105 Amazing Facebook Ads Stats in 2023
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105 Amazing Facebook Ads Stats (Updated)

In this list of Facebook ad statistics you’ll learn about:

  • How Facebook ads perform
  • How much Facebook ads tend to cost
  • Video ads on Facebook
  • Forecasts and trends
  • Lots more

So if you want an up-to-date list of Facebook advertising stats, you’ll love the data that we put together on this page.

105 Amazing Facebook Ads Stats

01.Facebook Ads Performance

Our first set of Facebook ad stats are all about performance. Specifically, we cover what the typical CTR, CPC and other key metrics that any advertiser would want to know. We also share some data on which types of ads are working best right now on Facebook.

  1. In 70% of tests, vertical ads have an incremental boost in brand lift and a 3 to 9 point increase in ad recall (Facebook)
  2. Facebook provides the highest return on investment of all paid channels for a majority of companies. More than 1 in 3 listed Facebook ads as their best performer in terms of ROI, ahead of Google Paid Search and Instagram (HubSpot)
  3. The average cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.86 (Fit Small Business)
    The Average Cost Per Click On Facebook Is
  4. The average cost-per-thousand-views on Facebook is $11.20 (Fit Small Business)
  5. As of Q2 2020, Facebook ad revenue was growing 10% year-over-year (Facebook Investor Report)
  6. A Wordstream study found that across all industries, the average click-through rate on Facebook ads is 0.90% (Wordstream)
  7. The same Wordstream study found that the average conversion rate on Facebook ads is 9.21% (Wordstream)
  8. Wordstream also found that the average cost-per-action is $18.68 (Wordstream)
  9. Cost-per-clicks are most expensive on Fridays and cheapest on Sundays (AdEspresso)
  10. Cost-per-like campaigns are the cheapest during Q1 (AdEspresso)
  11. In one experiment conducted by AdEspresso, they found that mobile ad placements outperformed desktop by over 45% (AdEspresso)
  12. An experiment conducted by Buffer found that spending $5 per day on Facebook ads yielded 9 page likes on their Facebook page, 1 click to a landing page, and 787 new people reached (Buffer)
  13. Adding a call-to-action button to your Facebook ad boosts click-through rate by 2.85x (AdRoll)
  14. According to data from Wordstream, legal boasts the highest average click-through rate out of any industry at 1.61% (Wordstream)
  15. The same Wordstream analysis found that Employment & Job Training suffers from the lowest click-through rates at 0.47%
  16. Of all the marketers using Facebook, 20% consider advertising the most important feature on the site for reaching their goals (hubSpot)
  17. A test conducted by AdEspresso found that changing the call-to-action from “Sign Up” to “Learn More” improved click-through rate on an ad by 22.5% (AdEspresso)
  18. However, the same test found that the “Sign Up” call-to-action resulted in a 14.5% higher conversion rate (AdEspresso)
  19. According to OkDork, most ads pushing someone to purchase a product convert at 0.1%-0.2% (OkDork)
  20. OkDork found that using ads to collect email addresses convert around 20% (OkDork)
  21. A survey of Australian Facebook users found that 48% claimed to have made a purchase after watching a company’s video (Facebook)

02.Facebook Demographic Statistics

As any marketer will tell you: the key to success on Facebook ads isn’t copy or bidding strategy. It’s targeting. Which is why we dedicate an entire section of this list of Facebook ad stats to understanding who uses Facebook in the first place.

  1. 1.6 billion Facebook users are connected to a small business on the platform (Facebook)
  2. 54% of Facebook users are women, compared to 46% of users who are men (Sprout Social)
    54% Of Facebook Users Are Women Compared To 46% Of Users Who Are Men
  3. India, which has the largest user base by country, makes up roughly 10.74% of all Facebook monthly active users. The US, coming in second place, accounts for just over 7% of all users (Sprout Social)
  4. 75% of people who have graduated college are on Facebook (Sprout Social)
  5. 74% of people who earn over $75k per year use Facebook (Sprout Social)
  6. The age group with the highest percentage of Facebook users is the 18-29 year old segment (80%), followed by people ages 31-49 (79%) (Sprout Social)
  7. 73% of urban-dwelling adults use Facebook, compared to 69% of people living in suburban areas (Sprout Social)
  8. 50% of Facebook users are non-English speakers (Sprout Social)
  9. 51% of teenagers use Facebook, which puts its usage among that group behind YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat (Pew Research)
  10. 69% of U.S. adults say they use Facebook (Pew Research)
  11. 83% of adult women on the internet use Facebook versus 75% of men (Pew Research)
  12. 78.9% of Facebook users are under the age of 45 (Statista)

03.Facebook Ads Best Practices

If you’re running Facebook ads, you might be wondering how to get the most out of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to guess. Lots of industry studies (including a few done by Facebook) have revealed data-driven Facebook marketing best practices.

