The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research

keyword_research_guide_bannerIf you’ve ever wondered:

“How do I find keywords my competition doesn’t know about?”

“How do I know if a keyword is too hard to rank for?”

“What’s the best keyword research tool on the market?”

“Should I look for specific keywords? Or topics?”

It’s a comprehensive guide that will show you EXACTLY how to find awesome keywords for your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each chapter of Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide:

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  1. WOWZA! Someone was reading my mind. I was just trying to search your site for keyword research and all of a sudden get an email with exactly what I needed.

    As usual, thanks Brian!

    1. Crazy when stuff like that happens, right? You’re not alone, Ashley: keyword research is something a lot of readers
      have asked me to write about lately. Enjoy the guide and let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Brian! I didn’t realize at first that so much content would beautifully pop-up behind the links to your chapters! I actually thought this was a landing page to pitch a book. To make sure not to lose people, Id put in parenthesis up there above the links (Each link on this list will immediately bring you to the Free Content). Or something like that! Thank you so much for your astonishing content!

  3. Brian,
    This is awesome, I’ll need some time to work through. One thing I noticed, is the link to Chapter 1 correct? it goes to your link building guide.

  4. I was thinking earlier to create a crowdsourced content about keyword research but when I saw this guide, i think I would never have a chance to outrank this resource. πŸ˜€

  5. HI Brian,
    Thanks for this great information and it is very easy to read,understand and follow.

    The page design is cool, what tool do you use to produce these pages?

    thanks for your great content

  6. Brian,
    As always, another great post and easy to follow the content. This guide is a goldmine. How long did it take for you to write this guide?

    1. Thanks Emrah! Took about 20 hours to write + 40 hours of work from my designer and web developer. This guide was no joke to create. But I’m hoping that it provides a ton of value to people so that it’s worth it πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Brian,
    I love these guides. Besides the graphics which I assume are custom built, is there something special you use to create the general layout of these? The change in colors, etc. just make these really clear to read – would love to replicate that kind of flow.

    Thanks as always!

    1. Jake, glad to hear that you’re enjoying these guides. I actually hired a custom designer to design + code each page. Not cheap, but I was really happy with the final product.

  8. This is really a fantastic resource. Where did you get the idea of the layout, I’m sure I’ve seen something similar somewhere? πŸ˜›

    But really, there is a lot of great information the noobs and veterans would like here. Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Nick! The idea came from a lot of different sources, like QuickSprout’s Advanced Guides and the great content that Greg Ciotti at Help Scout publishes.

  9. Brian this is great advice and content. Usually I un-subscribe from some of those ‘other’ email lists – but after visiting your site I can’t wait for the next update! Thanks for your help and advice.

    1. Mike, that’s an awesome compliment. I respect my readers A LOT and bring value as much as I can to my newsletter subscribers.

  10. Absolutely love this guide, it will be something that I can use as a constant reference in the future if I ever need to double check on something, and that convenience is much appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. I’m happy to hear that, Daniel. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of work went into it so I’m glad to hear that you got so much value from it.

  11. And the reason you gave this away for free is…jk. Kick ass guide Brian. Much more valuable than some of the paid guides. Would be sweet if you could package this up into a printable PDF.

  12. The word is often overused – but not in this case – this is ‘awesome’ Brian!

    Ha! I’m actually laughing out loud right now at just how good this content is.

    Folks – this is why Brian is the best in the business when it comes to SEO.

    Great stuff man!



  13. Brian, I say this without any bias – every bit of content you provide is Gold. Have been hooked on Backlinko ever since I stumbled here not so long ago πŸ™‚

    Great Work!

  14. I thought you had “gone dark” as I wasn’t getting email or blog updates, but judging by the amount and quality of the information you have just provided I have to say, I’ll happily wait 2-3 months for the next backlinko update. This stuff is worth gold!

    1. Thanks Ivan. If I ever “go dark” for a while it means I’m cooking up something big or in the lab experimenting πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Brian,
    As we all know, digital marketing is changing everyday, I appreciate those who keep me sharp and always learning. This is a keyword guide will be one I read a few times and test/follow to improve my own keyword inventory building skills.


