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Ankit’s superpowers are to ask questions, extract insights, and share the wisdom of industry experts with a journalistic approach. He’s a freelance B2B SaaS writer with over seven years of content marketing experience. He’s a gamer during the day and a writer at night (because opposite time zones are a thing.)

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What is an H1 tag – Blog post image

What is an H1 Tag? Best Practices & Examples for SEO

The H1 tag is an HTML heading tag you can use to create the main title or highlight the primary subject of a webpage. It comprises an opening <h1> tag, the title text, and a closing </h1> tag. Using an H1 tag, along with other HTML tags, provides you with a clear and structured way to organize the content on your webpages. Helping both search engine crawlers and your readers understand the structure and flow of the page. Let’s better understand why H1 tags are important for search engine optimization (SEO).