Branko Kral

Branko Kral

Team and Systems Builder


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Branko has a rich background in building and scaling teams and systems.

Previously, he ran his own content SEO agency. The technical marketing content he wrote has been published, awarded, and featured on household names such as WordStream, Moz, G2, or Google Analytics.

Branko is also a global citizen, a linguist fluent in four languages and conversational in four more, and a community builder. He sees marketing as language at scale. He loves building cool stuff, and he loves contributing to the community.

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Sharing authentic, first-hand experiences is the cornerstone of high-quality content. Especially with the AI surge where everyone can publish generic blog posts. For example, at Backlinko, we prioritize experience-based content and get over 635,000 monthly organic visitors. In its latest search engine updates, Google tells us content should come from human experience and be helpful. But this is one of many ways to increase your traffic. So, what’s hot in content marketing in 2024? Read on to learn about where content marketing is going this year and how to take advantage.