  1. Instant Experience ads on Facebook load 15x faster than a mobile site outside of Facebook (Facebook)
  2. Facebook recommends making the image size on single image ads to be 1200 x 628 pixels (AdEspresso)
  3. Facebook recommends making the image size on carousel ads to be 1080 x 1080 pixels (AdEspresso)
  4. 5 power words to get higher response from your ads: You, Free, Because, Instantly, New (AdEspresso)
  5. After analyzing 752,626 Facebook ads, AdEspresso found that the median length of the headline is 5 words (AdEspresso)
  6. The same AdEspresso analysis found that the average ad text contains 14 words (AdEspresso)
  7. Facebook has 11 different variations of actions which ads can be used to help advertisers: Boost posts, Promote your Facebook page, Send traffic to your site, Increase conversions on your site, Get app installs, Increase app engagement, Reach people located near your business, Boost attendance to your event, Claim an offer, Get video views, Collect leads (Buffer)
  8. Facebook will usually reject an ad image that contains more than 20% text (Buffer)
  9. The top 3 most commonly used call-to-action buttons on Facebook ads are Learn More, Shop Now, and Sign Up (AdEspresso)
    The Top 3 Most Commonly Used Call To Action Buttons On Facebook Ads Are Learn More Shop Now And Sign Up

04.Facebook Messenger Statistics

Facebook Messenger is becoming more and more mainstream. And social media marketers are taking notice. Specifically, they’re using Chatbots to keep in touch with their target audience on Messenger. Let’s see what the stats have to say about this emerging area of social media marketing.

  1. 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger monthly (Facebook)
  2. People are engaging in 20 billion messages with businesses every month (Facebook)
  3. According to Chatbots Magazine, eCommerce stores pairing an abandon cart chatbot with Facebook Messenger have seen a 7-25% increase in revenue (Chatbots Magazine)
  4. A study conducted by Social Media Examiner found that interest amongst marketers in exploring Messenger bots fell to 39% in 2020, down from 70% two years earlier (Social Media Examiner)
  5. 133 million U.S. mobile users accessed Facebook Messenger in 2020 (Statista)
  6. 59% of U.S. Facebook Messenger users access the app at least once per week (Statista)

05.Facebook Video Statistics

You’ve probably noticed more and more video ads in your Facebook feed. There’s a good reason for that: video is a super powerful medium that helps your ad stand out from the baby pictures that dominate most feeds. And while video posts can get a higher organic reach compared to text-based posts, there’s evidence to support using video as part of your Facebook ad campaigns too.

