5 Top AI Writing Generators: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons
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5 Top AI Writing Generators: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Kate Starr

Written by Kate Starr

Best AI Writing Generators – Blog post image

Since ChatGPT launched in 2022, the market has been flooded with AI writing generators.

So, how do you pick the right one for your business?

They might all seem similar on the surface. But each option comes with unique features for different uses.

We’ve tested more than 20 AI writer tools and narrowed our recommendations down to five of the best.

This article breaks down each tool’s best-suited use cases, features, pros and cons, and pricing.

Let’s begin.

Our Criteria for Best AI Writing Generator

When selecting an AI writing tool, it helps to be intentional with your criteria. We used the following when doing our testing:

  • Output quality: Is the text produced clear and grammatically correct? Does the AI-generated content still sound natural, like it came from a human writer?
  • Content types: Can the tool handle writing for a variety of content types? Does it do an especially good job with any particular ones?
  • Customization and control: How much control does the tool give you over its output? Does the tool save brand voice and writing style to use automatically with future prompts?

Which Is the Best AI Writing Generator?

Here’s a quick overview of the five top AI writing generators reviewed in this article:

AI Writing Generator Best for Price
Jasper Social media content, ads $49/month; 7-day free trial
Copy.ai Automating content creation with Workflows $49/month; limited free plan
ChatGPT Blog and article outlines $20/month; limited free version
Grammarly Writing emails $12/month (billed annually); limited free plan
ContentShake AI by Semrush SEO-optimized content $60/month; 7-day free trial

1. Jasper

Best AI writing generator for social media captions and ads.

Jasper – Homepage

Jasper is an AI writing generator made especially for creating marketing copy.

It comes with over 50 templates, which makes it a great tool for creating nearly any type of content. Some of its most useful templates include video script outlines, blog content outlines, social media captions, and ad copy.

The variety of templates makes it an especially great choice for social media and running ads.

Create Complete Marketing Campaigns From a Brief

With Jasper’s Campaigns feature, you can create complete marketing campaigns from a single brief. Jasper can even create the brief based on your campaign summary.

Once you have uploaded a brief or Jasper has created one, you simply select the assets you want Jasper to generate for you. This can include blog posts, email copy, press releases, social media captions, and TikTok scripts.

There’s no limit to how many assets you can select.

Jasper – Generating assets

Get Jasper to Use Your Brand Voice

Teach Jasper about your company, and the Brand Voice feature will use AI to generate text in a style that aligns with it.

Jasper can also learn your style and tone by analyzing your existing content. Then you can adjust it as needed. Like this:

Jasper – Brand voice

Jasper saves your tone of voice and generates content that sounds like you on future assignments without prompting.

Chat with Jasper to Generate Ideas

Use Jasper’s Chat feature to interact with the tool in a conversational way. Ask AI to generate content ideas, write your social media posts, revise your content, and more.

Jasper – AI Chat

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Jasper’s AI writing tool comes with more than 50 copywriting templates Jasper struggles to create content about highly technical topics
Jasper learns your brand voice and generates content in alignment with it
Jasper’s Chat returns source links, allowing you to fact-check the output


Price: Starts at $49 per month; offers a 7-day free trial

Jasper – Pricing

Jasper offers two pre-packaged plans:

  • Creator: $49 per month, per seat. Includes 50+ content templates. Lets you add one brand voice. Campaigns feature not included in this plan.
  • Pro: $69 per month, per seat. Lets you add three brand voices and create three Campaigns.

Customized plans are available upon request.

2. Copy.ai

Best AI writing generator for automatically creating content with Workflows.

Copy.ai – Homepage

Like Jasper, Copy.ai is an AI writing generator that’s helpful for creating blogs and social media posts. It requires very little input to generate unique content.

Copy.ai is especially useful for creating content at scale using automation with Workflows.

Automate Output With Workflow Templates

There are two primary ways to interact with Copy.ai: Chat and Workflows. The Workflows option is particularly helpful for working on large-scale content creation in an automated and repeatable way.

Copy.ai – Workflow template

You can use existing Workflow Templates to kick off content generation.

For example, the “Extract from LinkedIn Profile” template will synthesize information from a person’s LinkedIn page. Or, the “Newsletter from Recent News” template will gather information from an identified news source and create an engaging email newsletter based on what it learns.

You also have the option of creating your own custom Workflows with actions like “Extract Educational Details,” “Summarize Recent Posts,” and “Recommend Copy AI Use Cases.”

Workflows help you create content at volume. Especially if you’re making use of the more advanced API integration, using the integrated tools, and embedding Workflows as forms.

