Peloton Subscriber and Revenue Statistics (2024)
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Peloton Subscriber and Revenue Statistics

Brian Dean

Written by Brian Dean

Peloton Subscriber and Revenue Statistics

Peloton introduced its first product in 2014, a connected exercise bike with access to on-demand classes.

3 years later, in 2017, the company hit a milestone of 100,000 subscribers.

The pandemic helped Peloton gain further market traction, with more people opting for at-home fitness. Yet, sales have plummeted after the pandemic and there has been reduced consumer demand which led to Peloton losing 97% of its stock value since its all-time high.

Today, Peloton has 6.4 million members.

From members to employees, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find on this page:

Key Peloton Stats and Figures

  • Peloton has 6.4 million members on the platform.
  • 3 million people subscribe to Peloton’s connected fitness membership.
  • Peloton has 718,000 paying digital-only subscribers.
  • Peloton’s quarterly revenue is $743.6 million.
  • Peloton has 61 instructors.

Peloton Members

Peloton defines a “member” as any individual who has a Peloton account (paid “connected fitness subscription” or paid app subscription)

According to a company shareholder letter, Peloton has over 6.4 million members on the platform (as of December 31, 2023).

Peloton has over 6.4 million members on the platform

Peloton lost around 400 thousand members in its paying user base over the past year (between December 2022 and December 2023).

Peloton Members

Here’s a table with the Peloton membership base since September 2019:

Date Total number of members
September 2019 1.6 million
December 2019 2.0 million
March 2020 2.6 million
June 2020 3.1 million
September 2020 3.6 million
December 2020 4.4 million
March 2021 5.4 million
June 2021 5.9 million
September 2021 6.2 million
December 2021 6.7 million
March 2022 7.0 million
June 2022 6.9 million
September 2022 6.7 million
December 2022 6.7 million
March 2023 6.7 million
June 2023 6.5 million
September 2023 6.4 million
December 2023 6.4 million

Source: Peloton

Peloton Connected Fitness Subscribers

Connected fitness subscribers pay to synchronize workout classes with their Peloton equipment.

Peloton has 3.004 million connected fitness subscribers. That’s an increase of 1.35% compared to September 2023 when Peloton reported 2.964 million active connected fitness subscriptions.

Peloton has 3.004 million connected fitness subscribers

Peloloton subscriber base remained relatively the same in size over the past year (between December 2022 and December 2023)

Peloton Connected Fitness Subscribers

Here’s a table showing Peloton connected fitness subscriber growth by quarter since 2017:

Date Connected fitness subscriptions
June 2017 108 thousand
September 2017 123 thousand
December 2017 168 thousand
March 2018 217 thousand
June 2018 245 thousand
September 2018 276 thousand
December 2018 362 thousand
March 2019 457 thousand
June 2019 511 thousand
September 2019 562 thousand
December 2019 712 thousand
March 2020 886 thousand
June 2020 1.09 million
September 2020 1.33 million
December 2020 1.67 million
March 2021 2.08 million
June 2021 2.33 million
September 2021 2.49 million
December 2021 2.78 million
March 2022 2.96 million
June 2022 2.96 million
September 2022 2.97 million
December 2022 3.03 million
March 2023 3.11 million
June 2023 3.08 million
September 2023 2.96 million
December 2023 3.00 million

Source: Peloton

Peloton App Subscribers

Peloton offers a subscription for non-owners of Peloton hardware. These users can access the content library for $12.99 per month (special pricing available for select groups, including students, educators, and healthcare workers).

Peloton has 718,000 paying digital subscribers (as of December 2023). That’s a year-over-year decline of 15.73% from December 2022, down from 852,000 digital members.

Peloton App Subscribers

Here’s a table showing the Peloton app user base since 2019:

Date Paid digital subscribers
March 2019 107,700
June 2019 102,200
September 2019 105,800
December 2019 109,200
March 2020 176,600
June 2020 316,800
September 2020 510,000
December 2020 625,000
March 2021 891,000
June 2021 874,000
September 2021 887,000
December 2021 862,000
March 2022 976,000
June 2022 980,000
September 2022 875,000
December 2022 852,000
March 2023 853,000
June 2023 828,000
September 2023 763,000
December 2023 718,000

Source: Peloton

Peloton Quarterly Revenue

Peloton generates $743.6 million in quarterly revenue. This figure was achieved in December 2023, which is an increase of 19.91% from the previous quarter.

Over the past year (between December 2022 and December 2023), Peloton’s quarterly revenue has declined by 6.19%, down from $792.7 million.