  1. Over 70% of ad breaks that are 15 seconds or less are viewed to completion (Facebook)
  2. In a survey amongst mobile shoppers in the US, 30% cited video as the best way to find out about new products (Facebook)
    In A Survey Amongst Mobile Shoppers In The US 30% Cited Video As The Best Way To Find Out About New Products
  3. 500 million people watch videos daily on Facebook (Neil Patel)
  4. 85% of the Facebook videos are consumed without the audio (Blue Corona)
  5. Facebook users are 1.5x more likely to watch video on their mobile devices than on desktop (Facebook)
  6. Live broadcasts now account for every 1 in 5 videos on Facebook (Facebook)
  7. Over 50% of Facebook’s video ad revenue comes from mobile-first videos (Sprout Social)
  8. Tests conducted by Facebook found that adding captions to a video ad boosted view time by an average of 12% (Facebook)
  9. Facebook has found that 65% of users who view the first 3 seconds of a video will continue to watch it for at least 10 seconds. 45% of users will continue watching for 30 seconds. (Facebook)
  10. One Facebook video ads study found that 41% of videos were incomprehensible without sound (Facebook)
  11. Facebook has found that 80% of users react negatively to videos that auto-play with sound (Facebook)
  12. Native Facebook videos have an average engagement rate of 6.3% (eMarketer)
  13. 65% of brand video posts uploaded to Facebook are native videos (eMarketer)
  14. 49% of marketers use Facebook as a video channel, second only to YouTube (55%) (Social Media Examiner)
  1. According to Hootsuite, the average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads each month (Hootsuite)
  2. As of Q2 2020, Facebook reported having 1.785 billion daily active users (Statista)
  3. As of Q2 2020, Facebook reported having 2.7 billion active monthly users (Statista)
  4. Facebook’s total ad revenue reached $18.3 billion in the second quarter of 2020 (Facebook Investor Report)
  5. 78% of consumers in the US report having discovered a product on Facebook (Kleiner Perkins)
  6. Facebook is the second most-widely used online platform, behind only YouTube (Pew Research)
  7. 59% of marketers said that Facebook is their most important social platform for business (Social Media Examiner)
  8. 96% of B2C marketers are focusing attention on Facebook marketing versus 91% of B2B marketers (Social Media Examiner)
  9. 67% of B2C marketers claim that Facebook is their most important social platform, compared to 46% of B2B marketers (Social Media Examiner)
  10. 70% of marketers use Facebook to run social media ads (Social Media Examiner)
  11. 69% of Facebook ads direct users to a landing page (AdEspresso)
  12. Almost 90% of Facebook ads incorporate specific links for viewers in the body of the ad (AdEspresso)
  13. Over 3 million businesses use Facebook’s advertising platform (Facebook)
  14. During their Q1 2019 earning call, Facebook announced that 3 million advertisers are using Stories ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to reach customers (Motley Fool)
  15. As of Q2 2020, Facebook reported having 3.14 billion monthly active users across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp (Statista)
  16. 34.53% of the world’s total population uses Facebook every month (Statista)
  17. 15% of Facebook users in the U.S. use the platform to find or shop for new products (Statista)
  18. 95% of experienced social media marketers are focusing on their Facebook marketing strategy (Social Media Examiner)
  19. Facebook accounts for 65.36% of social media traffic, driving more visits per month than all other social networks put together. However, Google still drives 8 times more traffic than all social media (GrowthBadger)
  20. 49% of Facebook advertisers say generating leads is their most common goal for their Facebook ad campaigns (Databox)
  21. 52% of Facebook advertisers monitor their performance daily versus 48% who say they only monitor weekly (Databox)
  22. There are over 80 million small and medium sized business pages on Facebook (Facebook)
  23. Nearly 30% of content marketers are creating content designed for Facebook, higher than any other social channel (HubSpot)
  24. 25.1% of Facebook business pages are using paid media (Hootsuite)
  25. Users can recall content after being exposed to that content for only 0.25 seconds (Facebook)
  26. Small businesses typically spend between $500-$1,500 per month on Facebook ads (Dojolab)
  27. Over 150 million people are using Facebook Stories (Facebook)

07.Facebook User Behavior Statistics

We just covered a bunch of stats that show how many people use Facebook. The question is: now that they’re on Facebook, how do they use it? What devices are they on? Let’s find out.

  1. 19% of the time that mobile users spend in apps is on Facebook (TechCrunch)
  2. 66.09% of all of Facebook’s monthly users will log on to the platform daily (Statista)
  3. The average time spent on Facebook’s mobile app is 38 minutes each day (TechJury)
  4. 95.1% of all Facebook sessions are conducted through mobile (TechJury)
  5. Only 31.8% of Facebook users access the platform exclusively through PC and/or desktop (TechJury)
  6. The average amount of time that a user spends on Facebook during each visit to the site is 6 minutes and 23 seconds (eMarketer)
  7. Over 200 million Facebook users are part of “meaningful” Facebook groups (Facebook)

08.Facebook Forecasts

Let’s take a look at some Facebook ad stats that are focused on the future.

  1. Facebook overall ad revenues are expected to reach 94.69 billion p/a by 2021 (Statista)
  2. Facebook’s Head of Operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa predicts that the platform will be all video by the year 2021 (Quartz)
  3. The number of Facebook Messenger users in the U.S. is expected to reach 138.1 million by 2022 (Statista)
  4. Facebook’s video advertising revenue is expected to reach over $9.58 billion by the year 2021 (Statista)