34 Important LinkedIn Statistics for 2023
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34 Important LinkedIn Statistics for 2023

Brian Dean

Written by Brian Dean

34 important LinkedIn statistics

This is a complete list of up-to-date LinkedIn statistics.

Read on to find the best hand-picked stats about:

So let’s drive straight in.

LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn is aimed squarely at professionals. But who exactly is using the network? These curated stats give a clear picture of the user base.

  1. LinkedIn has over 706 million members (LinkedIn)
  2. 27% of US adults use LinkedIn (Pew Research)
  3. 43% of global web users residing outside of China have a LinkedIn membership (Global Web Index)
  4. Asia Pacific has the biggest user base, at roughly 190 million members. North America is estimated at just 1m lower (LinkedIn)
  5. The United States is by far the biggest national source of traffic to LinkedIn, accounting for 32.16% of the total. The United Kingdom ranks disproportionately high in second (7.44%), with India third (Statista)
  6. Approximately half of US college graduates are on LinkedIn, compared to just 10% or lower of those without any form of college education (Pew Research)
  7. 25-29 is the demographic with the highest percentage of LinkedIn users. 44% of people in the US in this age group are on the professional networking site (Pew Research)
  8. Almost 6 in 10 organizations use LinkedIn (Social Media Examiner)

Video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t traditionally associated with video. But with the addition of live streams in 2019, there has been increased focus on multimedia. These stats show that video on LinkedIn should not be neglected.

  1. LinkedIn is the third-most popular channel for video marketing, behind only YouTube and Facebook (Wyzowl)
  2. Video posted to LinkedIn averages 500% higher engagement than regular text posts (LinkedIn)
  3. 87% of video marketers who use LinkedIn describe it as an effective channel, making it the most successful in this regard (Wyzowl)
  4. Since March 2020, live streams on LinkedIn have increased 89% (LinkedIn)
  5. Videos are more effective when posted natively. Posts with videos embedded actually perform worse than plain text – including 3 pieces of multimedia more than halves average views (OkDork)

LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is known for its high engagement levels. These statistics shed some light on how the numbers stack up.

  1. LinkedIn receives 15x more impressions than job postings (LinkedIn)
  2. Mobile access accounts for 57% of LinkedIn activity (LinkedIn)
  3. The vast majority of LinkedIn traffic (71.61%) comes directly. Search accounts for a further 22.49% (Similar Web)
  4. The average LinkedIn visitor spends just over 10 minutes a day on the site (Alexa)
  5. Response rates to InMail fall somewhere between 10 and 25%, 3x more than email (LinkedIn)
  6. Wednesdays between 9am and 10am or 12pm are the best times to post to LinkedIn. Thursday post-lunch is also a peak time (Sprout Social)
  7. 3,300 job applications are submitted through LinkedIn every minute (LinkedIn)
  8. The most in-demand hard skill being looked for by LinkedIn recruiters in 2020 is blockchain (LinkedIn)
  9. As of June 2020, the overall amount of content shared on LinkedIn was up by nearly half year-on-year (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn Company Stats

LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003, making it older than both Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006). The platform has changed a lot since then. Especially after a $26.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. These stats tell you about the company today.

  1. LinkedIn has 16,000 employees (LinkedIn)
  2. LinkedIn is the network trusted the most by users (Business Insider)
  3. More than 50m companies have LinkedIn profiles (LinkedIn)
  4. The 2020 financial year saw LinkedIn’s revenue grow 20% year-on-year (LinkedIn)
  5. Overall annual revenue is estimated at over 8 billion dollars (Statista)

LinkedIn Marketing Stats

LinkedIn is clearly a massive platform. With that comes the potential to leverage it for marketing. Here’s how marketers are utilizing LinkedIn.

  1. 19 in 20 B2B marketers used LinkedIn for organic content marketing within the last year, making it the most popular social network in this regard (Content Marketing Institute)
  2. Among B2Bs, LinkedIn is also the most popular social network for paid content. 76% of marketers posted paid content on LinkedIn within the last year, ahead of Facebook (66%) (Content Marketing Institute)
  3. LinkedIn was the 4th most popular response when marketers were asked which platform provided the best ROI. It ranked behind only Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (HubSpot)
  4. LinkedIn ads have reached more than 663 million people in total (We Are Social)
  5. LinkedIn ranks 4th among B2Cs for most-used organic content channels, with 61% of businesses using it (Content Marketing Institute)
  6. LinkedIn is joint 3rd when it comes to paid B2C content channels. It ties with YouTube on 29% usage (Content Marketing Institute)
  7. LinkedIn is almost 3x more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter (HubSpot)


That’s it for my list of LinkedIn statistics.

I think there’s some really interesting stuff in here – hopefully you found it useful.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Were there any particularly surprising stats?

Or others you’d like to see included?

Let me know in the comments below.


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