Roblox Usage and Growth Statistics: How Many People Play Roblox in 2021?

Roblox Usage and Growth Statistics: How Many People Play Roblox in 2021?

Brian Dean

by Brian Dean · Updated Feb. 24, 2021

Roblox Usage and Growth Statistics: How Many People Use Roblox

Roblox launched in 2006 as a gaming platform focused on user-created games.

The startup saw limited traction at first. But Roblox’s popularity has picked up considerably over the last few years.

The pandemic, which helped the gaming industry achieve skyrocketing growth, has added millions of users to Roblox’s platform.

In fact, in January 2021, Roblox hit a milestone of 199 million monthly active users (an increase from 121 million in February 2020).

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn about Roblox in 2021:

Roblox Usage Statistics (Top Picks)

  • Roblox has 32.6 million daily active users. That’s up from 7 million daily active users in 2016.
    Roblox has 32.6 million daily active users
  • There are 7 million developers on the Roblox platform.
  • Roblox had 5.7 million concurrent users during the platform’s all-time peak usage.
  • Community developers have made over $200 million on Roblox.
  • Roblox has over 18 million games.
  • 67% of Roblox users are under 16.

Roblox monthly active users

Roblox currently has 199 million monthly active users, according to estimates from RTrack. Roblox’s user base has seen significant growth over the past 18 months.

Roblox currently has 199 million monthly active users

(In fact, Roblox added 80 million users in 2020 alone.)

We’ve charted Roblox user growth since 2016:

Roblox User Growth

With that, here’s a table that contains the full data:

Users Date
9+ million February 2016
30+ million December 2016
48+ million March 2017
56+ million July 2017
64+ million December 2017
70+ million September 2018
90+ million April 2019
100 million August 2019
113 million December 2019
119 million January 2020
121 million February 2020
134 million March 2020
146 million April 2020
155 million May 2020
158 million June 2020
164 million July 2020
169 million August 2020
175 million September 2020
172 million October 2020
170 million November 2020

Sources: RTrack, Roblox, TechCrunch.

Roblox daily active users

Roblox has 37.1 million daily active users worldwide. An increase from 13.7 million daily active users in 2018.

In fact, the number of Roblox daily active users in Q4 2020 increased by 170.8% compared with Q4 2018.

Roblox Daily Active Users

Here’s a full breakdown of Roblox’s daily active users since Q1 2018:

Quarter, year Daily active users (Global)
Q1 2018 10.3 million
Q2 2018 11.3 million
Q3 2018 12.7 million
Q4 2018 13.7 million
Q1 2019 15.8 million
Q2 2019 17.1 million
Q3 2019 18.4 million
Q4 2019 19.1 million
Q1 2020 23.6 million
Q2 2020 33.4 million
Q3 2020 36.2 million
Q4 2020 37.1 million

Averaged on a yearly basis, Roblox has 32.6 million daily active users as of 2020. That’s an increase of 1.85x over the previous year.

Here’s a table showing Roblox daily active users on an annual basis since 2018:

Year DAUs
2018 12 million
2019 17.6 million
2020 32.6 million

Source: Roblox.

Geographic distribution of Roblox users

33% of Roblox’s daily active users are based in the US & Canada. That amounts to 11.5 million daily active users in the US & Canada.

33% of Roblox’s daily active users are based in the US & Canada

In fact, the number of Roblox daily active users in the US & Canada grew by 82.54% in Q3 2020 (compared with the same quarter in 2019).

Here’s the complete breakdown of US and Canadian daily active users over the past few quarters:

Quarter, year Daily active users (US & Canada)
Q4 2018 5 million
Q1 2019 5.7 million
Q2 2019 6 million
Q3 2019 6.7 million
Q4 2019 6.3 million
Q1 2020 7.8 million
Q2 2020 11.4 million
Q3 2020 11.5 million

The European region has nearly the same number of daily active users as in North America.

The company’s recent SEC filing (Form S-1) reports that Roblox has 10.4 million daily active users in Europe. Which equals 29% of Roblox’s total worldwide user base.

Here’s the breakdown for Roblox DAUs in Europe:

Quarter, year Daily active users (Europe)
Q4 2018 3.7 million
Q1 2019 4.6 million
Q2 2019 4.8 million
Q3 2019 4.9 million
Q4 2019 5.5 million
Q1 2020 7 million
Q2 2020 9.9 million
Q3 2020 10.4 million

In the Asia-Pacific region, Roblox has 5.4 million daily active users. Roblox has added 2.6 million new daily active users in Asia over the past 4 quarters alone.

