’s a comprehensive overview of PC video cards among the Steam user base:

Brand Share
NVIDIA 75.41%
AMD 16.18%
Intel 8.28%
Other 0.13%

Source: Steam.

Steam app download stats

The Steam mobile app was downloaded 1.5 million times across iOS and Android in March 2021 alone. Google Play accounted for 53.33% (800 thousand) of total downloads, and the remaining 46.67% (700 thousand) came from the App Store.

All-time Android downloads of the Steam app exceed 50 million.

Steam also has an affiliated chat app, Steam Chat. The app was installed 60 thousand times in March 2021. More than 1 million total users have downloaded Steam Chat on Android.

Sources: Sensor Tower, Google Play.


That’s all for my 2023 Steam stats roundup.

The video game platform has consistently grown its user base since launching almost two decades ago.

As with other gaming-related services, Steam saw an increase in usage during the pandemic. Do you think the platform can maintain this momentum? Or will it suffer as the world reopens?

If you have any questions about the stats included here, I’d be more than happy to provide clarification. I’d also love to hear any general feedback: it helps me make these roundups even better.

So please get in touch in the comments below.


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