  16. Hey Brian.
    Lovely stuff again… Was reading your “Keyword Competition Analyses” and 2 questions popped in my mind:

    1) When you build affiliate sites (I’m sure you have done it or still doing them), what’s the amount of links that indicate: “Wow, that’s a lot of work – I’m going to pass this one”? Now obviously it’s also important to know how much $$$ can you get from it, but for overall? I’m not talking about spammy sites, but PAGES that have REAL links (resources, BLB, legit guest posts, contextual links, editorial links etc etc acquired over a longer period of time)

    Let’s say there’s a tough keyword that can bring you in $20k+ every month (when you are sitting on #1). In top 3, there are pages that have DA/PA 50+ and more than 500 legit/organic links. Would you go for it? How about 1000 links?

    2) You must have seen that some of the pages that are ranking really well for competitive keywords have only 30-60links, but are being “carried” up by the domain authority and couple of internal links (,, How do you determine the “strength” of such pages? I’ve seen pages that have 300+ legit links being outranked by such big authority sites quite often…

    1. Thanks Mikk.

      Great questions.

      1. I don’t have a set amount of links in mind (partly due to what you pointed out in your second question). But if I had to answer, I’d say a page with over 500 legit contextual links would make me wonder if they were beatable. But as you know you don’t need to rank #1 to do well. You could retire if you were able to rank #2 for “life insurance”.

      2. I’ve seen that happen more and more lately too. That’s where the Moz SERP Overlay helps so you can see DA and PA on the same screen. If I see a site with a DA of 70+, I automatically adjust their PA a bit higher to make up for it. Also sometimes it’s not DA but brand signals that help those sites rank so well.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Brian
        I think I’m going to rank for “life insurance” and retire SEO altogether once I’ve hit #2 πŸ˜€ I’ll let you know.

        But in all seriousness, I see that branded authority sites are getting stronger and stronger and can get away with only few links and receive ton of organic traffic even with semi-decent content – which is sad actually. However, as long as I can get more quality links and produce better content – I should be able to beat them πŸ™‚

  17. This is amazing content its going to take a few hours to read it all properly. What do you think of Market Samurai for keyword research? I use it quite often as well as Long Tail Pro.

    1. Craig, Let me know what you think when you get a chance to go through it. I used to use Market Samurai but stopped when they pulled in Bing data instead of info from Google. Does it still work well?

      1. Works well for me but it can be a little slow at times. I usually drop my keywords into the Google Keyword Planner tool to check traffic after I have used Market Samurai.

  18. Would you consider offering your guides as single pages or pdfs? I prefer reading longer form content like this when offline/on the road. If on a single page, I can easily Pocket them to read offline. Thanks for considering!

    1. Daniel, I’ll definitely look into offering it as a PDF so that it’s easier for you to read when you’re on the road.

  19. Hello Brian!
    I have been using your guides and techniques for so long and i can’t stress enough how effective they are. Your keyword research guide is perfect for beginners and quite inspiring for professionals. I highly recommended it for everyone.
    Thanks a lot for sharing all that!

    1. Hey Roland! That’s the best compliment I could ever get: that my techniques and strategies are helping you grow your business. Let me know if you have any case studies to share with me πŸ™‚

  20. Excellent Guide Brian. The way we look at keyword research changes every year and this one compliments it. Nice Resource πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Sharath. That’s 110% right: keyword research is also in a state of flux right now. That’s why I thought it was time to revisit the topic with an up-to-date guide.

  21. Hello Brian

    I respect great content and in recent past, this is the best i have seen. I read this for 15 minutes and preferred saving the llink for reading in the best time, to gain max out of it. Tweet i am doing right away and again appreciate the effort and words of praise for this content are no different from what others have mentioned. Keep the good work so that starters like me get lot of inspiration and someone to lookup.

    Harish Bali

  22. Hi Brian!

    I got your email a bit late in the day and just sat down to read this. Incredible guide! Honestly, does your graphics guy work for you or is he freelance? If freelance, his contact would be appreciated =).