Here’s the table with historical data on Roblox DAUs growth in Asia:

Quarter, year Daily active users (Asia-Pacific)
Q4 2018 2.1 million
Q1 2019 2.3 million
Q2 2019 2.7 million
Q3 2019 2.8 million
Q4 2019 3.2 million
Q1 2020 3.7 million
Q2 2020 4.6 million
Q3 2020 5.4 million

9 million daily active Roblox users are based outside of North America, Europe and Asia.

In fact, the daily active user base of Roblox outside of North America, Europe and Asia increased by 3.21x in less than 2 years.

Here’s an overview of Roblox DAUs outside of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific over the last few years:

Quarter, year Daily active users (Rest of the World)
Q4 2018 2.8 million
Q1 2019 3.3 million
Q2 2019 3.6 million
Q3 2019 4 million
Q4 2019 4.1 million
Q1 2020 5.2 million
Q2 2020 7.4 million
Q3 2020 9 million

Source: Roblox.

Engagement hours on Roblox

“Engagement hours” refers to the total time spent on the Roblox platform.

When Roblox first launched in 2006, they had a very limited engagement. Since 2016, engagement hours on the platform began taking off exponentially.

8.43 billion hours of user engagement on Roblox was registered in Q4 2020 (an increase from 2.1 billion vs. late 2018).

In fact, Roblox added 5.01 billion hours of engagement in the first 3 quarters of 2020 alone.

Engagement hours on Roblox

Here’s the full breakdown of Roblox’s engagement hours over the past few quarters:

Quarter, year Hours of engagement
Q1 2018 2.1 billion
Q2 2018 2.17 billion
Q3 2018 2.63 billion
Q4 2018 2.53 billion
Q1 2019 2.97 billion
Q2 2019 3.25 billion
Q3 2019 3.73 billion
Q4 2019 3.7 billion
Q1 2020 4.87 billion
Q2 2020 8.58 billion
Q3 2020 8.71 billion
Q4 2020 8.43 billion

Sources: Statista, Roblox, YouTube.

What’s the average daily usage of Roblox?

Roblox daily active users spend an average of 156 minutes (2.6 hours) per day on the platform.

Source: Roblox.

How many games are available on Roblox?

Roblox defines the number of available games as “experiences”.

According to Roblox internal data, there are over 18 million games on Roblox.

Source: Roblox.

Ranked by the number of visits, Adopt Me! is currently the most popular game on Roblox. Other top entries include Tower of Hell, MeepCity, and Piggy.

What are the most popular games on Roblox?

Here are the top 10 most popular Roblox games (based on the number of visits):

Name of the game Number of visits
Adopt Me! 19.46 billion
Tower of Hell 9.54 billion
MeepCity 8.9 billion
Piggy 7.53 billion
Royale High 5.4 billion
Jailbreak 4.71 billion
Murder Mystery 2 4.22 billion
Welcome to Bloxburg 3.92 billion
Work at a Pizza Place 3.02 billion
Brookhaven 3 billion

Source: Rolimons.

Age distribution of Roblox’s user base

Roblox is dominated by young users. 67% of users are under the age of 16. Only 14% of Roblox’s users are over 25 years old.

67% of Roblox's users are under the age of 16

Here’s the age distribution of Roblox’s user base:

Age group Share (among DAUs)
Under 9 25%
9-12 29%
13-16 13%
17-24 16%
25+ 14%

According to Roblox Investor Day presentation, 54.86% of Roblox daily active users were under 13 years old as of 2020. That’s largely unchanged from previous years, with 59.3% and 57.76% for 2019 and 2018 respectively.

Roblox users by gender

Roblox gender distribution is currently almost equal with 51% male, 44% female (the remaining 5% are unknown).

That’s a considerable change considering that only 35% of Roblox users were female back in 2016.

Here’s an overview of Roblox’s audience by gender:

Gender Share (among DAUs)
Male 51%
Female 44%
Unknown 5%

Sources: Roblox, Forbes, TechCrunch, Statista.

Platform distribution of Roblox players

72% of Roblox user sessions happen on mobile devices. The desktop platform also has a considerable share of 25%. The rest of Roblox’s users (3%) access Roblox via consoles.

72% of Roblox user sessions happen on mobile devices

Here’s the complete breakdown of Roblox usage by platform:

Platform Share (among DAUs)
Mobile 72%
Desktop 25
Console 3%

How does Roblox make money?

Roblox makes money via purchases of Robux by users, subscription fees from Roblox Premium, and commissions charged from developers when they make a successful transaction.

Roblox’s main business model leverages its internal currency (Robux).

Robux can be earned and spent on the platform. And traded through a proprietary exchange into real-world currency (US dollars).

While the majority of experiences (games) on Roblox are free, users are able to purchase specific enhancements.