Use Chat to Brainstorm and Refine Ideas

Use Copy.ai’s Chat feature to provide prompts in a conversational way and get written text as output. For example, you can ask Copy.ai to:

  • Generate a personalized email
  • Summarize a large piece of content (including from a link or PDF file)
  • Write a blog post about any topic
  • Create a social media caption
Copy.ai – Chat

Add Your Brand Voice for a Consistent Tone

After you add your brand voice in Copy.ai, the tool’s outputs will be generated in that voice.

To add your brand voice, simply paste in example content that reflects your company’s tone and style. It can be anything from a section of a blog post to a social media caption or a company mission.

Copy.ai – Brand Voice

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The Workflows feature lets you save time on back-and-forth interactions with the tool because it provides all elements of the content you need in one go Some outputs can be generic, especially if you’re using the tool to write a full blog post draft
The Chat feature summarizes content from links as well as from PDF files
The tool recognizes and replicates your brand voice, then applies it to future outputs


Price: Starts at $49 per month; a free plan with limited functionality is also available

Copy.ai – Prices

Copy.ai has three plans:

  • Free: Limited, free plan for a single user. 2,000 words in chat.
  • Pro: $49 per month, includes up to five seats and unlimited words in chat
  • Team: $249 per month, includes up to 20 seats and unlimited words in chat

3. ChatGPT

Best AI writing generator for blog and article outlines.

ChatGPT – Homepage

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that was released by OpenAI in November 2022. It’s trained on a huge dataset and responds to user prompts with content in a wide range of requestable forms.

We’ve found it to be especially adept at creating outlines for assets like articles and blogs.

Add Custom Instructions for a More Precise Output

Custom Instructions lets you add information to ChatGPT so that it always returns responses that are relevant to you.

To find this feature, click your profile at the bottom-left corner of the screen and select “Customize ChatGPT.”

ChatGPT – Customize ChatGPT

For example, let’s say you run a blog about smart home gadgets. You could provide the following Custom Instructions to let ChatGPT know about your project and your goals.

  • “I run a smart home hardware blog that helps readers discover the best gadgets and get the most out of their smart home setup.”
  • “Respond in a casual tone. Imagine you’re talking to a friend. Don’t use jargon.”
ChatGPT – Customization

ChatGPT will memorize your instructions. And the next time you want it to generate text, these instructions will be referenced without you having to enter the information again.

For instance, if you ask ChatGPT for five blog post ideas, you won’t need to explain what kind of blog you have again. It will generate ideas relevant to the blog information you previously provided.

ChatGPT – Blog post ideas

Configure Memory Access to Save Time

ChatGPT has memory across chat sessions. It memorizes your prompts and follow-up interactions and uses them to provide more relevant responses in the future.

So, every time you chat with it, ChatGPT learns more about you, your project, and the way you want it to respond.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Good at recommending what to cover on a given topic and providing input on a logical order in which to write Paid plans limit the GPT-4 usage. If you’re going to use the Plus plan intensively, you might reach the limit of 40 messages per three hours.
Can memorize and replicate different voices
Fairly adept at analyzing content and suggesting keywords


Price: Starts at $20 per month; free version with limited functionality is also available

ChatGPT – Pricing

ChatGPT offers plans for individuals and businesses:

  • Free: Access to GPT-3.5. Includes unlimited messages and text generations.
  • Plus: $20 per month, per user. Access to GPT-4 with a limit of 40 messages per three hours. Includes DALL-E, browsing, and other additional tools.
  • Team: $25 per month, per user. Access to GPT-4 with a limit of 100 messages per three hours.

Custom, enterprise-level plans are also available upon request.

4. Grammarly

Best AI writing generator for emails.

Grammarly – Homepage

Grammarly is a writing assistant that reviews your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity in any type of content as you write it. The platform also comes with an AI writing assistant that generates text for you using AI.

Grammarly works across multiple platforms like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Gmail, Slack, LinkedIn, and more. An integrated email assistant makes the tool especially helpful for writing emails.

Access Over 20 Free AI-Generated Templates

Grammarly offers more than 20 free templates that help you generate text with AI. These include job descriptions, business plans, articles, thesis statements, cover letters, and more.

Grammarly – AI templates

This feature is free for everyone. You don’t need a Grammarly subscription to use the AI templates.

Let’s say you need help writing a job description. Simply select that template and enter information like the job title and your company details. Grammarly’s AI writing assistant will generate a compelling description of that role.

The same principle applies to all other templates. You just need to answer a couple of questions to get AI to generate highly customized text for you.

Use the AI Writing Generator in Common Text Editors

The AI writing generator works in various text editors like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can use this feature to improve your paragraphs, identify gaps in your content, or add more content with AI.

Grammarly – Features

The tool suggests quick rewrite actions. For example, you can ask AI to improve your sentence, shorten it, simplify it, make it sound more professional, and more.