    Anyway, there are some real gems in here that I was unaware of such as

    Probably the very best section in the entire guide is about commercial intent. This really needs to hit home with people. I was personally able to squeeze almost $8 a visitor on one of my sites. Which makes me wonder, how were you monetizing the site you were getting 60k visitors a month on?

    I guess one of the only points I would have to disagree on is that when you see Ebay it is an easy search term. I have been in a cat and mouse game with an Ebay URL for months now -.-.

    I will definitely be linking back to this in my next post! Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Neil!

      I actually had a freelancer make the guide for me.

      $8 a visitor is insane. Unfortunately, the niche the 60k/month site was in wasn’t targeted or in buyer mode (think video games). I tried a bunch of different strategies, like Adsense, CPA, affiliate offers. Just couldn’t get it to work.

      Interesting. I haven’t gone toe to toe with Ebay that often so I appreciate your insights there. I just heard from my ecommerce buddies that they were easy to beat considering their insane DA.

  23. Great content. I have just skimmed the chapters and will certainly be back to spend more time to read in detail and learn more about the ever changing world of search engines. Really appreciate your work and insights.

      1. Hi Brian,
        Just finished going through your guide in detail. It is very thorough and complete. I have picked up some new things that I believe will help me in my affiliate efforts. One thing is for sure is that SEO and everything associated with online marketing is a moving target but your guide allows us to focus in on the important components and if we do them well we are in effect giving ourselves the best chance of surviving any future changes the search engine might throw at us.. Keep up the great work, I really appreciate your efforts.

        1. Thanks for your feedback, Dave. You’re right on the money: SEO moves fast. But if you focus on the most important things (like keywords, link building and on-page SEO), you’ll do well despite all the changes Google throws at us.

  24. Looking forward to getting stuck into this. I’ve been sharpening up my keyword research skills lately, looking beyond the typical keyword planner. I love how you start this blog post with some common questions that people are actually asking. Clever tactic for capturing plenty of long tail search traffic! I salute you Brian Dean πŸ™‚

    1. Good call on that, Anthony. I used to rush through keyword research so I could get to the fun stuff: content and link building. But I learned from a few mistakes that keyword research is well worth the time and energy πŸ™‚

  25. Brian i could only say that this is a Bible of keyword Research, Just want to add one thing for Keywords Competition we can also eye ball Google serp like writing keywords in quotes(“Keyword”) or allintitle:Keyword
    Thanks its a Rocking stuff.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the guide, Sachin. Good tip. I personally prefer to focus on the top 10 vs. total number of competing pages. But I know a lot of people that use your approach and do well with it

        1. Good call, Sachin. I didn’t realize that. Now I’d recommend using search strings like:
          “keyword” + “forum”
          “keyword” + “powered by vbulletin”

  26. Hello Brian Sir,
    You shared outstanding post relate to keyword research including possible techniques. Thanks for sharing awesome post.
    Please keep touch with us with your awesome blogs & tips.


  27. Hi Brian,
    I am using the Webmaster Tools method. I found a keyword which is on 11th position AND having good search volume. I also got the post to add the keyword on. However, WHERE should I add this keyword? I’ve read your on-page SEO guide. The post is already optimized for a keyword, now how do I optimize the post for this keyword too?


  28. A little inspiration in finding keywords for commercial intent is all I needed. I was looking after search volume and ignoring suggested bid and competition. Thank you Brian

    1. Happy to help you out with that, Andrei. As I said in that chapter, commercial intent was something I used to gloss over. Then I learned that in many ways it’s more important than search volume.

  29. Brian:

    Thank you so much. The guide is superb. I went through it for the first time last night and I will re read it over the weekend. It is easy to follow and easy to read. It blows my mind that people like you spend produce content of this blinding quality, for free.

  30. Great research… And the way you have putted all things in proper manner is what makings it’s fully interactive and damn easy to consume.