Robux can be purchased by users via:

  • One-time purchase
  • Roblox Premium (subscription)

Developers and creators can earn Robux via:

  • Selling access to games and enhancements
  • Engagement-based payouts
  • Sale of content and tools between developers
  • Selling items to users through the Avatar Marketplace

Developers get 70% of every game purchase on Roblox. With Roblox retaining the remaining 30%.

For items that appear in the Avatar Marketplace, creators get a 30% cut, while Roblox retains 70% of the transaction.

Roblox’s current revenue

Roblox brings in $242.19 million in quarterly revenue. An increase of 4x since 2018.

Roblox's Revenue

Here’s the complete overview of Roblox’s revenue over time:

Quarter, year Revenue (in US dollars)
Q1 2018 59.72 million
Q2 2018 72.58 million
Q3 2018 84.52 million
Q4 2018 95.95 million
Q1 2019 107.08 million
Q2 2019 115.78 million
Q3 2019 127.03 million
Q4 2019 138.34 million
Q1 2020 156.78 million
Q2 2020 189.7 million
Q3 2020 242.19 million

Sources: Statista, Roblox.

Mobile spending on Roblox worldwide

Quarterly mobile spending on Roblox is $308 million. Roblox has reported a significant growth in mobile spending over the last few years.

To put this in perspective, mobile spending on Roblox was less than $20 million in 2016 and $109 million during the first few months of 2019.

Here’s the complete breakdown of mobile spending on Roblox over time:

Quarter, year Mobile spending (in US dollars)
Q1 2016 5 million
Q2 2016 8 million
Q3 2016 13 million
Q4 2016 20 million
Q1 2017 33 million
Q2 2017 37 million
Q3 2017 49 million
Q4 2017 60 million
Q1 2018 77 million
Q2 2018 80 million
Q3 2018 87 million
Q4 2018 91 million
Q1 2019 109 million
Q2 2019 118 million
Q3 2019 143 million
Q4 2019 174 million
Q1 2020 190 million
Q2 2020 319 million
Q3 2020 308 million

In the US alone, mobile spending on Roblox reached a total of $746.4 million in 2020.

Source: Sensor Tower.

How much Robux has been purchased so far?

The amount of virtual currency (Robux) purchased by players on Roblox is defined by the company as “bookings”.

In the first 9 months of 2020, $1.24 billion worth of Robux was purchased on Roblox.

Here’s the full breakdown over the past few years:

Year Bookings (in US dollars)
2018 $499 million
2019 $694.26 million
2020 $1.24 billion

Note: Data only includes the first 9 months of 2020.

The average Roblox user purchases $13.73 in Robux. That’s up from $8.98 in 2019.

How much Robux is average user purchasing?

Here’s a quarterly overview on ABPDAU (average bookings per daily active users) over time:

Quarter, year Average booking (in US dollars)
Q4 2018 $10.44
Q1 2019 $8.98
Q2 2019 $8.78
Q3 2019 $9.00
Q4 2019 $12.37
Q1 2020 $10.58
Q2 2020 $14.81
Q3 2020 $13.73

Source: Roblox.

Number of developers on Roblox

Roblox currently has 7 million developers. An increase from 1.7 million in March 2017. In 2016, the number of developers on Roblox was only around 634,000.

Source: Roblox.

How much can developers & creators make via Roblox?

Developers on Roblox made $113.68 million in Q4 2020. An increase of 6.98x since the beginning of 2018.

Roblox developers made more than $328 million in 2020.

How much are developers & creators making via Roblox?

Here’s the breakdown of Roblox developer income by quarter since the beginning of 2018:

Quarter, year Development exchange fees (in US dollars)
Q1 2018 16.28 million
Q2 2018 16.49 million
Q3 2018 18 million
Q4 2018 21.1 million
Q1 2019 22.72 million
Q2 2019 23.29 million
Q3 2019 26.2 million
Q4 2019 39.76 million
Q1 2020 44.5 million
Q2 2020 85.05 million
Q3 2020 85.47 million
Q4 2020 113.68 million

From September 2019 – September 2020, over 960,000 community developers earned virtual currency on the platform.

3,800 of them qualified (met set criteria) to exchange Robux for real-world currency.

Out of this group, 2,800 developers actually traded their Robux for US dollars.

99.47% of community developers make less than $1,000 per year on Roblox.

32 Roblox developers made over a million dollars over the past year.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of creator earnings (post exchange fees):

Number of developers & creators Range of rewards
962,452 $0+
3,749 $1,000+
1,057 $10,000+
249 $100,000+
29 $1 million+
3 $10 million+

Source: Roblox.


You reached the finish line of my collection of Roblox stats for 2021. The Roblox gaming platform is taking off. They’re adding users. And users are spending more time playing and developing games on the platform.

Thanks to their recent success, Roblox recently went public on the New York Stock Exchange. It will be interesting to follow their journey as a publicly-traded company.

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