Microsoft Bing Usage and Revenue Stats (New Data)
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Microsoft Bing Usage and Revenue Stats (New Data)

Brian Dean

Written by Brian Dean

Microsoft Bing Usage and Revenue Stats

Bing launched in June 2009. Developed and operated by tech giant Microsoft, the search engine has generated some early customer traction. And even started to eat into Google’s search engine market share. Flash forward to today, and Bing holds less than 3% of the global search engine market.

Yet in a market dominated by Google, Bing is still the second most popular search engine worldwide. And it’s increasingly used in Microsoft products like Cortana.

Overall, Microsoft’s search business is growing. The company brought in a revenue of $8.53 billion from search advertising in the 2021 fiscal year.

Read on to find out what Microsoft Bing’s current place in the search engine market looks like. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

Key Bing Statistics

  • Bing gets more than 1 billion visits each month.
    Bing gets more than 1 billion visits each month
  • Bing is the second largest search engine worldwide, with a 2.47% market share.
  • Microsoft generated $8.53 billion in search advertising revenue in the 2021 fiscal year.
  • Bing is available in 105 languages and 238 countries.
  • Bing has a market share of 38.46% among US console users.

Bing market share

Bing currently has a 2.47% share of the worldwide search engine market. Bing’s cut of the market has increased by 1.23% since 2019.

Bing currently has a 2.71% share of the worldwide search engine market

Bing’s market share peaked at 3.63% in 2014. Google, the industry leader, currently has a market share of 92.13%.

Bing market share

We’ve charted Bing’s global market share worldwide since 2009:

Year Market share
2009 2.3%
2010 3.46%
2011 3.57%
2012 3.09%
2013 3.36%
2014 3.02%
2015 2.79%
2016 2.76%
2017 2.82%
2018 2.44%
2019 2.7%
2020 2.71%
2021 2.47%

In the desktop search engine market, Bing has a global market share of 6.15%. Bing’s share of the desktop search market has grown by 26.8% since 2019, increasing from 4.85%.

Bing share of the desktop search engine market

By comparison, when it comes to desktop searches, Google has a market share of 86.82%.

Here’s a table showing Bing’s share of the desktop search engine market worldwide since 2009:

Year Market share
2009 2.32%
2010 3.53%
2011 3.74%
2012 3.35%
2013 3.66%
2014 4.37%
2015 4.13%
2016 4.36%
2017 5.07%
2018 5.48%
2019 4.85%
2020 6.15%
2021 6.15%

Bing’s most successful market is console users. Searches carried out on Xbox use Bing by default.

The search engine holds a 27.6% worldwide share in the console search market. Bing’s share of console searches has slightly declined, from 30.82% last year (2020).

Bing market share among worldwide console users

Here’s a table showing Bing’s market share among worldwide console users since 2012:

Year Market share
2012 1.06%
2013 1.87%
2014 16.6%
2015 21.34%
2016 18.82%
2017 31.65%
2018 35.57%
2019 29.88%
2020 30.82%
2021 27.6%

Source: Statcounter GlobalStats

Bing market share in the US

Bing has a market share of 5.85% in the US search engine market. Bing’s market share has shown a slight decline since 2018 when it held 6.8% of the US market.

Bing market share in the US

Here’s a table containing Bing’s US search engine market share (across all device types) since 2009:

Year Market share
2009 5.91%
2010 7.97%
2011 8.24%
2012 8.58%
2013 9.62%
2014 9.9%
2015 8.49%
2016 6.7%
2017 6.57%
2018 6.8%
2019 6.13%
2020 6.63%
2021 5.85%

Among console users, Bing has a market share of 38.46% in the US. Bing accounted for close to half (45.66%) of US console searches in 2018, so the market share has declined slightly.

Bing market share among US console users

Here’s a table showing Bing’s share of the US console search market since 2012:

Year Market share
2012 1.87%
2013 2.97%
2014 22.09%
2015 29.3%
2016 26.55%
2017 40.15%
2018 45.66%
2019 39.27%
2020 40.14%
2021 38.46%

Source: Statcounter GlobalStats

Bing revenue

In the 2021 fiscal year, Microsoft registered $8.53 billion in search advertising revenue. An increase of 10.2% from $7.74 billion in 2020.

Bing revenue

Not all of this can be attributed to Bing. Microsoft owns a variety of additional search ventures. The company search business includes Microsoft Advertising, as well as several external partnerships (e.g. with the Verizon Media Group).

Here’s a table with Microsoft search advertising revenue since 2016:

Fiscal year (ends on June 30) Search advertising revenue
2016 $5.43 billion
2017 $6.22 billion
2018 $7.01 billion
2019 $7.63 billion
2020 $7.74 billion
2021 $8.53 billion

Sources: Microsoft, Statista

In how many languages is Bing available?