    Thanks a lot…and keep rocking. πŸ™‚

  31. Hello Brain,
    I read the complete guide, and the best thing about your guide is that, it is really informative and simple.
    Bookmarked πŸ˜€

  32. Great tips man! Worth reading. To be honest at first sight I thought you’ll use the same old tips people used to write on their blogs, but here I learnt some new things in keyword research, Something out of the box! Thankyou Brian

    1. You never have to worry about me publishing the same old stuff, Salman. I built Backlinko from zero to 50k visitors/month by publishing unique stuff πŸ™‚

    1. Geoff, that’s awesome to hear. I always try to make everything I publish super-actionable. I think you’ll agree that there’s already more than enough SEO theory stuff out there πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Brian,

    This is definitely an awesome piece of content for someone who needs thorough keyword research. However You know that it is the best reading on the subject, don’t you?

    But I just wanted to say, you are not only a genie for link building but also sharing the knowledge and information in organized manner which is very easy to read and follow.

    1. Hey Akila, I did actually set out to make this the best, most thorough resource for keyword research online. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

  34. Hi Brian,
    This is the best guide on the topic of keyword research written by a geniune expert. Most of the keyword research contents out there are fluff or even not complete. People often misunderstood or confuse by it.

    You didn’t leave anything out for us. I have some understanding on keyword research and agree with your validations in the guide.

    I have a question here about the searches coming to my website but google analytics not sharing what type of keywords people typing. Usually is the most search keywords? Do you experience that? What’s your take on it?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jeffrey. A lot of work went into this guide so it’s nice to hear that you’re getting value from it.

      Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to get the exact keywords people use. But you can use a tool like SEMRush to find the keywords that you’re ranking for and use that to figure things out.

  35. Hey Brian – had a good look.
    Great resource I must say. In general easy to read, easy to understand, easy to implement. What else can you ask for, really? But what I liked the most is that it ‘s very current, with current features and topics like the idea of personas.

    Thanks for this. A master-resource.


    1. Hey Patri, thanks for your feedback. A lot of work went into streamlining everything so that it’s easy to follow (and most importantly) use. Glad to hear that it worked out πŸ™‚

    1. No problem, Morten. That’s actually one of the reasons I put this together: the Google Keyword Planner just wasn’t working for people anymore.

  36. Wow, what a guide. Easily the most comprehensive one I have found to date. My favorite part was the competition section as I normally get tripped up on that. I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for some of those weaker sites.

    I have for the most part been ignoring PR lately but am thinking after reading your guide that I should be still using it in my analysis. Obviously it’s not a be all end all, but does give some indication especially if all PR0’s are found.

    Thanks again,

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Adam. Let me know how the Easy Target hunting works out for you. I honestly have mixed feelings about PR. I like that it’s straight from Google. But the issue is that it’s not updated regularly. That being said, it’s definitely worth checking out as you size up the competition.

  37. Awesome book on Keyword Research Brian – definitely the best and most helpful that I’ve read! I have a question regarding in-depth content. Would you recommend applying the same strategy to static webpages that you wanted to rank with – longer more in-depth content for search engines (while still keeping it user friendly)?

    1. I appreciate that, Brent πŸ™‚

      Yes, I’d apply the in-depth content approach to static pages as well (even homepages). If you look at it from Google’s point of view, they want to
      send people to content that answers the searcher’s question. When in doubt, they’ll send someone to a longer article every single time.

    1. I appreciate that, Fernando. I tried to make this the best keyword research resource online so it’s great to hear that it worked out πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Brian, just wanted to say “thank you” for all the time and effort that went in to pulling together this incredible report. You are clearly building hordes of true fans (like me!) because you deliver exceptional content in a helpful, easy-to-read/use way. A sincere thank you for clearing up a lot of my “great, now what do I do?” questions after Google did Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird…

    1. You’re welcome, Marie. That’s ultimately my goal: to make the often confusing world of SEO simpler and easier to follow. Glad to hear that I’m on the right track πŸ™‚

  39. “So instead of creating one article optimized around β€œdisplay resolution”, another around β€œbrowser displays” etc., create ONE awesome article optimized around the keyword in that group. That way you’ll rank for that keyword and for all of the synonyms that Google connects to it.”

