Chapter 7

Email Marketing

You probably already know that B2B email marketing is a VERY different beast than B2C. Yes, there’s some overlap (for example, tactics for staying out of the spam filter are basically the same). That said, B2B people tend to want and need different emails at different times. Plus, the ROI from B2B emails tends to be higher than in B2C.

B2B Email Marketing Statistics
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I hope you enjoyed this list of email marketing statistics. This list of ALWAYS kept up to date. And we add new stats on a regular basis. So check back soon for even more interesting facts, figures, quotes and stats.


  1. Right on Time Brian…

    Was Analysing Some recent articles on email marketing statistics and thinking of putting together an article on email marketing statistics myself…

    Will definitely use this as a resource for my new article…

    Thanks for compiling them all in one place…

    Keep up the awesome work…

    By I didn’t get an email about this article am not sure if you sent out one…

    1. Thanks Floyd. We’re going to add some more stuff to make this more of a guide. So we didn’t announce it to the world yet. But I’m glad you liked the 1.0 version!

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