Peloton Quarterly Revenue

Here’s a table showing Peloton’s quarterly revenue since 2017:

Date Quarterly revenue
September 2017 56.2 million
December 2017 129.8 million
March 2018 142.4 million
June 2018 106.6 million
September 2018 112.1 million
December 2018 262.9 million
March 2019 316.7 million
June 2019 223.3 million
September 2019 228 million
December 2019 466.3 million
March 2020 524.6 million
June 2020 607.1 million
September 2020 757.9 million
December 2020 1.06 billion
March 2021 1.26 billion
June 2021 936.8 million
September 2021 805.1 million
December 2021 1.13 billion
March 2022 964.3 billion
June 2022 678.7 million
September 2022 616.5 million
December 2022 792.7 billion
March 2023 748.8 billion
June 2023 642.2 million
September 2023 595.6 million
December 2023 743.6 billion

Source: Peloton

Peloton Workout Types

Peloton currently has 13 fitness disciplines available in the class library.

With the release of Peloton Row (connected rowing machine) in late 2022, the company added a variety of rowing classes to its content library.

Peloton offers classes in English, German, Spanish and produces them at studios in New York City and London.

Here’s a complete list of workout types available in the on-demand Peloton library:

Workout Concepts
Tread Bootcamp
Bike Bootcamp
Row Bootcamp

Source: Peloton

Peloton Artist Series

Peloton offers a series of themed workouts built around music by famous artists.

The Peloton Artist Series currently features 223 different artists. In most cases, the Peloton content library features more than one workout per artist.

Peloton has over 4 thousand tracking songs under license, making it one of the largest audio fitness catalogs in the world.

Sources: Peloton Buddy, Peloton

Peloton Instructors

Peloton currently has 61 instructors (as of January 2024).

Peloton Instructors

Numerous instructors teach across multiple disciplines.

Here’s a table showing the number of instructors teaching in each fitness category:

Workout class Number of instructors
Strength 51
Yoga 9
Meditation 10
Cardio 25
Stretching 55
Cycling 31
Outdoor 27
Running 30
Walking 28
Tread Bootcamp 13
Bike Bootcamp 8
Rowing 6
Row Bootcamp 2

Source: Peloton

Peloton Instructors: Follower Count

Spanning 57 accounts, Peloton instructors on Instagram have a combined follower count of 13.87 million. Among Peloton instructors active on Instagram, 25 (43.86%) have more than 200,000 followers.

Peloton Instructors: Follower Count

Here’s a ranking of the top 10 Peloton instructors by Instagram follower count:

Instructor Instagram follower count
Cody Rigsby 1,300,000
Robin Arzón 1,000,000
Ally Love 927,000
Kendall Toole 909,000
Emma Lovewell 687,000
Tunde Oyeneyin 635,000
Alex Toussaint 616,000
Jess Sims 505,000
Jess King 503,000
Olivia Amoto 450,000

Source: Peloton, Instagram

Peloton Employees

Peloton has 3,584 employees, including 2,765 in the US and 819 individuals internationally.

Peloton employees on an H-1B visa (employment-based visa for foreign citizens) receive a median salary of $133,390.

Sources: Peloton, H1B Salary Database


You made it! That’s the end of my list of Peloton statistics.

Hopefully, you found these facts and figures informative. Peloton’s revenue surged since the pandemic but it hasn’t been able to sustain its growth and didn’t manage to retain some of its members. With plummeting sales and recall issues Peloton lost 97% of its stock value since all-time high.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Do you think Peloton has the potential to make a comeback or do you think it will go out of business soon? Or anything you’d like to see added to this Peloton roundup?

Either way, please let me know in the comments below.


  1. Andrea Avatar Andreasays:

    Just wanted to let you know, that these are amazing stats and thank you for putting them together!

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Andrea.

  2. Great data. Fascinating actually. Did you find any data on how many bikes are repo’d? I have been curious about that stat. It will be interesting to see how the year over year comps now that people are getting back to the gym. Can the company maintain and continue this growth trajectory when the world opens back up – I doubt it.

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      Hi Daniel, thank you. We actually couldn’t find much data on the resale market. But you’re right: it will be interesting to see how that goes this year.

  3. Thanks, I have always wondered about the app subscriptions vs connected memberships. I was going to buy the bike but didn’t understand why the subscription was so much more if you buy the hardware. So I bought another brand. Still, even with app only we love Peloton, both for cycling and HIIT. Other stats were also super interesting. Thanks

    1. Brian Dean Avatar Brian Deansays:

      You’re welcome, Stewart. Glad you found the stats useful.

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