    Brian, do you mean keyword group in keyword planner here?

    1. Yes and no, Avadhut. Sometimes Google will show very closely related keywords in their Ad Group suggestions. Other times, not so much. In other words, Ad Groups in the GKP can help, but you also have to look at the keywords to see how closely related they are.

  40. First off, THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to create this. It is an in-depth, all-in-one resource of what I have learned the hard way, all through Googles’ knocks and bumps.
    Keep up the EPIC work, Mr Dean.

    1. You’re quite welcome, Ollie. Hopefully people will learn from this guide so they don’t make the same mistakes we did πŸ™‚

  41. Thank you Brian for such a detailed guide. Did learnt a lot on keyword research. I was just experimenting with a keyword “Holidays” which has Avg. Monthly Searches of 49,500 (Competition: Low). Then I tried “Happy Holidays” which resulted in AMS of 2,740,000 (Competition:Low). What a huge difference in monthly searches for Happy Holidays. While trying Google Keyword Tool, Ubbersuggest and Scrapebox, I searched for the term “Holidays”. All 3 resulted in many phrases containing holidays but none of them showed “Happy Holidays” in result. If I were to use keyword “Holidays”, I would have missed “Happy Holidays” even if I would have searched in the above three. So could you suggest me any tip on how may I get the result “Happy Holidays” while searching for the keyword “Holidays”. Hope you got my point.

  42. Hi Brian,
    I have to admit that this guide is AMAZING. I was a bit perplexe at the beginning with all the links, I was like: “He’s going to send me to an other website”. And oh yeah, I found a real guide, very clear, very easy to understand and Im very happy I found you.
    Keep going like this

  43. Very hard to wait . I will follow you. See when you start . I am already using long tail platinum for keyword research and following Spencer Hews. Lets see what you recommended to me.

  44. Hi Brian,
    I am a little angry that you took my 5 hours for this guide πŸ™‚ (Joke Apart)

    As always, you’re rockstar of link building and now you have proved the tag for keyword research and optimization. I don’t need to repeat that I am a big fan of your writing.

    Your guide always encourage me to implement your strategies on my daily seo routine. I am going to use these tricks for my new fresh website and I’ll share my result with you.

    Earlier, I got a small success with a few fresh seo techniques given on your blog post – I want to say thank you for your precious guide.

    Come back to this guide. I loved it will implement them in my strategy. The one think I didn’t feel user friendly that your links in the content are not highlighted well. I got tangled sometime and the last thing you must leave a link back to this page from the last chapter. So a user easily come back here again to leave his feedback πŸ™‚

    A small mouth advice πŸ˜‰

    1. Glad you enjoyed the guide (and have already seen some results) Kaldeep. Let me know if you have any more feedback πŸ™‚

  45. I must admit that I have often over-looked the obvious re. keyword research, namely the β€œSearches related to…”. I also agree with idea that the ‘keyword plus another letter’ is a very useful area to mine and I enjoyed the ‘rinse and repeat’ comment!
    Personally I’ve never found the Ubersuggest website of much use except on a very basic level. Many thanks for some great ideas on keyword research…

    1. Thanks for your insights, Richard. In my experience, Ubersuggest is more for brainstorming than straight keyword generation. Although in some niches it can uncover some real gems πŸ™‚

  46. OMG this page only is gold! I need more time to finish everything. I’ve been following you, keep coming back here to read more. Thank you for sharing and keep sharing gems! πŸ™‚

    1. Sounds like a plan, Elena. Let me know what you think of the guide after you get a chance to go through it πŸ™‚

  47. Wow Brian

    Your guide is really the most comprehensive one on the topic, and I’ve read quite a few lately since I’m a big fan of SEO and niche blogging.

    How many hours did you spend creating it and what graphic design tools did you use?

    Maybe next definitive guide would be on “how to create the best definitive guides” (just an idea) — what do you think? πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Cordut! The guide took over 50-hours of work from me, the designer and my developer. It was no joke!