Bing is available in 105 different languages as of October 2021.

Source: Bing

In how many countries is Bing available?

Bing is available in 238 countries.

Source: Bing

Bing visits

Bing registered 1.066 billion total visits across desktop & mobile in September 2021. A slight decrease from 1.067 billion visits in December 2020.

Bing visits

Here’s a table showing the number of total monthly visits to Bing since May 2019:

Date Number of total visits
May 2019 1.034 billion
June 2019 998 million
July 2019 998 million
August 2019 965.5 million
September 2019 950 million
October 2019 963.5 million
November 2019 915.5 million
December 2019 930.5 million
January 2020 917.5 million
February 2020 849.5 million
March 2020 918.5 million
April 2020 931 million
May 2020 936.5 million
June 2020 930 million
July 2020 982 million
August 2020 1.006 billion
September 2020 986 million
October 2020 1.021 billion
November 2020 1.012 billion
December 2020 1.067 billion
January 2021 1.034 billion
June 2021 1.085 billion
September 2021 1.066 billion

Sources: Statista, SimilarWeb

According to Ahrefs data, the most popular search query on Bing in the US is “Facebook”.

3 out of the top 5 US Bing searches are related to Google products. As well as Google itself, Gmail and YouTube make the top 5 search terms.

Here are the 20 most popular Bing searches in the US:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Google
  4. Gmail
  5. Bing homepage quiz
  6. Amazon
  7. Bing
  8. News for you
  9. Yahoo
  10. eBay
  11. Top stories
  12. Facebook log in
  13. Weekly quiz
  14. Yahoo mail
  15. Walmart
  16. US news
  17. Fox News
  18. Bing weekly quiz
  19. Google maps
  20. NFL

Source: Ahrefs

Google” is the most popular search query on Bing globally. Besides Google-owned products, common themes among the top 20 search queries include tech help, news, and popular online services.

Here’s a list of the most common searches on Bing worldwide:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Gmail
  5. Amazon
  6. Yahoo
  7. Hotmail
  8. Open apk file
  9. Bing homepage quiz
  10. Bing
  11. eBay
  12. Facebook log in
  13. Yahoo mail
  14. News for you
  15. Netflix
  16. Open crdownload file
  17. Top stories
  18. Google maps
  19. Weekly quiz
  20. How to get help in windows 10

Source: Ahrefs

Ranked 28th: global internet engagement

Bing is ranked 28th in global internet engagement as of October 2021. In the US, Bing is ranked 8th.

Source: Alexa

Bing average daily usage

Visitors to the Bing website spend an average of 2 minutes 51 seconds on the site each day.

Source: Alexa

Bing number of app downloads

The Microsoft Bing Search app was downloaded 120 thousand times in October 2021, across iOS and Android platforms combined.

Source: Sensor Tower

US customer satisfaction with Bing

Bing has a customer satisfaction score of 71/100 among American internet users, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Bing’s score on the index has decreased slightly in recent years, from 73/100 in 2018.

Google currently has an index score of 79.

We’ve charted Bing’s US customer satisfaction score since 2010:

Year American Customer Satisfaction Index
2010 77
2011 82
2012 81
2013 76
2014 73
2015 72
2016 75
2017 73
2018 73
2019 72
2020 71
2021 71

Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index


That’s all for my list of Bing stats.

Microsoft is a public company. So a good chunk of the information in this guide was directly available.

That said, Bing is a tiny fraction of Microsoft’s overall business. And it can be hard to find data specifically relevant to Microsoft’s search engine. By compiling this collection of statistics in one place, I hopefully helped you get a more complete picture of Bing in 2021.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What do you think of this Bing stats roundup? Is there anything you’d like to see added?

What do you think the future holds for the popularity of Bing? Could the console market fuel wider growth, or is Google just too dominant?

Whatever it is, feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Greg Avatar Gregsays:

    Number one search on Bing is Google haha, that says it all. They need to improve the product it seems as it’s just stagnating for the last 10 years. I think as it is only Apple can stir these search engine waters.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      For sure, Greg. Bing looked like it had an outside chance when it first came out. But they haven’t really made any waves since then.

  2. I am not biased to use Google only. I tried to search Bing few times, but the results just not what I wanted. Improve the algorithm and I believe more people will use Bing.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      They probably need to improve it a lot to get back in the game. They’re 5+ years behind Google.

  3. Bing is actually good at searching codes. When I get stuck, bing pulls more relevant results than google. This is weird but true.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:


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