Let’s say you tell it to make your sentence sound more confident. Select the sentence you’d like to modify and click the “Rewrite with Grammarly” icon at the bottom of the Google Docs page.

Rewrite with Grammarly

Then select “More ideas.”

Grammarly – More ideas

Then select your preferred action from the “Rewrite” list.

Grammarly – Assistant

If you don’t see the action you’d like to take, type it in the “Tell us to…” field. Like this:

Grammarly – Tell us to

Grammarly will generate a more confident version of your selected sentence.

Click “Insert” if you’d like to replace your original sentence. Or click “Retry” if you’re not happy with the result—AI will generate a different version.

Grammarly – Generated content

Generate AI Output in Email

Grammarly’s AI assistant works with email clients like Gmail and Outlook.

Once integrated, start composing an email, and you’ll see the green plus button pop up in your composer. Click the button and let Grammarly’s AI know the context of your email.

Say you want your assistant to book a ride to the airport for you. Select the “Ask for a favor” option in the pop-up box.

Gmail – Grammarly

Provide some details about your request.

Gmail – Grammarly – Ask for a favor

The AI assistant will generate the email for you. Click “Insert” to place the text in your email draft. There, you can make changes if needed.

Grammarly – Ask for a favor – Result

You can also use Grammarly’s AI assistant to reply to emails.

Open the email you want to reply to and hit the “Reply” button. You’ll see the green Grammarly plus button pop up, prompting you to “Reply quickly.” Click that button and provide the details you want to include in your reply. AI will generate an email body that you can modify or send as-is.

Grammarly – Reply quickly

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The AI writing assistant works across multiple platforms like Google Docs, email clients, and more You need to sign up to get Grammarly’s full subscription. AI writing assistant is not a standalone tool.
The AI email assistant helps you save time composing emails
AI-generated text templates are free to use


Price: Start at $12 per month (billed annually); a free plan with limited functionality is also available

Grammarly – Plans

The AI writing assistant is not a standalone tool. It’s included in Grammarly’s standard plans:

  • Free: $0 forever. Includes 100 prompts* per month.
  • Premium: $12 per month when billed annually. Includes 1,000 prompts per month.
  • Business: $15 per month when billed annually. Includes 2,000 prompts per month.

* A prompt is a snippet of text or instruction you provide for the AI to direct its response.

5. ContentShake AI by Semrush

Best AI writing generator for SEO-optimized content.

Semrush – ContentShake

ContentShake AI is an app by Semrush that enables you to create high-ranking content using Semrush’s SEO data. It helps you generate content ideas, write content with AI, and optimize it for search engines and reader engagement.

Find Resonating Content Ideas

Provide details about your niche and get a variety of topic suggestions. The tool considers your competitors and common questions asked by your target audience.

ContentShake – Article ideas

Create SEO-Friendly Content with AI and Data

Generate complete articles quickly with AI, supported by competitor data. Produce SEO content to attract traffic and engage readers.

Pick one of ContentShake AI’s suggested topics or enter your own idea in the tool to start writing.

ContentShake – My own idea

The tool will fill out the important details about your article. Like its name, your target SEO keywords, estimated word count, tone of voice, and readability level.

These fields are also customizable so you can make edits if needed.

If everything looks good, click “Create article.”

ContentShake – Create an article

ContentShake AI will generate your content. And structure it using headings.

ContentShake – Article ideas

Edit the article if needed. Then publish it directly to WordPress.org. Or send it to Google Docs to share the article with your team.

ContentShake – Publish article

Generate Social Media Posts

ContentShake AI also helps you write social media posts.

Click “Start writing” across from “Create social media posts from scratch.”

ContentShake – Create social media post

Select the social network you want to create a post for. Options include Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Provide details about your post. Then use drop-downs to choose your tone of voice and post type. Like this:

ContentShake – Create a post

ContentShake AI will suggest three variations of a social media post along with relevant images.

ContentShake – Facebook post

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Helps you write content that’s SEO-optimized and gives value to readers You may get subpar results if your headings are too vague
Helps you generate new content ideas


Price: $60 per month with a 7-day free trial. Limited free plan available.

ContentShake – Pricing

ContentShake AI costs $60 per month. And it offers a 7-day free trial. Generate 25 new content ideas per week and unlimited articles.

If you have an active Semrush membership, you can use ContentShake AI for free. However, the free plan is limited to generating three articles per month.

Ready to Pick an AI Writing Generator?

Which AI writing generator you pick depends on what you most want the tool to do. If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest these three for general marketing support:

  • Jasper: For creating social media captions and ads
  • Grammarly: For composing and responding to emails faster
  • Semrush: For creating SEO content

And don’t forget to read our guide on scaling content creation. In it, you’ll find step-by-step strategies for consistently producing high-quality content in large volumes with ease.