      A definitive guide to definitive guides? I really like that idea πŸ™‚

  48. Hey Brian, I just want to thank you for doing an awesome job on this blog. I’m not very good at SEO, but I’ve already picked up tons of tips that are paying off. I’ve been using your “PR funnel / profile link” method with great success; pity it’s hard to find sites that allow do follow links though!

  49. I like your way of explanation on each topic very much. This will help me to boost my own knowledge on keyword research in different and simple way. Thanks for Brian the indeapth knowledge sharing.

    1. I wouldn’t use any keywords that don’t make sense, Henk. I’d just use a close variation that sounds good to readers.

  50. Hey Brian Dean, I fount your site very awesome and i have gone threw 2-3 article on your site. I loved the way you explain the things specially “keyword research”. This time I am in hurry and i have read only 2-3 article but in the mean time I will definitely read you site.

  51. Whoa Brian! This is a wonderful post, so informative and detailed. This is the first time I’m visiting your blog and I am totally bowled out the first time itself. The way you explained keyword research is so good that even a beginner can understand easily. I’m going to tweet this right now so that my readers can benefit from this article.

    I’ll come back again to read your next articles and your previous posts too! πŸ™‚

  52. Hey Brian,
    Great job “quenching my thirst” again, the keyword guide is truly epic! I was surprised to see 0 affiliate links in there. Fair play to that. Would have probably made some nice cheddar though. Great resource.


    1. Happy to do that, Yannis πŸ™‚

      You’re right: I could have made some bank with affiliate links (I might add them later on). But I wanted to show
      people that I’m including tools that I recommend…not just those that have fat affiliate commissions.

  53. Hi Brian, It was very helpful article. I am still struggling to find good keywords for my blog. But will work now as per your suggestions. Thanks

  54. Good timing for me, too, Brian! Thanks very much for this resource, which I really need right now for my new website, and thanks to Joel Friedlander for pointing me in your direction.

  55. Hey Brian,
    Awesome guide on keyword research. It includes A to Z all things in this guide. It’s great do you have any PDF for this, can you share.

  56. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for posting these great tips on Keyword Research. While reading tip 7 you have mentioned that articles with long content are suggested, but doesn’t it tick off users and create a higher bounce rate? Shouldn’t such a article be divided into parts, let’s say 3 parts for a 2000 words article?

    1. Good question, Rohit. I find that people AND search engines prefer to read longer content. That way they get the answer to their question
      in one place vs. spread out in three different articles.

  57. Amazing article with the best tips which are very detailed and well explained. This is something any SEO and niche website builder should be be read well before jumping in to search engine optimization.

  58. This is one of the most complete articles (literally articles in this case) of link building ive seen for ages. Nice content, looks so much nicer when some effort is made to present it well.

  59. Hey Brian Re-Read Your KW Research Guide, Very Thorough.

    2 Questions I wanted to ask an expert because what’s technically “right” and what I observe seem to be different things.

    1) I know the answer to this question, but what’s your opinion on EMD sites? The apparent common knowledge is google prefers brands, and EMD’s may only get a slight relevance boost. However, I cannot ignore the fact that EVERY time I encounter a site ranking for a super competitive term; when upon inspecting its link profile, I cannot determine why, its and EMD. Im talking about freak cases where I see PA 18 DA 11 (always EMD) outranking authority sites for terms like “cure back pain”, “best hotels in florida” (outranking tripadvisor or expedia). While sometimes the authority sites aren’t as optimized, if I go to SERP page 2 I will find tons of optimized powerhouse niches with PA 40, DA 40, so I really don’t get it.

    2) Will googles increasing algorithm synonym detection intelligence start to kill long tail untapped seo similar searches? ie: “cure back pain” vs “best way to cure back pain”. Where “cure back pain” sites will dominate both search queries results.

    Thanks, sorry for destroying the comment box

    1. Glad you liked it Jack.

      1. I honestly think the net effect of an EMD is less than 1%. Sometimes EMDs rank well because they’re older sites that have
      had time to acquire links.

      2. Yes…depending on how similar the searches for. In your back pain example they’ll show similar results (if they don’t already). But keep in mind that there actually IS a difference between β€œcure back pain” and β€œbest way to cure back pain”. And the SERPs will reflect that with different results.

  60. hi, thanks for your β€œkeyword research guide”
    i have a question
    if one keyword that i want to rank in page one,
    i search it in google, top 10 have small PA, but big DA
    like, (PA=1, DA=94)
    is it easy to rank in page one??

  61. Your content is just plain awesome.

    However, there is one thing that I can’t get to add up. I read your pdf guide on blogging and some of the keywords you picked out have search volumes of less than 100.

    Your thoughts seem to be generally to create less content (but high quality) and promote it a lot and you’ve been able to get 40k visitors a month within 4 months.

    So how is that possible when going after low search volume keywords? Do you pick out a lot of them and optimize your body copy according to those keywords to increase search volume?

    I can’t get this to add up. Please explain.

    1. Thanks Peter. I appreciate that. GREAT question. Well, search volume numbers are HIGHLY niche dependent. In that PDF guide
      I was using an example of extreme buyer keywords. For keywords like that you could literally build a business around a 3k monthly visitors.
      In my case, I go after informational keywords that are slightly less competitive and but get more search volume. It just depends
      on the business.

  62. Hello Brian,
    Your blog is helping me a lot to get traffic for my blog. After my breakfast I daily read articles on your website for 20-30 min. By doing this I am learning premium tips to drive more traffic.


  63. Hey Brian, Thanks for your guide. There’s a few gems in there which I hadn’t thought of. About keyword research tools, what’s your take on Market Samurai? Is it worth the investment?

    1. Hey Mabz. I’m not a big fan of Market Samurai to be honest. It’s a bit clunky and slow for a simple tool. I prefer SECockpit or Long Tail Pro.

  64. I have a tech news blog and I’m sure that this guide will be the best to find the ideal keywords to rank in the first page in the latest tech news.
    Thnks πŸ˜€

  65. Drea Brain,

    From where you are getting such a wonderful and very effective ideas? Really your every post is ultimate and offers great knowledge to me.
    Keep it up. All the best.

  66. Brian, I got trapped on an AdWords buy page and couldn’t for the life of me find the Keyword tools. You saved my butt. Boning up on keywords in order to help students through the process, which wouldn’t work if I couldn’t find the tool! Thanks, guy.

  67. I had never heard of Soovle before reading your guide here. It’s a quick and fun tool to use and I instantly found some keyword ideas to lookinto further.
    Love all of the info you provided here, thanks Brian.

  68. Hi, Brian
    I just read your keyword research PDF guide. I just got some new ideas for you after reading the guide. You added a step about and my query is if I go into ezinearticlesDotCom and try to find my keywords then it will be good? what you think about ezinearticles?

  69. Hi Brian, just want to say that this is a fantastic guide to Keyword research and has come just in time, thanks.
    A question no one else has asked, but if you had to choose one Keyword tool which one would it be? Also in which priority would you put them in, 1 been the best?

  70. Brian,
    I am just beginning my journey into the world of online business and would like to say thank you for the amazing content, not only in this guide but throughout your website. Unlike so much of the keyword research advice online, this guide is comprehensive, but also easy to follow.
    One question – with an authority site, how many keywords do you initially intend to target? Also, do you have a certain allocation between buy now, product & informational keywords?

  71. Brian, I just finished reading your guide and I have to say that it is a great piece of content.

    We can see that you used the Skyscraper Technique as it is way better than anything out there. It is really complete. Someone could only read this article about keyword research and he would be completely fine.

    Thanks for the great stuff again,
    Keep posting awesome articles!

    1. Thanks Julien. It wasn’t easy using The Skyscraper Technique for keyword research because there was already A LOT of great stuff already out there.

  72. Hi Brian! Thank you for this great guide. I have read it several times already just to make sure I don’t miss something important πŸ™‚

    Has it ever happened to you that Google Keyword Planner wouldn’t let you search for keywords unless you have an active ad campaign going? It’s been giving me such error message every time I try to use it lately. Thanks!

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